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This is the Hokie Movie Blog--updates each week to let you know what is, was and will be happening in our quest to bring you the story of the most devoted fans in college football!  MOST RECENT UPDATE:  11/25/06 11:03 PM

Game 12:  VT 17  UVA 0

November 25:  These are two happy Hokies--none other than Tech Hall of Famers and NFL greats Robert Brown (foreground) and Bruce Smith (rear).  Hey, how could a couple of defensive superstars not be happy with Bud Foster's squad which has allowed less than five points a game on average since Homecoming against Southern Miss?  The season average is less than 10 points a game, including two mid-season aberrations.  Oh yeah . . . we also beat THE OTHER university of Virginia.  Tastes sweet, doesn't it?

We got lots of great interviews and informative speech this weekend. Besides several former Tech players (including Robert Brown, Tory Smith and John Drinkard), we even caught up with Governor Tim Kaine.  We spoke with Jim Cochrane (right) who started the day with a little grilled Wahoo.  Jim told us about a whole neighborhood being planned in the Richmond area based on Tech's Collegiate Gothic style of architecture.  And we took a look at a collection of UVA "inspired" memorabilia from Tech alum, Dave Wilberger.  Trust us, you'll love it. 

Game 11:  VT 27  Wake Forest 6

We hit the road with the Richmond Hokie Club in their chartered bus for the Wake Forest game and hit Kilroy's in Northern Virginia for coverage of the NOVA faithful.  AND we received footage from Seattle, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles Hokie clubs, proving that it really is a Hokie Nation.  Plus we got to speak with 98 year old Carl Robison, the oldest Hokie player who graduated in 1934. 

Did I mention the game?  Well, we couldn't film in Wake's Grove Stadium, but let's just say that when they made the mistake of playing "Enter Sandman," there were some hoppin' Hokies--thousands and thousands of them!

November 12:  We caught up with Swede Olson, who was recruited to play as a running back at Tech in the early 1950s, but was called up to serve in Korea.  According to Swede, he managed to put on 50 pounds before his return in 1954 when he became a center, linebacker and occasionally a guard.  Swede has been a long time supporter of Tech football and has a very special game ball for his work as a center.

In 1955, Virginia Tech played and defeated a highly touted Florida State team that featured actor Burt Reynolds.  As Tech lined up a critical extra point at the end of the game, FSU purposefully jumped the snap and knocked Swede to the turf to unnerve him.  He lined back up without missing a beat and they did it again.  On the third try, after a perfect snap, Tech was able to win the game 24 to 20 and in the locker room everyone decided Swede deserved the game ball.

Game 10:  VT 23  Kent State 0

November 11:  Hall of Fame weekend kept us very busy.  Saturday a huge day for us at the Hokie Movie, beginning with two outstanding interviews.  First we caught up with Antonio Freeman, one of VT's all-time greats as well as one of Green Bay's bet and most beloved players.  At Tech he amassed numerous records, many of which still stand including most career receptions, most career receiving touchdowns, and most TD catches in a season.  Freeman's work was a critical contribution to starting Tech's current 13 year bowl streak.

Antonio will also be remembered by NFL fans for hauling in the game breaking touchdown of Super Bowl XXXI and having the most miraculous catch in the history of Monday Night Football.  But Antonio told us it all began here at Virginia Tech, explaining that without fans, football would be meaningless.  Antonio loves VT and says that he loves being part of the fan base as much as he loved playing in front of it.

November 11:  Next up was an interview with Ray Crittenden, one of the best all-around athletes to ever wear Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange.  Hokie sports fans will remember that his name was one of the most spoken on campus during the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Ray was recruited as a soccer player, where he excelled.  However, he also went on to play both basketball and football at Virginia Tech, which led to a five year career in the NFL with New England and San Diego.

When asked about the Hokie fans, Crittenden reminded us that when he arrived in the NFL, few people really knew anything about the Hokies and teammates from larger programs would question him.  However, Ray started to notice that even on the west coast, VT fans would come out to support him at pro games, demonstrating the devotion and pride of the Hokie Nation.

November 10:  Tonight was Virginia Tech's Hall of Fame induction ceremony at The Inn at Virginia Tech, an annual event since 1982 that draws some of Tech's most loyal and enthusiastic fans out to celebrate our great athletic tradition at VT.  Featured in the picture to the right are legendary Tech basketball coach, Chuck Hartman (left), football star, Antonio Freeman (center), and Dr. Wallace Huff, one of Blacksburg's most noted Tech fans and supporters.  And the sharpest eyes will also spot Hall of Famer Don Oakes in the background heading toward the banquet.

