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What is Nitrous | The Build Sheet

October 25, 2019

– What’s going on guys? Before we go ahead and
get into this video, don’t forget, we’re doin’ a giveaway with ESR Wheels for the month of April. Time is getting down there, you’re running into the last
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this T-shirt right here. The easiest way to get entered to win a set of free ESR Wheels, click the link down
below, won’t regret it. We’ll see you in the video. Nitrous oxide, N2O, you know the blue bar on the side of you speedometer in Need for Speed Underground Two. That just magically seemed to
refill itself all the time. The precious bottles
that help Brian O’Connor get his Eclipse, over a 140 miles an hour. That’s right ladies and gentleman, in today’s episode of The Build Sheet we are talkin’ about NOS. NOS. It’s about to get nostalgic up in here. (crowd booing) Roll it, roll it. (chuckles) (gears clanking) (upbeat electronic music) The idea of nitrous oxide injection has some of it’s roots
stored in the history of the Luftwaffe during World War Two. What is known as the
GM1 was a nitrous System designed by the German engineer Auto Lutz. The GM1 was developed in
1940 with the intention of improving high altitude
performance for german fighters like the Focke-Wulf TA152 and the BF109. Flying and fighting at
higher altitudes proved to be a challenge since the higher
altitude meant less dense air. And as we know engines like air and when there isn’t enough
air, they aren’t as happy. The introduction of the
GM1 helped considerably. Eventually implemented in the
other reconnaissance aircraft, in bombers, they found out that instead of keeping it liquefied
under high pressure, wasn’t really the best option and said they discovered
that keeping it at lower temperatures and at a lower pressure it performed a lot better. Plus if it ended up
getting shot during combat it wasn’t as dangerous since it was under less pressure as well. Even though the GM1 was later
replaced by the MW50 system, which was just a water
meth injection system. And the introduction system
of jet engines came around soon after, it wasn’t necessarily the end of the road for nitrous. It wouldn’t be until March
5th, 1961 on a rainy morning in Spokane, Washington that
the first-ever drag car would rip down the drag strip equipped with a nitrous setup. That run made history,
breaking the Famoso Raceway speed record with an 8.5 second pass at 185.58 miles per hour. That 88 inch wheel base dragster, which is right around
the size of a Honda CRX was known as the thrifty auto dragster and was driven by a
man named Don Stortroen and the secret recipe to its record pass was kept in two bottles
mounted right above the driver’s legs that
contained what was only known at the time as an anesthetic. That secret was kept
various racing teams up until around the 1970s
when the use of nitrous finally hit the limelight. Before you knew it
everybody and their grandma was running nitrous on their drag cars. The use of nitrous became
absolutely huge in the drag racing scene due to it being such an
efficient cost effective way to produce a ton of horsepower. As the years passed we eventually
saw nitrous injection kits becoming available to the public as an aftermarket
application to their cars. So that’s cool right it’s
been around for a few years and makes stuff go faster. It’s a great conversation
topic when you open the trunk and see the bottle sitting in the back. But what exactly is it? Why does it do what it does? Does it really super pretty blue flames out the back of your car? Does it really make it
go that much faster? Well let’s get into the
scientific part of it, shall we? So let’s go back to the
the basics for a second. As we discussed in the E85 video, which if you haven’t seen go
check that out after this, internal combustion engines
run on three things. They run on oxygen, they run on fuel, and they run on an emissions source. those three things are
what powers an engine. Air comes in through the
intake, it gets mixed with fuel, the piston comes up and
compresses everything, it gets really tight, and then you have the spark plug which supplies your ignition. And bam, there’s your power. However, normal air that is
brought in through your intake isn’t very oxygen dense at all. With 78% of that are
being nitrogen that leaves only 20.95% being actual
oxygen with the remaining being argon and carbon dioxide. That’s some pretty weak specs bruh. N2O as the nomenclature would state contains two atoms of nitrogen
and one atom of oxygen. When activated the liquid nitrous, which is stored under pressure, is injected between the throttle body and the intake manifold of the engine. And depending if you’re running
