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Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day Guitar Tutorial (How to play) EASY song

October 14, 2019

Summer has Come and Passed the innocent Can Never last Wake me up when September Ends Like my father’s Come [to] past Seven Years have gone so fast Wake Me up When September Ends Here Comes The rain Falling From the Stars Drenched in My Pain again Becoming who, [we] are as Mine Never Forgets What [I] lost Wake me Up when September Ends Hi Guys it is September Now at The Time of Releasing This Video and Film in it anyway so we’re Doing Whence it Wake Me Up when September Ends by green Day and this is a song which has A beautiful Intro Riff very Recognizable and very Straightforward [To] do if you Were to look at a chord Sheet for this song you might be Mistaken for Thinking it has A lot of var Chords in it And you might want to stay away [from] it However it’s a song [that] most people who Follow my Channel will be able to do [Let’s] get you straight in For A Close-Up and Check out how to play this Song and If you do like This one Make sure you do Check out good Riddens Time of your life as Well The Lesson on how to Play [that]? so there’s the Main Riff you will Definitely want to check out the link in the Description to the Tab Sheet that I really recommend [that] you Follow and on that Tab it [will] Say Fifth fret of the Fourth String and We want to play that with our Third Finger? then it hits The Open String and Then We’re Going to play With your first Finger the Second String Third fret so We have Third and First Fingers Placed Down like this it can [be] A lot more Comfortable Though You Can Still be on your Tips if you kind of Grip With your thumb Just hooked, over the Top and If We picked Four? Three and do That’s The Riff That starts the Song and We Just want to play it twice And then There’s a Pause See to get These strings Ringing out you want to try and get on the Tips of your? Fingers as much as Possible Kind of Like that With our I am Now but you Can Really as i say get it quite Comfortable in The Palm [of] your Hand Just [Kind] of Hook in Here By being on an Angle Rather than Having to sort of Stretch your hand too much and Having [your] Thumb much lower died I Definitely Grip it like This [They’re] Both you Can play the riff Exactly the same I Am You from There if You prefer that more classical Style Or even A Shredder style but for blues in Pop Music Ripping it With your Thumb Over the Top Can be A Lot more Comfortable and From There our Bass note Which is on our Third Finger Is going to Walk Down From 5th fret to [4th] fret 2 and 0 [Da-Da-Da-Dah] That’s 5 4 to 0 so if I just demo the riff Nice and slow 5 4 [-] and Then Open Front Because of How, we’re Playing Discuss the notes That were Playing in This Riff, We have to change out the way With Gripping the Chords? Halfway Through Two the first Two are Quite similar you Can Switch to your Middle Finger to play for Again This Angle That my fingers [aren’t] Almost Pointing Towards my right Shoulder It’s Really Allowing that Muscle you you Well then to play the next one We’re not Going to Whenever you’ve got? A lower fret You need you need to use a lower Finger we need to use first fingers so we’re Going to use our first Finger Second fret of The Fourth String and Then put your Third Finger Where your first Finger was before we’re Going to put your Third [Finger] Third fret of the Second string so I’ve got first Finger Here Third Finger Here No other Fingers Are Down it’s Just Those Two and, we’re Going to again play pick the Same strings Which is A broken Chord, or single strings out of a chord and that Is Called an Arpeggio We’re getting with A? Arpeggio Like an I can up Really [Making] [This] sense but There’s, no h Is quite People always Think There’s a Harp Edgy I think and then We Take that first [Fingered] off That’s our Last Card and each One of Those you Repeat that one Two Three One Two Three [but] then you just Move on to the next Chord so for demo the Full thing and then Move Straight away after that It’s that Middle bit that is Certainly the hardest Change Let me demo That again Really slow if You want to Jam Along in 2 3 4 Change Course Change [Cord] and Final Change On the Picking Hand Side of things are you Can rest your little Finger here if You so wish but I would Really prefer You to rest your wrist above the [Soundhole] that’s the Way These Are Pleasure [Pans] in Any Single string Plane Is best done On Acoustic Or electric Guitar rest in That wrist Here Keeping your Film as Close to the guitar as Possible All the Time my wrist Is in Contact With the Guitar and You’re wanting the open strings to [ring] out as much as possible that’s how you will Make It sound as sweet as [that] does Even After Changing from Here We tear These two fingers off We do Have an Open Third string Still