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We Made Instagram Push-Up Corset Bras (feat. Wengie)

November 23, 2019

*Saf’s Intro Song* hello friends and welcome to another video today I’m here with the amazing wengie Wengie: Hi guys! wengie has an amazing channel she does a lot of DIY life hack we just filmed a what’s in the box challenge it’s linked below go check that out after this one but first watch us try and DIY some Instagram corset bra so you know I’m sure that these corset bras have been on Instagram like sponsored posts and just on people’s Instagram and Facebook feeds for a while now I have one right here i don’t have a lot of cleavage I don’t know if you do I mean yeah it’s it’s hard it’s hard out here Wengie: yeah we’re trying to squeeze it up*giggles* SAf: we’re just trying to hold our elbows very close together as with all internet specific products you never know exactly what you’re going to get when you order it so I wanted to try and DIY this to see if you could get the same effect at home and then I thought who better to help me out with this project and wengie a DIY Queen Wengie: so how much is that? when you bought it? Saf: This was about 20 bucks Wengie: Okay, so how much is a DIY version gonna be? Saf: About the same. *both laugh* these bras are sold at a bunch of different websites at a range of prices and it’s hard to tell which version is the right version it seems like everyone kind of uses like the same pictures I’ve seen some of these at a jacked up price like more expensive like up like 40 bucks so maybe if you fell for a bad you know a bad scam *wengie laughs* you could save money by doing a DIY version instead great so let’s begin all right we’ve got these uh plunge push-up bras it’s this backless strapless plunge push-up bra from Target and we both got the size a /b Wengie: Yup, now now you know how big. Saf: the more you know and then we’ve got these grommets of various sizes so I didn’t know which size to get Wengie: They’re also called eyelets. Saf: and then we’ve got some cordage well this is for parachutes apparently Wengie: oh I was like thinking shoelaces but this is also good Saf: we also we’ve got some extra fabric we’ve got these patches you know just when you’re DIY you can add your own Flair. Wengie: yeah make you own style that’s why I love DIY Saf: we do have a hot glue gun as well for no reason *wengie Laughs* I literally pulled this out and right before we started filming and wengie was like “we don’t need that” Wengie: No Saf: I was like just going to have it here just in case Wengie: unless you’re planning to hot glue it on your self. Saf: well if all else fails we might have to *wengie giggles* we also have this hammer. Wengie: and we also have like four packets of eyelets to the point where im just confused which one i;m supposed to use, Saf: but I thought that you were the fashion designer wengie -Wengie: we got flower ones Saf: yeah there’s one that’s flowers Wengie: I’m going to use this one so I guess we start up with the eyelet you know maybe you want to like mark out where you want to put the eyelet say like maybe they’re even *saf gasps* i think im gonna move back a bit because you might need some room for the eyelet Saf: well alright that’s what I did Wengie: yeah looks good Saf: looks like a little polar bear or something doesn’t he kinda look like a little face Wengie: yeah! he’s kinda cute! Saf: Too bad we’re just going to hammer him TO DEATH! *hehe* Ha! Wengie: Don’t you hear the hot glue gun? I’m really worried. Saf: Ok, so now that we have our cups marked out we got to poke some holes for our eyelets Wengie: Here you go don’t hurt yourself. Saf: Alright so I’m just going to stab. Wengie: Yeah Stab and twist maybe? Saf:Oh that went through pretty easily actually Wengie: Yeah keep working it until you get the right size. Saf: How will i know Wengie: Um well you can actually get the eyelet and see if it fits through so while she’s using the seam ripper I’m going to go in with the scissors and see if this is doing anything easier there we go. Saf: Oh okay well you know, I’m having fun with spearing away over here *wengie giggles* alright I think it’s time to push these baby through look at that *Tyler behind the camera* ooh yeah! Wengie: Ok put the back on there we go. Tyler: Did work? Wengie: Yeah Tyler: Success Saf: Is that it? *Tyler and Wengie* Yeah, Thats it. Saf: So once you have your eyelets in place on top and on bottom you got to use this little eyelet tool to hammer that sh*t together *Hammer Banging* Wengie: it’s attached Saf: *gasp* that’s why we needed wengie here because otherwise I would have, don’t even know what I would have been doing all right so I am also going to try and hammer my eyelet in how do you know what it’s done? you just keep going until you know? Wengie: I think it’s done Saf: Really? Tyler: that’s in there Saf: that’s in there? Wengie: Yeah Saf: Did i do it? Wengie: Yeah! 