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Whale Watching Opportunities on Cruise Ships

September 7, 2019

Whales. These giant creatures are amazing
to watch in their natural habitat. Their sheer size is impressive but their
ability to move with grace and speed is fantastic. You can take advantage of amazing whale watching
experiences from the comfort of a cruise ship. Many vessels travel
to remote areas which are frequented by whales. Chief among these is Alaska. Every summer
day, visitors are taken to the wild, unspoiled waters of coastal Alaska.
Opportunities abound for sightings of gray, humpback and orca whales.
Rarer sightings include the elusive blue and right whales, and basking sharks, some of
the largest fish in the world. Cruise ship passengers travel through Alaskan
waters that are rich feeding grounds for whales. Amazing photo opportunities
are presented, many of which are once in a lifetime shots. Whales often propel themselves
out of the water only to crash down in spectacular fashion. Huge pods of
Orca whales often fill small bays. Cruise ship passengers are often in exactly
the right place to capture such images. Those wishing to travel to Alaska via cruise
ships often leave from Vancouver, BC. Vessels travel north during the summer.
Along the way, many of the British Columbia waterways offer whale sighting opportunities,
particularly for Orca, Gray and humpbacks. Many porpoises are also visible
enroute. In addition to whales, cruise ship passengers
can expect to see bears onshore and other marine mammals in the water. Various
species of seals and sea lions are common in northern scenes. Bird watching is also
rewarding from cruise ships.

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  • Reply Darlene Sjostrom August 11, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    All cruise ships going to Alaska travel (most of the way) through Canadian waters!
    Stop telling you American passengers that it is all Alaska!
    Our Canadian internal waters, the inside passage, is a major whale habitat, and whales are regularly struck and killed by cruise ships.
    If you really care about these whales stay off these cruise ships or lobby to move the cruise travel to international waters. (This is where the Alaskan cruises travelled up to a few years ago.)

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