Playing? So that Just happens Once and Then We play Three notes out of a [C] major Chord but This Would be out [of] a C major Barre Chord? Barring it Third fret but, We don’t after Barkas, we’re Only going to play These Fingers Two Three and Four all [up] fifth fret of the Second Third and Fourth String because They’re The Only Strings, Were Picking There’s no Point in Having the bar Down so if You See A meet C Minor Chord [on] this Tab Or on the Sheet on A chord Sheet but you? Don’t have to play Any of the strings that Would be here you don’t have to put your first Finger Down and we’re Going to Go from C Major to C Minor you to play the last Part of the riff so Fingers Two Three and Four at Fifth fret of the Second Third and Fourth String And then, We move your first Finger to the second fret Second string? Fourth fret [Lift] Off your little Finger in your Plane Basically an a Minor Shape but Starting at the Fourth fret and We play Four three two again? And then, we’re Going to go back to the first Chord that We played in the song which was? Second String Third fret Fifth fret Fourth string Let me demo That last part of the riff the A minor Ship and then The first Chord of the Song One more Time [A] Minor Ship Give you a Slightly Different Angle on that with the picking Hand and everything you So going from [the] Top of the song Let me Demo everything that I’ve Demonstrated so far We start Off? With This Four Times and then it goes Into the riff of the Song so we need This one [ten] Three [for] then The Lift Starts One ish Changing Keep Everything Ringing out Zero Three in A line A minor ship First Part of the Song Come faster They After Last Wake me Up [when] September Ends That Happens, One more Time as Second Flat Open Way Let’s go to the Side And then, we’re Into some Open Chords but you can’t Keep This Pattern going so So for the Chorus We have an e minor Chord Standard Way of Playing [in] e minor With first two fingers B minor Is Keep your first Finger Where it is on the e minor Chord and you just move [your] Middle Finger Down A string and Then your Third Finger is on the 2nd fret of the Thinnest string so it’s Almost like an Aircard But With your strings separate Like This 1 2 3 And that is a nun Bar Chord Wait I’ve Played a B Minor Chord Sounds Really Nice C Major Standard C and then G Now when We play the G, we Can step Down to this G F-Sharp Board By hitting an F-Sharp in the, Bass by moving this so this Would be here Comes B Minor again See, them to A G F-Sharp and [Still] I play again Becoming So that little S [tommy] It’s just a little Step Down and you could Strum it it [would] be A bar of each Chord here Comes B Minor C then [two] were G Drenched in B Minor C then [to] [wordy] [But] if We Keep This Picking Pattern Going and I’d really recommend the Two Two Three Four Two three four Just to Keep everything consistent for People We can go any Minor? Rain Again Falling From the Stars And it’s only Really, on that G that, We want to hit that [bruner’s]? So here Comes The rain again Falling From the Stars go to six I’m here [not] six 6 4 2 [3] 6 Or 2 3 spring Numbers-Wise But it doesn’t Really, Matter which ones you hit so long as you Keep That sort of Pattern Go and so on as [you] know the Timing of it So just to demo all of That again a Minor Comes B Minor C then to a cheating Didn’t ii Minor B Minor C then straight To a D and if You play the full Open Chords when you are Playing Open Chords and Doing a picking Pattern if You play the whole thing if You Accidentally eat Another string it doesn’t Matter [you] Can [hear] Whichever ones you, do Or, Maybe you want to do A Little [Strum] in There but Sometimes Pick Single strings that Blend Is is Fantastic There’s Nothing Wrong at all and that’s how to play the whole Thing Really the Hook Of the Song and the May Part you want to get from it is Certainly the the Intro Riff so we’ll Just do that One More Time Just as A Demonstration to give You Guys the Opportunity to play Along and it’s A bit of A refresher [so], we’re Going to do this four Times And then get straight Into our song Two three Four Another Two Times so Changing for Change for Change Clean [Aligned] A Minor Ship The First [Part] [of] the [Song] This Yes Never! What I lost wake me Up a minor Shape? and first Chord of the Song again so that’s the whole Song really all the best with this one Fantastic Acoustic Guitar Riff and This Style of Play It’s Called an Arpeggio Pattern When We’re Playing single strings out of a chord Check out more Arpeggio Patterns on this Channel and when [you] [go] forward because they Make your Guitar, Plane Sound Really Great So that’s how to play [Wake] me Up when September Ends Remember to Check out This Video here how to play Good Riddens Time of your life and I’m sure I’ll see you again in That Or Another Video bye bye for now


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