🙂 Saf: that feels very satisfying but this is awesome look at that you could just i mean I could almost just wear it as an earring like Just DIY over Wengie: All right let’s finish this up. Saf I love how we did one out of six and We’re like “We’re done!” Wengie: *giggles* yeah I know haha Saf: its just too bad but you need to have two boobs you know you just need one Wengie: A mono boo hmm Wengie: Or you know what? best friend boob you can tie you– Saf: Just tie ourselves together it’s like a potato sack race or like a three-legged race but its like a “two boobed Race” *Hammering* its kinda fun just making a lot of noise just being like IM-BEING-REALLY-LOUD! Wengie: The first completed bra You guys have a McDonald’s near here? Saf: You just sniffed the air like you could smell McDonald’s from like miles away. Wengie: ooh! Saf: Is that it? Tyler: That looks great! Wengie: Yeah I’m really proud of them Saf: it’s not super symmetrical you can see my little nose Tyler: Yeah thats cute Saf: It’s there Tyler: I like the nose Saf: Ok, cool so now that we’ve got these we just cord them together? Wengie: I think so all right well the thing I worried about the cord is is like there’s nothing to finish them so it could fray that might need like a lighter to finish them off Saf: i can get a lighter Wengie: That doesn’t work. Saf: Just top and bottom (clicks top&bottom switches) Wengie: Oohh that’s complicated *pyromaniac laugh* Saf: there are no children that live in this apartment but it’s childproof Wengie: You can lace-up the way you like to lace-up your shoelaces Saf: I need to burn this immediately this is already an issue yeah when do I stop just never Wengie: I think you stops Saf: Okay that was quite enough *wengie giggles* I can hold the flame open Wengie: Ahh, yes please Saf: and could set stuff on fire hold on well talked the Big Talk couldn’t walk the walk there we go Wengie: Thats it. Saf: oh that’s all you do okay noted I may have burned mine too much Wengie: Does it not fit through? Saf: yeah Wengie: oh my gosh Saf: look how gross and weird it looks. *Laughing * you guys I think this looks like it might actually work Wengie: It looks pretty professional Saf: so we’re done with the body of our bra but we’ve also got this stuff if in case you’re interested Wengie: I think I’m going to put a hollow star on mine Saf: I’m doing this turtle *quoting the master of disguise*am I not a turtle enough for the turtle club? Wengie: yeah this is an iron on Saf: oh well maybe we shouldn’t iron them because of the adhesive in the bras should we burn it on? Wengie: alright why not? Saf: Do you think? Wengie: yeah why not? You just need to melt this glue so i think if we do like a quick like a flame underneath it you might melt the glue just enough for us to stick it on. Saf: Almost Wengie: Oh Look these these ones did a little bit see? look at that Saf: Okay so the star didn’t work but let me try my turtle oh my god i melted him Wengie: his arm is waving Saf: i’ve injured my turtle Wengie: Awwww Saf:I think the patches were not meant to be but just know that I would have put a turtle on here so we are going to put these on I’ve got a couple white tank tops and we’ll just see you know before and after this is wengie before Hey Wengie: Hey! Saf: and then this is me before I think Wengie’s got more cleavage than me all right I am peeling this off alright lemme try and put it on Tyler: hello cleavage! 😉 Saf: there we are I think we’ve arrived in Cleveland. Oops Bend and snap! Tyler: What are you doing? Saf:im trying to show you my line Tyler: okay. Saf: thats all I’ve got Tyler: Do you think its working? Saf: I think that we were medium successful Wengie:Yeah I dont know it worked that well Saf: I’ve got a little something-something Wengie: You got a little somthing-something? *laughs* Saf: it’s a little line basically what I’ve done is I’ve brought in the like armpit boob there’s just a little valley in here like because you kind of got like this which is pulling it and then this is being let loose Wengie:This bra really wide for me so it’s not really pulling in as much as i’d like Saf: We needed just a smaller cup
Wengie: like a narrower cup you know? Saf: Yeah yeah there you go yeah Wengie: I think a narrower cup than what your chest is would work I can see how this is working and I see how this would work I feel like you know like a lot of the pushup comes from the vertical push like this does the horizontal push so you’re going to get the line but I feel like sometimes the line might look weird because you don’t have the vertical Saf: somthing-somthing if nothing else I learned a lot thank you for teaching me how to hammer in eyelets I had a great time Wengie: Yeah! Saf: Make sure you check out our collab that is on wengie’s channel a lot of unsolicited screams Wengie: Yeah there’s a lot of screaming a lot of like freaking out. Saf: Thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to smash that subscribe button you already smash that subscribe button? make sure to smash that little bell icon to turn on post notifications so you get a notification every time that I post, Here are Wengie’s social media handles and here are my social media handles make sure to check out my next beat I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q&A’s on there a big shout out to Christine for watching thanks for watching Christine and I will see you guys a next time. Wengie:Byeeeeee


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