We were in attendance too and shot footage of this exciting event that made for a fantastic weekend.

November 9:  So . . . why does this Hokie fan have an LSU pompom?  

This is Jami Ryan, who has been selling drinks at Tech games since 1993.  One of Jami's favorite things to do after a game is pick up abandoned items left by opposing fans.  As we all know, very few walk out of Lane victorious and they are inclined to leave accidental souvenirs.  Jami has items from most of Tech's fallen opponents--LSU, UNC, Miami, Clemson . . . and lots of stuff from UVA.  Naturally, we hope to see his collection expand greatly each year.

Jami picked up the job as a teenager and even though he currently works as a computer engineer, he still works the games.  Why?  "Because it is the most fun job in the world!"  His long term experience in the stadium and his life as a Hokie fan made for a great interview for the documentary.  Thanks, Jami.

November 7:  The HOKIE NATION crew was invited into the home of VT Hall of Fame receiver and kick returner, Terry Strock.  Terry played at Virginia Tech from 1958-1962 and was part of the Hokie coaching staff in the mid-sixties and later with coach Beamer until 1997 (with coaching jobs at Kentucky, Maryland and Georgia Tech in between). 

Terry's insight on Tech football and its fans from the 1950s to the present day is fantastic.  Thanks, Mr. Strock . . . it is a great contribution to the VT fan story!

  Game 9:  VT 17  Miami 10

November 4:  Thirty people, twenty-five degrees and seventeen points . . . must be a party! 

The Hokie Nation crew was invited to the house of Blacksburg resident, Jason Tice, who had lots of folks show up to see the Hokies play on a big outdoor screen in his backyard (and three others in the house).  If we can't get one more night game in Lane stadium this year, well . . . this is the next best thing.  We got some great interviews by the way  . . . and looking forward to the next three weekends!

 Game 8:  VT 24  Clemson 7

October 26:  Enter Night!  Sandman came and put the Clemson Tigers to bed early.  There were more opposing fans in the stands for that game than we have seen all year  . . . and we could see they were overwhelmed with Tech intensity.  Brandon Ore had his second 200 yard + game and we had our second night victory.  We are just getting warmed up, right fans!  Bring on Miami--its time to climb the rankings again.

Game 7:  VT 36  Southern Miss 6

October 21:  Whew!  That score feels good, doesn't it?  It was a picture perfect day and wonderful night in Lane Stadium this weekend when the Hokies got back on track with a beautiful display of offense, defense and special teams.

As for the HOKIE NATION movie crew, we we in the stadium, in the sky boxes and catching up with the world famous Hokie Man before the game.  It was a great night for interviews, in fact, with Tech Hall of Famer Mickey Fitzgerald (see below), Tech tight end Brad Jones (88-91) and even Big Tom from Survivor.

And best of all, we got Clemson on Thursday night!  Time to get back in the top 25!

October 21:  INTERVIEW WITH MICKEY FITZGERALD--We had a great opportunity this weekend to talk with Tech Hall of Famer and former NFL bruiser, Mickey "The Incredible Hulk" Fitzgerald.  Mickey played at Tech from 1975-1979 and had a five year carreer in the pros with the Falcons and the Eagles.  Mickey founded Clinical Support Services in Atlanta in 1989, he is the President of the NFL Alumni Association and oversees a number of charities. 

Mickey's life is a great Virginia Tech success story.  Despite very difficult conditions as a child, 75% hearing loss and several injuries that should have ended his career, Mickey exemplified what Tech's blue-collar attitude and top notch education can offer a person with a sense of drive and purpose.  Mickey told us it is all about:  "Hokie pride.  It's about being from nothing and becoming something.  In that regard, this school is everything.  It changed my life.  And along the way, I have a lot of indelible memories and I am very proud to be from Virginia Tech."

October 20:  The HOKIE NATION documentary crews will be at the Inn at Virginia Tech this evening, Friday, October 20, to catch the excitement of Homecoming weekend as people stream in from all around the country.  If you have never been there, it is a stunning, world-class facility for both travelers and conferences.  We are proud to be working with the Inn and Conference Center at Virginia Tech and hope to get some great interviews and footage. 

