WHAT IS TORONTO? | Exploring Canada’s Metropolis

December 3, 2019

Toronto is the most multicultural city in
the world, and the most populated in Canada. So I’m going to take you with me on a quick, personal tour of ‘The 6ix’! So this is Kensington market. Every wave of immigration has come through this super cool neighbourhood, and each of them has left their own mark. I love it because it’s not been gentrified, it feels very authentic! This is Chinatown, and it’s
one of the largest in North America! This is the art gallery of Ontario, where you get some really modern art. This is one of my favourite pieces… Very emotional. What does it mean?! And this is OCAD University. It’s an example of some of Toronto’s more post-modernist architecture which you either love or you hate! So this is Queen Street West, it’s the
centre for Canada’s broadcasting, fashion, art, music… It all happens along here. ‘Hey Doggy’ *DOG BARKS* Woah no no no no! It’s because of the mask right? See, just a normal guy! Give it a kiss! Now we’re going to have a little coffee break… Rest our poor legs! Baseball’s a big deal in Canada… Hey do you mind if I ask who that guy was? ‘A lead pitcher for the Jays’ What he plays for Blue Jays? ‘Yes.’ And this is where it happens… And this brings us to the CN Tower. It was the tallest building for a long time, at 553 metres… It’s really the icon of Toronto Toronto is located right on the side of a lake and over here there’s a bunch of Islands, Toronto Island. Toronto’s also got something called ‘PATH’ which is 30 kilometres of underground tunnels, connecting the downtown. Now we’re having a quick lunch break, in St. Lawrence Market. And this is the Distillery District. It’s the largest collection of Victorian-era architecture in all of North America. It’s been converted into just a really cool area with cafe’s, art galleries It’s just a really trendy place to be! And this is Dundas Square It’s one of the busiest intersections in all of Canada. Billboards, street performers ‘LETS HEAR IT FOR SHELBY EVERYBODY! and over here you’ve got the Eaton Centre which I’ll show you to now! It’s a massive shopping mall in the downtown, where you can buy pretty much anything you want. This is the City Hall, where the mayor’s based, and all the city decisions are made. Okay so that was a whistle stop tour of Toronto! Now Toronto of course is a massive city You’ve got suburbs in every direction, each with their own vibe and their own things to see and do So this just scratched the surface But hopefully it gave you a feel for the city! Thanks for watching… Subscribe and until next time… Oscarama out!

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