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November 20, 2019

Today is a special day. Hence my festive outfit. After some failures, I am again going to try to break the Guinness record in the number of solved Rubik’s Cubes underwater in one breath. PROJECT: RECORD My goal today is 9 Cubes. With 9 Cubes, I’d break the official Guinness record of 5 Cubes and the previous unofficial record of 8 Cubes. Because the new unofficial record… Actually, I’ll rather tell you at the end of the video. At the beginning of this project, I was very optimistic. According to my naive calculations, I thought I’d be able to solve 10 Cubes if I only practiced enough. According to my calculations, all I need is 20s. It’s not that simple at all! What’s more, it’s actually ultra difficult. During this project, I was faced with a number of small challenges and I think that today I can finally overcome them! I hope. Because that’d be a nice conclusion to the Project: Record. I learned heaps of new things and met a lot of new people. In this last month, for example, I met Florian online; we met on Instagram by coincidence. He is a master of static apnea and helped me a lot during this past month. Florian, if you’re watching, thank you so much! I tried to document every step of Project: Record on YouTube, but in the last month, as you may have noticed, I kept quiet, because I’ve been practising a lot and we’ve just had an opening night of the play Audition, we’ve been filming Male sive celice and Lena and I changed apartments. Which is also the reason for all this mess in my new office/studio. For the final touch, I have developed a hernia during the move. Which is why I think this is the very last chance to finally break this record, since I’ll have to have the hernia surgery soon and then rest as much as possible. This straining today is probbaly also not a very good idea and I hope that I do not end up at the ER today… Which would not be unlike me, anyway, BUT! Let’s be safe. Everything is organised according to the Guinness regulations. One of the two independent witnesses, Jernej, is scrambling the Cubes and Matic, whom you know, is helping him. I am not allowed to see these Cubes until I’m underwater. No time for a preview. In the pool, Maja is in charge. Maja is really cool, she’s the founder of the Modra koda association and the judge of the diving part of the record. We’ve decided to follow the AIDA rules, but more about the protocol at the end of the video. I solved 6 Cubes for the warmup, which is already an official Guinness record and I could pull it off with no trouble at all. As you can see, I’m not very happy about it, though, because today’s goal is 9 Cubes. OK, the game is on! I have Tadej beside me who makes sure I stay relaxed. I often train with him. He is an experienced diving coach at the Inhale Blue diving school and is always ready for action. This is the 7th Cube of the 1st take. As you can see, I failed miserably. Not sure why, the pressure, confusion, who knows. We decide to have another go. This time, I’m off to a good start. I’ve already solved 8 Cubes, and this is the last one. It’s the last Cube, Nik, now we have to fight! Now we hold on! Now we hold on! Focus! You’re doing great, the timing is good! You’re doing great! Now focus! You’ve got it! Come on, keep going! You’re doing great! Awesome! Focus! You’re almost there! Keep going! You’ve got this! Focus! You’ve got it! Push through! You’re not coming out yet, you’ve got it! Keep going! Oh, well. After a short discussion, we decide to try one last time. At this point, I’m already quite tired from the breath-holding. I solved the first Cubes very quickly and smoothly, which is a great sign. But the hardest part always comes at the very end. [the last Cube] Very good! Focus now, we’ve got this. Everything’s all right, the timing is great. Focus on the last Cube. You’ve got it! You’ve got it! You’re doing great, Nik, you’ve got it! Relax the body! Protocol! Careful now! I’m OK! Slowly. Breathe. It’s not over yet. Now that I’ve given the “I’m OK” sigh after taking of the equipment, we have to wait a bit longer to confirm that I really am OK and only then the judge can issue the so-called white card. I’ve finally done it! And when I say “I” what I mean is — we! You’ve seen the video, you know how many people helped me. And if you’ve seen the whole Project: Record series, you know that a thousand friends helped me. I could never have done it without them. This is the real magic of freediving. Although you’re alone underwater, you’re always surrounded by so many cool people. In the description box, I tried to name all of you who helped me in any way, I’m sure I’ve missed someone! Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Now comes the fun part. Two days ago, the holder of the previous unofficial record Kevin Hays who previously solved 8 Cubes underwater in one breath published a video in which he now solved TEEEEN! WHAAT?! And only a few days before me! Now… his record was not performed by the Guinness regulations, but in a slightly different manner, so the official Guinness record is still mine. HOWEVER! I talked to Kevin and found out that next year, he’s going for the Guinness record as well. And I will, obviously, try to defend mine. Although this is in a way the end of the Project: Record series, in reality, it is only the beginning! Thank you all for the wonderful atmosphere and support, every comment and message makes me really happy, you’re amazing supporters! So I can gladly say that WE have finally broken the Guinness record together! YEAH! I mean, the record will officially be broken when the Guinness committee approves it. Now I have to send them all the documentation, all the videos, photos, the signed statements, which is what I’m doing at this very moment. When it’s really really really official, with a seal and a page in the book, I’ll publish it on my social media, so do check my Instagram account. And now — I’m coming back to YouTube with regular videos. I still owe you some tutorials, and apart from that, I have some new things cookin’! Make sure to check YouTube and see what’s goin’ on. Thanks a million and see ya!


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