a dry or wet nitrous system, we sometimes see additional fuel being added there well as well. By doing this nitrous fed
into the combustion chamber where when heated to around
570 degrees Fahrenheit will break down the chemical
compound of the nitrous. Basically causing the
nitrous atoms to go pew! And then oxygen atoms go pew! And in turn providing more oxygen into the combustion chamber. With more oxygen present
in turn requires more fuel to keep your air fuel ratio and boom, there you have it guy. More power for ya bud. So the question comes to
be if the main objective is to get the more oxygen into the engine, then why even bother with the nitrogen? To make a long story short, nitrous oxide is a lot easier to handle because of the fact
nitrous can be liquefied a hell of a lot easier than oxygen can. There’s a reason why oxygen
is packaged in gas form and not a liquid form. When nitrous is stored in a car, it’s stored in a pressurized bottle which keeps it in liquid form. When it was eventually
introduced into the engine it changes to a very cold gas since it is no longer under pressure. So now we got a little bit of history, and we got a little bit of science, and now you’re thinking,
hey, that sounds pretty neat, I might want to do that. Are there any downsides? What would I need to do
to run nitrous on my car? Glad you asked. Today you can pick up nitrous kits for right around a thousand
dollars starting off. These kits practically come
with everything you need to hook up the kit to your car. Now like most things, it isn’t just gonna be
a plug and play set up, you’re actually going to have
to adjust ignition timing, you’re probably gonna have to
upgrade some fuel components, and a few other things to ensure that you just don’t blow
your engine sky high. (car engine revving) (man screams) (car exploding) Some of those things you might consider upgrading your internals with
stronger connecting rods, and stronger pistons, and
all that kind of stuff so you can handle the extra
horsepower that’s being thrown into your engine so you
don’t send something flying into the atmosphere. With nitrous injection being so adjustable and the fact that just by
adding more into your engine can increase horsepower tremendously, this is where we see nitrous being somewhat harmful to your engine. Now what I mean by that,
this is at the mercy of you to decide how much go-go juice you’re going to dump into your engine. And it is very easy to add
more and more horsepower with the addition of nitrous that it can be a little
out of hand pretty quick. It’s all about moderation
y’all, it’s everything. It’s about moderation in video gaming, it’s about moderation with food, and it’s about moderation
for your nitrous. If you have engine components that are rated for 500 horsepower, it would probably be in your
best interest to not try to add a 200 extra horsepower shot
of nitrous into your engine. Think of it similar to
forced induction in a way. You wouldn’t randomly add
an extra 10 PSI of boost with the hopes that ah,
it’ll be fine, it’ll be good. I mean, let’s just do it,
everything will be alright. Nothing’s gonna happen. Nitrous systems are a great,
generally inexpensive way to get a bunch of
horsepower out of your car and today they’re primarily
used for drag racing set-ups. So if you’re all about
that quarter mile life, a nitrous kit may be an interest to you. As that is gonna be where
they really shine the most because it’s one of those
things where once you hit it, you’re gonna use it, you’re
gonna be going in a straight line, you’re not going
to be wanting to add a bunch of extra horsepower
goin’ around a corner. So if you’re looking at
doing some drag racing, you want a little bit extra horsepower for not too much, a nitrous
kit is probably gonna be the best setup for you and
not gonna break the bank. Just one thing to remember
that it is a consumable product so you’re gonna have to refill
the tanks every now and then. So we hope you guys enjoy this video, we know it’s a little
out of our normal realm of wheels, tires, and suspension. And don’t get us wrong, that’s still us. That’s our thing. But we’re in the car business and we like to talk about
different car things. So don’t forget, for all of those wheels,
tires, and suspension needs and just your warning again
that we are getting close and we’re getting in the last few weeks for the ESR Wheel giveaway. Easiest way to enter is
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Feed giveaway at the end of the month to choose the winner but that’s gonna wrap it up for today. We’ll see you guys later. I’m Gels from the Fitment Industries. Peace.


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