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Why We Love The Hollywood Theater [HD]

September 8, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Well, the Hollywood is
unique in that there are not very many single-screen
neighborhood theaters around anymore. A lot of them have been
closed and demolished. Theaters like this were
really part of the community. [VARIOUS SOUNDS AND CHATTER] The Hollywood opened in, we
think, 1926 as a silent movie theater and then
made the transition to sound in the
early ’30s and served as one of Pittsburgh’s
main second-run theater for decades and decades. Hit hard times like a lot of
single-screen neighborhood theaters, and it was closed
for about six or seven years. So the community banded
together in 2010 and ’11 and was reopened. It was a non-profit, just to
secure it for the community and to make sure that
it’s here for the future. Hi. Hi, can I get a medium popcorn? This is a place where
people come together. They [? bring ?] their
families and friends, and they see their neighbors. We show first-run, new
documentaries and indie films. But we also show what’s called
repertory or classic films. We show Citizen Kane
here on 35 millimeter. We have a silent
film series called Silence Please with live
musical accompaniment. We show first-run,
independent horror. You name it, and we do it. When you’re a vampire,
you become very sexy. Now that we are focusing on– We consistently strive to make
all of our screenings events. We show The Rocky Horror
Picture Show every two weeks, and we kind of pack
the house with it. Hey! Hey! Give me a Y! Y! What’s that spell? Rocky! I can’t hear you! Rocky! It’s a lot of fun. It’s a very different
kind of thing. And if you haven’t seen
it, you probably should. The Rocky Horror brings a sense
of community to the theater. Welcome to The Rocky
Horror Picture Show– in Dormont, Pennsylvania,
in the Hollywood Theater! [CHEERS AND SCREAMS] Everyone in the cast is very
passionate about the film and the production as
well as the theater. Everybody feels
like this is a home. With a place like the
Hollywood, we’re not corporate. So you’re going to come in. You’re going to talk to
some of our staff members who work here because
they’re interested in cinema and old theaters. Every single one
of them work here because they’re invested
in the community. They get to know
people who come in. We care about what we do,
preserving old theaters like this and showing
independent fare. Everybody here is so welcoming
and so nice and so supportive. Everybody’s very
supportive of each other. The Hollywood
Theater is definitely one of my favorite places. I really enjoy being here. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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