And look for the Inn at VT to join our sponsors page in the near future.  The good people there are just about as excited as we are to bring you this unique film.  Next time you book an event, big or small, you will want to do it at the Inn! 

Now . . . LET'S GO HOKIES!

Game 6:  VT 3  BC 22

October 12:  We traveled to Richmond for Tech's first night game of the year, and while it turned out the wrong way, we found plenty of enthusiastic Hokie fans at a gathering called "Hokies in the Hanger."   Each year, Tech fans in central Virginia get together in an airplane hanger in Ashville and invite a couple hundred of their closest friends to cheer on the Hokies as they watch the action on a giant projection screen. 

Michael Ecks ran the show (thanks Mike!) which included a charity raffle and silent auction, a buffet and lots of good Hokie fellowship!

Game 5:  VT 27  GT 38

September 30:  Okay . . . we've had better days.  No doubt about it.  But the fact is the Hokie fans are still going to be there week in and week out regardless of the score . . . and so will we.  And keep in mind people, we started our ACC Championship year 2-2.  It ain't over til its over.

On the plus side, we got great interviews with a Hokie whose fan life helped her heal a heart defect, a former Soviet citizen with season tickets and the famous (infamous?) Clubhouse Tailgate group who publish their own cookbook.  Mmmm, mmmm . . .

Game 4:  VT 29  Cincinnati 13

Saturday, September 23:  We were shooting in the stands this week . . . and we will be again throughout the season.  Sorry . . . no still photos in the stands . . . yet.  Cincy put up a fight and ya gotta wonder who set their schedule with Ohio State and then us back to back.  Well, either way, Tech pulled out a victory with a commanding second half.

The Hokie Movie crew was around the parking lots getting interviews and checking out Hokie mobiles that swarm into Blacksburg on Saturdays.  We even got an interview with the builder of this baby!

Tuesday, September 19:  We sat down with Hokie legend and arguably the best color analyst in all of college football, Mike Burnop.  Mike is a busy man--he owns New River Office Supply as well as being one half of the broadcast team we know and love so well--but he found time to talk about his favorite subject:  the Virginia Tech Hokies and their fans.  With over thirty years of experience on both sides of the ball and being a lifelong resident of the region, Mike's insights into our team, our town and the best darned fans in college football are unique and exciting.  As Mike points out, our combination of smart players and smart fans makes us second to none.

Game 3:  VT 36  Duke 0

Saturday, September 16:  What do 12:00 kickoffs mean?  Well, for one thing they mean BREAKFAST!  We went to a half a dozen morning tailgates that invited us to sample the wares.  Around 8 am the hardcore tailgaters like Bobby Swain and Julie Wesel are set up and ready to go.  To the right you can see the best pancakes in the world--chocolate chip, coconut and pecan delights made to order.  Throw on a little sausage and syrup and it I'll get you through the morning.

We were also able to visit a fantastic tailgate hosted by Ronnie Marcum where they served smoked salmon with capers as and appetizer and seasoned pork tenderloin on sweet potato biscuits as well as a wide array of side dishes.  We got so busy eating that we forgot to snap a picture.  Sorry about that Robert, but if you weren't such a good cook we might have been able to concentrate.

We also met a Duke fan (yes, we found a blue shirt in the sea of orange and Chicago maroon) who had plenty to say about Hokie hospitality and how unique our experience in Blacksburg is.

We also caught up with a crew of very proud Hokies--Paul McDaniel, Joseph Austin and Robbie Phillips (left to right) who wanted to show off their Hokie mobile--an old Rambler ambulance converted into a heavy duty hauler and portable party machine.  They even created their own Hokie Nation fold out table for their favorite pasttime--Hokie tailgating.  These guys are committed to VT tradition and follow most games around the country.

But check out the burger below--that may be even more amazing.  Robbie slaughters his own beef and prepares it with spices and jalapenos, stuffs it with roasted peppers from his garden and ricotta and cheddar cheeses and then puts it on homemade sourdough bread.  Talk about home field advantage!

That's just a small sampling of the great tailgates we hit last week, with more to come for the Cincy game.  Stay tuned . . .

Game 2:  VT 35  UNC 10

Saturday, September 9:  We took an invitation to attend a little Tech tailgate--home style--in the newly finished Hokie basement of Daniel C. complete with Chicago maroon walls and a new wide screen HDTV!  The only thing sweeter was the chocolate fondue . . . which was upstairs and very popular with some hungry Hokies.

