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When X Factor Judges Get ANGRY! | X Factor Global

September 8, 2019

Hello ladies how you doing? Hello Demi how you doing (whats your name?) Jorge hola Jorge (how are you my love.) Really really good where you from? Colombia and i’m here from long island How old are you? I’m 22 And what do you do for a living? I work in an ice-cream truck No. I want an ice cream. why didn’t you guys come out, I was out there like an hour. do you have the red, white and , blue pop And the Pink Panther whatever you guys like I have do you eat the ice cream yourself, I’m lactose intolerant Now I like you more yeah, Simon, I could already tell I have three votes Do you have a girlfriend no girlfriend, please please don’t do it. I had time for the ladies though Girlfriend is something completely different. Okay. What are you gonna sing tonight? I want to sing ama mi It’s love me, and I just want to serenade the ladies Good luck, thank Then I do is young would I do that I can get a Stella Street no sign of a meeting both for Getting back or that some part even those Dahmer’s get on pass This having the time for mine came and beat us solo cool, so logo carries a scam and Robin I said nothing Women Any letters only precast Thank you right there, okay? Timmy oh Yeah, it’s homey woman. I’m sorry tell me woman what I said tell me woman Um okay, don’t call me woman outside You know what’s really cute, but what’s really sexy told me is humility and There’s not something that you lack a little bit he’s lactose-intolerant You know why you were singing I was like oh my gosh, I don’t know what he’s saying He could be telling me. I look like a donkey And when you started getting slick with my girl, I was like now he’s acting like a donkey But I do think that Humility is very sexy just as much as you know singing in a beautiful languages You know what I mean yeah, and you are very cute very handsome. Thank you, so yeah, okay? We’re gonna. We’re gonna vote now Tell me woman. Yes or no okay both of you never ever. Call me woman again. I Do love the fact that You’re Latin smooth. You sing in Spanish you’re kind of cute Um no, don’t let this go to your head. I think I think there’s something there I Like what I hear No seriously for the next two minutes zip it I Really really really don’t like your attitude, but I want to see you come back because you’re talented. I’m gonna give you a yes Now don’t we Come the contestants Continue to wait their turn hoping they’ll be what lily and the others are looking for one person who’s convinced She’s got what it takes is 16 year old performing art student, Charlotte She’s the Whitney Houston diva. Yes, you sing a lot for mom and dad she goes to stage school Yeah, so what’s the big big dream? What do you want to be a singer? Impossible she is the expert so she’s not just got it. She is this fat How are you okay tell us something about yourself I love performing and I’ve always wanted to do this and did you aspire to be Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey? What are you gonna sing for us one moment in time but in Houston? Okay in your own time Each day you live I want to be a Day to give the best of me I’m only one But not My finest day I want one Moment in time When I more than I thought I could Stop this No, it was painful if you gonna sing a Whitney Houston soul you’ve got to be good confident and Somewhere similar to I mean the fact that you haven’t got a great voice And then took on Whitney Houston. I mean it’s like you’ve got a very delicate little you sound like a kitten being strangled Kittens Simon, it was painful oh Stop oh it was both. I’ve got to say he’s right. He’s right. It wasn’t great. Well. I’ve been I just really want I Wanted it so badly, and I just come in shock. Do you know what don’t take this abuse because you don’t have to Mr.. French, Oh Louie don’t even say that word friend 16 she’s 16 and she found a tune charlie dancing. You know you can see dancing NUI what the hell is the matter with you I don’t like doing this we do like that it’s uncomfortable for me all right She’s 16, and she’s deluded deluded Why She’s got a dream, and she’s 16. She wasn’t we were honest her dream is over. Do you know what? I like this shirt. Don’t do this I need some air Where is that little girl, bro Everybody’s got too big for their boots everybody thinks that their star on that panel don’t Everybody’s pushing it pushing it people. I’m I Don’t Know so what so what she deserves to go home, and she hope she’s destroyed. I didn’t sign up to do this That’s not You to just be more tactful he gets away with us Simon Says he staked that silent you’re Louie There’s only one Simon Louis, I know Did he apologize? Well you should apologize. It’s my evil mr.. Nice. He’s gonna mr.. Mean. It’s not with you I Stand completely corrected Fendi. I am sorry look I’m gonna come from a little bit of a different angle here the performance the song choice the outfit everything to me It just feels like You’re in a corporate cover band. You