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Which Tesla is the FASTEST?

September 11, 2019

– When have you ever seen
all four Tesla’s together? I’ve never seen it in a
picture or a video before. (dramatic orchestral music) What is up everybody? If you remember we got a Tesla Roadster, an original Roadster. And we already have a Model
X, this gray guy right here. But one of our friends Shay, I’ll link him in the description below, but he reached out to us and said, hey I just got a Model 3 Performance and my buddy has a Tesla Model S P100D. So we thought it’d be fun to come out to an abandoned airport runway and see what it would
be like to accelerate with every one of these cars. This is every Tesla that
Tesla has ever made. It’s the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3 and the original Roadster. A lot of people forget about
that original Roadster, but check it out, there’s
our new little blue guy, 523 the Model S, Model 3, and the Model X. These are all performance models. (record scratching)
Other than the Tesla Roadster, it’s not really the sport
model, but it’s the Roadster. I would imagine the Model S
is going to be the fastest but who knows when
you’re going zero to 60, maybe it depends on the driver and how quick you push on the pedal. We’re gonna get some crazy good videos, Shay is like, an expert
filming guy, cinematographer. He’s got his drone out,
you figure it out yet? – Oh, oh yeah, in fact Danny said that if I win with my Model 3 I get your Roadster
reservation, was that correct? – You can have this Roadster
and I’ll take your Model 3. (laughing) ‘Kay I’m gonna put this camera right here, hopefully nobody hits this,
it would be bad for the camera it’d probably be worse for the Tesla. So, get ready for this shot. This is gonna be a little
tricky but, we can do this. (upbeat music) All right let’s give it a practice, what’s the countdown gonna look like? – Three, two, one, go! – Yes! Oh, oh wait, nope. (laughing) Sam went, Sam thought that was it. Okay so we’re gonna go on go. This is the trickiest
part with drag racing is getting people to all push on the pedal at the exact same time. It’s gonna be hard to get that because there’s just four of
us, that’s a lot of variables and we’re kinda close together,
so, try not to hit me! – I won’t hit you, you don’t hit me! – All right! I probably shouldn’t be holding
the camera while I do this. All right whenever
you’re ready, go for it. (intense drumming) Oh wait whoa.
(record scratching) Let me make sure I’m in
drive, yeah I’m in drive, okay, all right I’m ready. – Three, two, one. (tires squealing)
(intense music) (yelling) (engines revving) – Aw they whooped me! They crushed me, ah. (laughing) We’ll have to have you
take a look at the footage and see how it really panned out. I think my Model X beat the
Model 3, so that’s good to see. This just goes to show
you the acceleration and what’s changed within Teslas over the last seven or eight years. This is the Roadster when it came out it was one of the fastest
vehicles you could find. And now here we are losing to a Model 3, which the Model 3 out the door is, the one that he has right now
I think is around $65,000. This Roadster when it first
came out was $125,000. That’s what this exact
model right here was, I have the sticker
somewhere here in the car, definitely the technology
has changed a lot, you get a lot from that
Model 3 Performance. Let’s go ask him if he cheated. Hey how did it go, did you win? – Hail the conquering hero! – [Host] It was hard for me to see, okay, which one was second
place, could you tell? – Oh the X for sure.
– Oh yeah. – Yeah and the Model 3
came in a respectable. – I actually wasn’t
pressing the accelerater all the way down, so I
just, I hit it wrong, but. – Ugh, second place is first loser! (laughing)
– That’s right. – This is really nuts,
what a cool experience. – [Host] Is it pretty
fast though, the car? – It just, like, I think I blackout. (laughing) – [Friend] Three, two, one, go! (upbeat techno music)
(screaming) – Jeez that thing’s so fast! – [Host] I saw you slow down did you get some gravel on your car or something? – Yeah, I think I chipped up my window on that one pretty good.
– No! – [Man] I hope you did, did you really? – [Host] Where, really? – [Man] Did I do that? – There, there, yeah you cheater. (yelling) – Oh, its a shame! Elon, please send him a new windshield. Please, help!
– Crap. I saw you slow down
before the finish line, I’m like uh-oh, did he get rocks. (laughing) At least you got the
ceramic coating on here, that should protect your paint, right, you did ceramic coating?
– No, not yet. (laughing)
(dramatic music) – [Man] Lesson to all Tesla owners. – Yikes, sorry about that Shay. Let it be noted that this was
Shay’s idea, no just kidding. (laughing) – They are awesome
cars, just nothing else. – I think the real question is, is the Model 3 that much slower to warrant double the price tag? – You know, well, when you
figure you have to replace a windshield every time
you go drag racing, probably make up that
money pretty dang quick. (laughing)
– There’s no doubt the Model 3 is a good car, doesn’t do the Christmas
dance like the Model X, but. I’d like to know your thoughts. What did you think about these, did anything surprise you from it? The Roadster surprisingly is the slowest, it’s the old battery
technology, first car they made, it just doesn’t accelerate as fast. Check out Shay, he’s the one
that filmed those epic shots and edited those beautiful cinematic shots and he has a YouTube channel,
he just got started up! And let us know what else you wanna see! What do you wanna see with the Roadster or any of these cars, anything that you wanna see, let us know. Guys, good job at driving,
thanks for not crashing into each other, well done. You guys killed it over
there, the cameras. That was fun, thanks guys. (laughing) (beeping) Okay so I never won in my Roadster. Sad, sad story, never won,
that’s all right though. – Seeing how far back you are, makes it even more funny when your wife’s worried about the kids. (laughing)
– I know, exactly! All right did you hear
that comment from Shay? He said isn’t it even more funny how scared Lesley was
riding in this thing, when I’m clearly the slowest one here, and she was terrified, the kids! – I feel so dangerous right now. If we both die, the kids, Danny the kids! – I think I blackout.


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