And even though the game lacked tense moments, these fans gave it their all--including shaking their keys on third down!  Now, that's what we call "Believers!"

Game 1:  VT 38  Northeastern 0

Saturday Sept. 2:  FINALLY!  We were able to sink our teeth into a little football . . . and tailgate goodies.  We met up with lots of Hokie fans from around the US and were able to get some great video.  To the right, you can see fans pouring into Lane Stadium to cheer on the Hokies.  It was the biggest crowd to ever see Northeastern play anywhere and after talking to a few Husky fans, it was easy to see they were impressed!

If you read our story on Capt. Ernie Ambrose a few weeks ago, you know very little would keep him from a football game.  Well, this game was something special and included a reunion of former VT cadets and a presentation of a signed football for Capt. Lars Nadig who got back from the Gulf just one day before the game . . . but just in time! (Guess what they had for breakfast!)

Friday Sept. 1:  The Corps of Cadets and the Class of 1982 held reunion receptions in the Alumni Center on campus.  The Executive Board was also holding a gala event.  With all this going on, how could we miss it?

Saturday, August 19:  We were invited into the lovely home of Richard and Jean Quible to explore the bottom floor . . . and it is wall to wall Hokie heaven.  The Quibles are great supporters of all the Hokie athletic teams and have a mini museum of signed footballs and basketballs, Hokie art and a wonderful collection of memorabilia.  And, as Richard pointed out in our interview, there are plenty of alumni across the country who call themselves tigers and eagles, but there is only one place you can become a Hokie!  Check it out here.

Saturday, August 19:  We were up at the crack of dawn with the Corps (well, maybe WE were up at the crack of 9 am).  This was the culminating event of the first two weeks of training for the freshman class in the new cadet review.  These students are among Virginia Tech's best of the best and they make great fans too.

Wednesday August 16:  hokiemovie.com topped over 12,000 hits today in a period of just over three weeks!  This is all on the strength of word of mouth, a few emails and a radio interview!  Thanks guys--spread the word and show the world that we are indeed, "The best darned fans in college football!"

Also today, we will be having two important meetings that should yield some new information for the fans following this site.  And we are filming a freshman student moving in who has been a fan since he was a little kid.  Who is it?  We'll tell ya all about it soon.


After a producer's meeting today, we decided to limit the number of sponsorships to 25 and offer a new set of options including purchasing a 90 second special feature on the DVD.  Check out the details here.

Tuesday August 15th: Added new fan pics and stories to the fan pages.  Some of these will be in the film, ya know!  Which ones?  Well, guess you'll just have to see the movie when it comes out next spring!

Monday August 14th:  Bridge Kaldro Music becomes our latest site sponsor--who is offering a special 10% OFF for mentioning the Hokie movie!  We also heard from Campus Emporium, too, so expect to see their sponsorship page up soon. 

These sponsorships help us fund the high cost of film making and we appreciate the support, so Hokie fans . . . support these businesses.

Sunday, August 13:  Hokie Hospitality page is updated.  The Hokie Movie supports Hokie Hospitality.  The goal is to encourage true Hokie pride by extending a warm welcome to visitors and creating an environment that we can bring our kids and grandkids into with pride.  Learn more about it here.

Saturday, August 12:  You can check out two new fan profiles here.  There's a little Hokie and a Fightin' Gobbler with their own unique stories.

Tuesday, August 8:  The Hokie Hospitality page has been launched.  We invite everyone to check out this unique program at Virginia Tech launched by alumni who care about our image nationally and our commitment to excellence on and off the field.

Click here and find out how you can help make Virginia Tech a world class atmosphere for fans and visitors alike.

Tuesday, August 1:  Last week we started receiving site sponsorships, which help us maintain the site, buy new equipment, travel to locations for filming, and in general, bring you the best Hokie documentary we possibly can.  Thanks to Wireless Zone of Blacksburg, Advanced Oxidation Technologies, and Montgomery Regional Hospital.  More are coming in too!

Please support these business and check out their profile pages here.

Monday, July 31:  This week we will be heavily into planning and setting up as many pre-season interviews as possible.  Lots of great ideas and contacts are coming in and we are going to do all we can to get them on tape.  (We could really do a Ken Burns length documentary if we wanted too!)

Friday, July 28:  We went on Big Dog Sports Talk on 101.7 at 4 pm and made our official announcement.  Rick and Jim were great to work with and we had a really good time.