know that that does those sort of gigs I? Almost feel like I would want to like strip away everything You know less makeup less Me that dates it you’re like a man. That’s like wear less makeup I Know where that came from that’s that’s not cool at all Girl pack it on like get your eyelashes get your heels get your glitter. It’s just my opinion I don’t want to just see you on in some dance features, and that’s it and then you disappear I think you should back yourself and kind of just keep it a little more real Not an image cuz that’s like saying. Hey if you get too dressed up people won’t take you seriously I hate that if you’re gonna go and wear leotard and like it doesn’t make you less of a serious artist Hi ladies hi and what would it mean to you to win X Factor so you can put into it the world well – little bit to my swag oh hey no attention to the hitters because no work mom how we doing nothing wrong But don’t tell me nothing uncle try have Sookie the party jumping silhouette Okay, I’m curious to see where to lose the thing okay girls. I’m just gonna put it as burnt as possible to you I think all the energy and all the dance moves is to cover up the fact that none of you can really sing It’s a bit rich coming from you, but That’s right Magic say one thing Coming from a female group that always talks about how women should come together And they shouldn’t be bitchy towards one another I understand that you have an opinion But at the same time you came here for us to judge you and there was no Reason for you to come back it like that and I can understand I can tell these two don’t appreciate the fact that you did that because what if you just messed up their chances for an opportunity Guys I think we should just vote and go to start with Gary there’s no An absolute nothing nothing no Tulisa’s it really announced Being bitchy and you know I’m gonna be the same back. That’s just one of the things Sariah. It’s just a learning curve We’re still young and Maybe next time we just should brighter tones I’m Mason noise. I’m 22 and I’m from Birmingham what I did in the first performance a lot of people had never seen that before I Proved myself, and I’ve set a precedent when it comes to this performance. I’m gonna do it yet again I’m gonna bring something know. What’s in before this is made some noise This is a Mason Lewis concert to show the world that this is what’s coming rather than to please the judges As long as I do what I do, then is gonna blow people’s minds six chair challenge Nothing couldn’t be more ready for it I’m very well. Thank you, and can you introduce yourselves, please? My name is Mason noise, so I need you to make some noise Thank You Mason how did you think your first audition went that’s Rita oh? You’re feeling it I’m Mason. What are you gonna perform for us now because as you can see a 6? Yeah, full chairs there, so how have you come prepared for this? You’ll see Okay good luck Mason Oh, yeah, oh sure bigger you sexy Do You’re crazy, baby With the beat back Total write-off Tell them to Goblin anything I’m not saying to say I Wonder say You know what I invite you all to film this. I put up your phones Being an afro 5,000 people out Now listen may search Mason just one second What gives you the right to say that? Listen now. You’re talking to me. Not then okay. I’ll go for a straight With the first audition I watched on Saturday people had ten minute slots And I went to 47 seconds Mesa be no:1 you are five seconds away from getting thrown off this stage A problem then just go I got a problem criticize these guys listen I’m Mason you should have been doing I’m doing this for you. I’m doing this for entertainers there. I’m doing this, but I know you are big. She’s real Don’t tell me how long you should have on this show say no longer should have a Michonne I’m bringing up. Why don’t you shut down? Invasive why did she? Say move back, bro This is like I’m bringing em potato chip, Oh Why don’t you first of all apologize to these guys over there who spent hours editing your tape have come on and Insult my show and insult these producers Oh, why should I let it go? Kanye west’s All of the same was they cut my first performance – 47 seconds My press conference one the best performances. I might keep disappointed. They came because I think he’s talented he would have had a chance He would have had a chat I’ve been writing songs for too long and too many people copying them a lot of people work really really hard for their dreams But it’s not meant for everybody. That’s why you use auto-tune, and I don’t Hold er hold er hold er over I want to know who let you on stage I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at you know. I don’t need this either shut up meat hammer – yeah See you later. Yeah, you see you’ll have a better writer I Have trained the way way too hard for this is to throw me off that that easily I just find it offensive welcome to x-factor global don’t forget to subscribe before you go check out


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