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You Play Guitar Too Much – #1 Mistake Guitarists Make

October 15, 2019

what’s up guys in this video we’re gonna
be talking about the number one mistake that I see guitarists make on praise and
worship teams that spoiler alert I’ve made too let’s go so we’re repainting my room that’s why I
hope Dad doesn’t mind I’m shooting in his office he didn’t need it today so I
don’t don’t tell him I’m up here though hey guys my name is Evan DiDio and
like I said in the beginning in this video we’re talking about the number one
mistake that I see guitarists make on praise and worship teams that I’ve made
this mistake too and if you’ve made this mistake don’t get under condemnation
almost all lead guitarists do this at the beginning of their playing in the church
and because it’s so it’s so easy to make this mistake it’s why I made it twice
lots of other people are making it too but before we get into the video make
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more videos like this one but let’s get into the video three and a half or so
years ago I learned the minor and the minor pentatonic scale and the major
scale which links are above and below in the description below to instructional
videos I started playing in church around the same time I watch
professional guitarists on praise and worship teams do awesome I mean awesome
licks and riffs and I would I’ve wanted to do it and this is where I made the
mistake I played too much knowing how to play awesome licks doesn’t necessarily
give one the right to play it there are designated times to play those awesome
lead riffs and licks and stuff but like the instrumental sections or before a
bridge or after a bridge or something like that
but not while someone is singing and here’s the point my mistake and what I
see other people doing is play like lead guitar and like you know awesome rare
narrow narrow licks Wow the praise and worship leader is trying
to lead the congregation somewhere it kind of distracts from what the
people should be paying attention to especially if you’re really good because
then they’re gonna stop and go oh that was cool can you do that again but here
here is the tweetable quoted the day knowing when to play is knowing when not
to play oh I’m gonna say that again knowing when to play is knowing when not
to play and that was my mistake but I hope that this video helped you in
knowing how knowing how to play the licks doesn’t necessarily mean you
should but then saving it for the right
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that are possibly like this video maybe there’s something you’ve noticed that
guitars do that I might do – maybe we can talk about the capo in the future I
don’t I don’t know if I should do the capo though that could be a little too
controversial alright this could go with lots of other
types of musicians too so make sure you share it with your whole band but again
thank you guys very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video bye


  • Reply GabrielBelloMusic October 15, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    Too many notes

  • Reply GabrielBelloMusic October 15, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    Too much spice, too…. too many notes- Count Orsini-Rosenberg

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