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UP IN THE AIR | Marjorie Reynolds | Frankie Darro | Full Length Musical Comedy Movie | English | HD

November 2, 2019

[Applause] you you [Music] [Applause] Oh Frankie where have you been the time the traffic well look at that new reception she’s up honey you better forget about her and put your uniform on you know how much the ferrule is about us being late yeah funny time a boy funny excuse me [Music] the more you look good morning may I help you yes would you see if there’s any mail to me please good morning anything perhaps you better tell me your name bird oh yes of course Brian Frankie right what’s yours and Mason no there’s nothing for you mr. Ryan all right thank you good morning say you’re new here aren’t you mm-hmm just started this morning mm-hmm so out of town uh-huh well which is it singer or an actress or a singer I boys want to be in radio and this is as close as I could get how do you know all that oh well you see all our employees would like to be on the air but well a lot of them are pretty good too but well you see most of them just don’t get an opportunity singer huh say yeah has anybody auditioned you yet no not yet well we’ll have to take care of that right away right away do you mean right now oh I sure there’s no time like the present you know what about my job here oh well that can wait this is important you see the radio field is always open to new talent and well the yours might be just the voice we’ll look you’re very kind mr. Ryan but I don’t think I thought although I will take no for an answer come on Stella you watch the desk where you where’s an audition miss makes no what you heard me audition miss masonite the swings me mr. Frank our kid I got the jitters plumb down on my toes suppose matter what’s the matter Jeff you’re doing fine now come on try it again are you sure this is all right mr. Ryan oh of course it’s all right miss Mason Jeff is just worried because we’re using this office instead of the regular it makes no difference where we use if that mr. Jett are you ready miss Mason point yeah nervous a little oh well that’s only natural we’re all that way at first all right Jeff go ahead well good luck go on Jeff [Music] I’m not superstitious and I don’t believe in wishes but I’ve heard that things will happen every sign must show it that I love you and you know it it looked like another lucky pair in you by the looks of things I like the look the same oh how you changed me rearrange me by the looks of things never thought a kid would make me feel like this to be specific it’s terrific living a life of bling how bleep wrong man you’re the reason my heart sings in my heart and by the looks of things you change the look to thing so goodbye blue world it’s a new world by the look the same but I only had but the new come on while the revelation of the sweet devotion by the look sir thing you change the look sir thing my life is pleasing you’re the reason my wow that’s uh mr. practice say you have got a voice that was great thank you I’m glad you like this like it why say with a voice like that you’ve got no business behind a receptionist I can see you now a star your name we all don’t be seeing stars if we don’t get out of here that mr. Fowle I thought I find you here up your old tricks again huh but you see my idea I know whose idea it is oh mr. Farrell this is miss Mason she’s got a wonderful voice the greatest you’ve ever heard how do you do with the foul how do you do and don’t try to evade the issue why aren’t you in uniform and why aren’t you at work you took the words right out of my mouth well we didn’t mean any harm mr. Farrell that’s not the point one more shenanigan like this and you’re gonna find yourself out of a job yes now get busy see if you can find miss Wilson she’s holding up the rehearsal yes sir right away I’m terribly sorry mr. Fowler I didn’t know it wasn’t your fault I know that well then I won’t lose my job of course not oh well thank you mr. Farrell hello mr. Farrell will call you and he wishes to see yes my fainting the an have Rita Wilson report is that who she comes in for ice Wilson please I’ll page page front please [Applause] Oh page when miss Wilson comes in haversine mr. Hastings at once it’s important look and when you forget about it all page that’s nice for coming you sure put him in his place well he needed a lesson but he is kind of cute this would you please [Music] miss Wilson what is it mr. Hastings would like to see in his office right away that’s all for today some other time and mr. Farrell is waiting for you in studio a tell mr. Farrell I’ll see him soon as I talk to mr. hasty yes ma’am what you must be sensible Rita I am being sensible DJ don’t the way I like to be sure that my expense now you listen to me we don’t listen to me Sam Quigley I’ve been pushed around by you too long enough either I get my way or I quit that’s final but you train goober Oh can’t I well you just want no now let’s be calm let’s not lose our heads about this thing I’m surprised at you PJ getting her all upset like this well when she don’t know I’ll take over from here now Rita why can’t you be a good girl I am a good girl you know what I mean give up this silly idea of leaving us for the dental people haven’t we made you happy here no gave me a raise in salary then we know what so we pay you as much as any sponsor can afford what do we have to do to please you why haven’t mr. Hayes told you told me what what is this BJ well you won’t like it Sam she wants her salary dough she double and that’s only the beginning look Sam he wants to let to choose her own producer are no two comics dogs actor enough it’s enough are you out of your mind nobody’s worth that money identical people think I am you mean they agree to that all I have to do is put my name on the dotted line no really you can’t do this to me I can’t afford it well you better do it Sam you’ll be the laughingstock of radio of she signed or some other toothpaste account you don’t have to tell me that I know it think