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Weld Racing Delta-1 Forged Drive Wheels Revolutionary Delta One Drag Wheels

October 15, 2019

Jessica: For years, drivers have been turning
to Weld Racing to get the latest and greatest technology when it comes to their wheels.
I’m joined by Kyle Fickler right now, and we’re standing in front of a pretty cool wheel. Kyle: This is a cool wheel, Jessica. We call
it the Delta-1. There’s three versions of it. We have a version for Top Fuel and Funny
Car. We have a version for Pro Mod, Top Alcohol dragster, Top Alcohol Funny car. And what’s
behind us here is our Pro Stock wheel. It’s available either in black or polished. It
is a one-piece forged racing wheel. And, as we like to say, a wheel that’s evolved over
a period of time, drag race wheels, in particular, well, this isn’t an evolution, it’s a revolution
in racing wheels. Jessica: You know, that sounds pretty powerful.
I mean, a statement like that goes to show, a wheel like this on a Top Fuel car or something,
that is a powerful vehicle. What is done to this to withstand some of the abuse that they’re
gonna see? Kyle: Yeah. You know, Jessica, the way you
stated that is very accurate. Previous wheels were typically three-piece in design. This
is one piece. It’s made out of a single forging that actually starts out…I probably shouldn’t
say this, but it’s a 146 pound forging. And the wheel behind us weighs 18.9 pounds. So
we’re making a lot of chips, but, you know, we have a phrase within the building, and
it came from Scott Ryder, our head of engineering. He always reminds me, “Kyle, all the wheel
does is connect the tire to the axle.” Well, you know, as I mentioned, it’s a revolution.
We’re doing something that had never been done previously to connect the tire to the
axle. Jessica: All right. So what is something that
maybe these racers are looking for when it comes to their wheel? Obviously, you said
there’s different finishes. But it’s being lightweight and being strong. Kyle: Yeah. Well, said. The static weight
savings of this particular wheel, it’s three pounds lighter than our previously lightest
wheel. But rotational, it’s more than 60% lighter, and that’s a big number. It’s stiffer
in every axis. It maintains its concentricity better under loading. When it comes to all
those types of attributes, wheel attributes, I think we excelled in all of them. Jessica: And, you know, I think that’s important
too, being that it’s the wheel that you guys are making so lightweight. It’s gotta help
those racers out too. Kyle: It does. You know, what’s been interesting
about this product is everybody, when they stop at the booth, they ask, “What’s it weigh?”
Well, that is really just a reference to static weight. That allows us to start the conversation
about rotational weight, and our reduction in this particular wheel is over 67%. And
that’s a huge, huge savings, and it shows up all the way down the racetrack. Jessica: Awesome. You know, getting on the
racetrack, I think I got to talk to somebody with some real life experience there, and
we’ve got a girl running this wheel, Erica Enders. Let’s go see what she has to say about
it. Okay, I’m now here with Erica Enders and,
you know, I hear you’ve had quite the history with Weld Racing. Erica: I really have. I started racing Junior
Dragsters when I was eight years old. Prior to that, I grew up watching my dad drive.
Always had Weld Racing wheels on his sportsman cars, our trucks, our trailers. When I turned
16, I had a big jacked up truck, and I totally had Weld wheels on that as well. So I’m carrying
that into Pro Stocks. It’s been over 20 years now for me. Jessica: Wow, I love it. So was that an important
factor when it came time to choose what wheel you guys were going to use on that car? Erica: Absolutely. There’s never really been
a question for me, and it’s been what we’ve run from day one in our competitive race cars.
So that’s always how I go off of. I use the products that I use in my race car in real
life as well. Jessica: All right. Let’s speak on the pro
side of things. You’re using the Delta-1. I mean, this is a revolutionary wheel. What
kind of improvements, what are you seeing out there on the racetrack? Erica: Love my Delta-1s. Not only are they
really slick-looking, I got the black ones on my [inaudible [00:02:57] car, but the rotational
mass is just so much less. The wheel itself is lighter. We’re seeing improved 60 foots,
and everything that’s lighter in racing, as we know, is better and faster. So really loving
them. Jessica Well, you know, I like that. So I
guess if they had a little go-ped Weld wheel, you would have that too? Erica: Oh, you know it, and then I’d put them
on my golf cart and on my bicycle at home and… no, but I do love Welds and I’m really
proud to run them. Jessica: All right. Let me tell you, a true
racer, right there. Erica Enders, you guys. If you want to get a hold of any of these
products that you see the pros out there are using too, make sure you check out the website.


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    Looks real good, and the wheel looks pretty good too!

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