After making the general announcement and discussing the project, we had fans call in with their favorite Hokie stories.  We filmed the whole thing and were invited back for more of the same.

Wednesday, July 26:  We went to a wonderful luncheon at the Blacksburg Sports Club, where Tech trainer Mike Goforth was the guest speaker.  We talked to Mike afterward and he agreed to tape an interview with us.  Mike grew up in South West VA and has been a Hokie fan since he was knee high.  So imagine what it means to grow up and become an integral part of the team--nice little sotry, eh?

After the board meeting, we talked to the BSC Board of Directors who loved our idea for a film and have offered to help out.  They had lots of great suggestions and connections.  Thanks folks.  We look forward to working with you.

Tuesday, July 25:  Kate H. is a Mega Fan!

Kate H. sent us some great insight on the thrill of a night game in Blacksburg.  This movie is all about the fans, so we want to hear your favorite moments and see your pictures.  While you are thinking of what you want the world know about your Hokie experience, you can check out what Kate has to say here.

Tuesday, July 25:  Some of the email addresses on this page were not really working links.  We think we have gotten it all corrected and if you need to contact us you can reach Sean or Chris (the producers/directors) at or .

Monday, July 24:  Well, there is a lot to talk about.  For one thing, I posted the website late Friday afternoon and as a little test promotion, I sent one email, joined one message board and joined one Yahoo group.  When I got up this morning I checked the site statistics, we had 126 hits--which is about what I expected.  By 8:30 pm tonight, we had 1381!  To me, that is great indicator as to how fervent the Hokie faithful are.  This is why you deserve a film more than any other college fan group!  It is just incredible.  All I can say is spread the word. 

Monday, July 24:  Also, today we have made some arrangements to get the inside scoop on all the Hokie Bird art that is cropping up throughout the town of Blacksburg.  This great project is sponsored by the Blacksburg Partnership and reflects the many sides of the community as portrayed on the canvas of the Hokie Bird. 

Check out the project at www.gobbledeart.org.

Friday, July 21:  Yahoo!  We are on Yahoo--if you are a Yahoo account user, join our new discussion board:  http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/hokiemovie/

Tuesday, July 18:  We sat down with Brandon Semones, Tech's hardworking outside linebacker from 1993-1996.  Brandon was a huge part of the Hokies' rise to national prominence in the 1990s and racked up loads of awards.  As an "undersized" senior, Brandon was co-captain, the defensive points leader, the leading tackler and an academic All-American.  He exemplified both the blue-collar work ethic of the team and David meets Goliath attitude that made the Hokies the darlings of ESPN.  With a replica of the infamous "lunch pail" on his desk he explains what is like to play for thousands of screaming fans on national TV on a Thursday night.

Brandon Semones, Tech Linebacker 93-96

picture taken by Chad Kotz, camera crew

Friday, July 14:  VA Tech's Corp of Cadets is on board!

We sat down with Col. Rock Roszak, commander of the VA Tech Corps of Cadets.  The Corps is one of the finest groups of young men and women you will ever meet, but they are also among the best Hokie Fans.  We got a "briefing" on the numerous traditions and rituals that surround the Corps and their unique relationship with the team, from firing "The Skipper," VA Tech's cannon, to the Rangers running 100 miles with the game ball before Homecoming, the Corps is a rich source of Hokie history and fan power.  In the photo to the right, they are providing the traditional saber arch for the Hokies' run down the tunnel at the last home game.  You'll find out more about all this in the film, of course.

photo submitted by Col. Rock Roszak, USAF Retired, Alumi Director of the VA Tech Corp of Cadets. 

Friday, July 14:  The Marching Virginians are going Hollywood!

Yep!  Executive Producer, met with Dave McKee, the enthusiastic leader of the Marching Virginians today and this will be another exciting layer of the Hokie fan story.  You'll hear the real deal on the film and we'll make sure you get to see why these students are some of the most hardcore and supportive fans in the Hokie Nation.  The picture to the right shows just what we mean--here they are with a little pre-game Hokie Pokie for the fans!

picture submitted by Buck Cox

Wednesday, June 14:  We met with Chief William Brown, Blacksburg Chief of Police who retires at the end of the month after 30 years of service.  Here is a man who knows his football, Hokie fans and how a game has to be run from a very unique perspective.  Chief Brown was a great interview and we think you will find what he had to say surprising.  Sorry . . . you'll just have to wait for the film.

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