it over Sammy boy and don’t keep me waiting too long or I might lose my patience and thigh would dent aglow anyhow and you said you’d bring her in to live why didn’t you do it after all of your program yes and costing me 15,000 a week and for what it’s got the best rating of any show on the air you still got Rita Oh Rita who cares about Rita there are plenty of singers as good as her to combine for dime-a-dozen woods are full of them but she’s got the name yeah and the glamour that for me she hasn’t what she has for 20 million radio listeners and if you think I’m gonna let a rival toothpaste manufacturer cash in on it you’re crazy all right all right Sam I’ll take care that now don’t worry I don’t intend to how’s that blue moonlight number four climates barrel I don’t know mr. barrel I’m not getting enough strength all right dick have the brass hold down a little bit there filter in their mud hey when do we start just a minute ed and incidentally while you’re on your feet how about digging up the new gags for that script of yours what go back on Joe Miller after all these years not a chance look if those guys good enough for my grandfather they’re good enough for me what’s the idea be cursing the show without me what we’re doing doesn’t concern you reader doesn’t concern me I like that the whole show is built around me a little I’m concerned would you mind stepping outside with me a minute Rita I want to rehearse your lines with you privately what’s the matter with you on the chroma Donna Martin I thought you two a pretty chummy huh forget it no she looked through you like you weren’t even there I said forget it okay oh hi fellas say listen I got a great new gag for you for the furling dance show okay sure all right look one fella says to the other he says you’re so dumb I bet you don’t know what kind of skin shoes are made up now get this the other guy says no but banana skins would make good flippers all right what all right you can’t rule me off for trying Paige mr. Farrell wants to see you in studio a page oh look ant ant you lay off of that I was only trying to help you yes you want to help me out of a job look I can explain everything so only have lunch with me well I throw I’ll tell my mother weigh on your horse panky he okay well how about there I’ll think it over boss well look meet me it’s do a as soon as you’re on hey boss we got a terrific gag for you that’s all mighty don’t tell me it’s a gag a Rita Wilson breaks a leg may have to be shot no game could be that good now get this you’re so dumb I bet you don’t know what kind of skin shooters made on us no but bananas tinted made pretty good slippage better or just a gig for the snapper a payment you can go in there wow I’m not gonna hurt nothing I know but that’s rehearsal in ain’t nobody loud enough but people in the show well maybe I’m on the show I know you and a–shoe I know everybody just initial you can’t go in there you can listen bad your eyes I’m going through that door I’m used to Frank attendance gentlemen he can’t go in there wait a minute cowboy what seems to be the trouble find a man to horn in on nothing buddy I’m Oglala kind of a stranger around these parts ain’t never seen a big broadcast before all this is not a broadcast is just a rehearsal well that don’t make no difference as long as I can see some of their big stars at work you reckon I could kind of go in there and watch well I reckon maybe you can’t but look you gotta sit in the back and be quiet I won’t make a sound all right come on hey Jeff you come out with us too but mr. Frank your whammy well I want to show you how easy it is not to be afraid of a microphone Oh mr. Frank it is handy is it for me not to be scared of nothing you know that come on let’s grab there sit down and don’t make any noise say has anybody seen mr. Farrell except for me he’s out on the roof tell him to hustle it up for you we got a time the Wilson spot right away there’s no argument I simply want the script change that’s impossible and you know it we can’t rewrite the script at the last minute like this simply because you don’t happen to like the comic I can’t stand that man it’s impossible for me to sing under such circumstances I’ll look leader as a producer of this show my reputation is at stake and you’re not going to ruin it you’ll sing all right and you’ll like it excuse me what do you want well let mr. Martin is ready to tie miss Wilson song okay all right Bob I’ll sing you won’t like it Frankie stick around to let the rehearsal I want to talk to you yes sir all right let’s go places everybody ready and waiting Bob I will pick it up on page 10 tag on the Wallace routine I’ve made some changes and that will be an improvement the quiet everybody we’re timing this what’s the idea of running around with yourself doesn’t take you very long to get you my seats are hot so I turn the hose on him and – whoa oh my god spell don’t be silly oh you’re so dumb I bet you don’t even know what kind of skin shoes are made out of no but banana skins did make pretty good slippers you stop the music what’s the matter with you Rita can’t they wait until I’m ready oh well are you ready now miss Wilton yes all right start it again you [Music] in each cafe your heels have been tamed the canvas couple displaying their in the hell of a day now you can do that Latin wisdom everyone seems to know no matter where you make then you join the can and follow them and to the jungle temple you who you tend to find is your energy [Music] and will you call junior [Music] [Applause] maybe lucky with whatever I just wait another light nobody get the lights off something’s I have to Rita keep it shot I’m gonna watch that door see that no one gets out well do something don’t just stand there get a doctor never mind the doctor you better get the coroner this girl’s dead hey me are you let me out of here coroner’s on his way up Marty what do you make of it whoever shot her knew his business that’s a cinch plug straight through the heart no powder burns no that gun was fired out there someplace lights out too that’s fancy shootin yeah too fancy all right boys I won’t need you you can beat it are you sure nobody left this studio while the lights were out why yes or after they came back on you can see for yourself we’re all here I don’t see anything who’s we why that’s right lieutenant nobody get out of here even if they wanted to know why not well you see the doors lock automatically inside to control them that’s for rehearsing and broadcast too it keeps out any but right now I’m only interested in who they keepin is he telling the truth what do you mean am i telling the truth I’m asking him all right he’s right well in that case the murderer is still in his room oh that’s preposterous these are radio people broadcasting is sacred to them well they would not exhaust they wouldn’t I’m stupid not to realize that it was suicide when nobody was looking she tiptoed over and switched out the lights shot herself swallowed the gun and then trotted right back there to die that’s not what I meant well if Rita Wilson didn’t swallow the gun who did yeah hold your horses Brown I’m coming to that Delaney find that gun it’s around here somewhere okay ten to one you don’t find it no so why not well because I’ve looked a place over from top to bottom before you got it and of course you’ve searched everybody – well no I I guess I forgot that but Holy Smoke the cowboy what Cowboys hex the singing cowboy he might carry a gun Hale tell him he’s gone oh he won’t get far wait here Delaney come on Jeff excuse me yo please wave it if you use the elevator will take the stairway and cut them off okay let’s go is this a routine yeah you should write a funnier one hey Farrell close if you were a smart Purdue’s you’d hook this up and shoot it out over the air the top any program come out of this madhouse yet I’m closed you must have been out of your mind well what do you mean you know what I mean but I didn’t keep your voice down you’re safe hey miss so the cowboy just leave here y-yeah take Barton he just won’t go there he goes hey come back [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you should have done that mister you’ll have to hurt somebody doing that what do you think you’re going black the hotel I reckon oh you was hey sure I didn’t figure that killin was any of my business brother you don’t know how much that killing is your business there’s nothing out of Marty linear both alright what did you do with it do with what you know the gun the one you kill Rita Wilson with oh you’ve got me all wrong I don’t pack no gun damn things are dangerous supposin somebody got killed somebody did get killed for help see what I mean ABC regrets to announce that the permanent program usually on the earth this time will not be heard tonight an unfortunate incident this afternoon took the life of miss Rita Wilson known to millions as the president girl miss Wilson was shot down by an unknown assailant during a studio rehearsal [Music] that’s fine Jeff but we can’t use that on the radio no no you see we have to have oh hello mr. bell boy the frigate gone home now the top party held everybody else you want to see me yes I’d like to talk to you Frankie oh I get it I’m fired excuse me mr. pal I’ll see y’all later if you don’t mind no on the contrary I I came to ask a favor of you don’t mind sure go ahead shoot well you overheard miss Wilson of me having a bit of an argument with afternoon before the year that’s right well it didn’t really mean anything Frankie as a matter of fact there was nothing to it but you can understand how tough it seemed might look and taken the wrong life yeah sure I understand you you mean it’s my kitchen a mess huh yes it’d be a lot of embarrassing questions and well you realize it my reputation a producer I couldn’t afford to all go ahead you mean you want me to keep my mouth shut yeah yeah that’s right it’s all right with me doesn’t mean anything to me I know you’d see it the right way thanks a million Frankie I won’t forget it Oh mr. bell yeah say yeah we ought to get to Phil Rita Wilson spot well I I haven’t thought about it a little early for that don’t you think yeah but look when you do think about it will you keep animation in mind she’s got a wonderful voice certainly thanks for reminding me I asked her to come and see the girl talk about a rat tonight good night I’m so glad you didn’t come out tres say what that mr. foul man what is you in trouble again no no he just invited me over his house for a game of checkers chess checkers nice that’s up mr. Frankie one of these days you’re gonna try me too full well pull yourself together with you we got a lot of work to do I want to go over this new routine of ours mr. Frankie between me waking you in the studio all day and run around all night hitting you why are you getting no sleep well a grown boy like you doesn’t need any I know but just going where’s me to a frazzle but got your script oh I got this right here okay I gotta get something for a Mike Mike don’t you have to are you still scared of a microphone every time I see one of them thing I get to get us all inside of myself well look we got a break for that now look at that microphone nothing no microphone that’s a mouse I know I know but no can’t you pretend it to mice I’m going look at now you’re still scared Oh mr. Franco how do you expect for me to be afraid of something they’re closer to me than my own brother yeah I never thought of that wait am I got an idea oh I don’t like to look in your eyes when you say you got an idea that means trouble I got just the thing well whatever it is I ain’t gonna do it I ain’t gonna do it I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it mr. Friday no sir I know it goes right there’s why miss Wilson got you quiet down will you Jeff what do you want to do wake the dead week to dead mr. Friday and I got enough on my mind without you putting ideas in my ear Jeff do you mean to tell me you’re actually afraid of Rita Wilson’s ghost it ain’t ago it’s the present that made her go south with Bob and me boy you’re terrific come on let’s rehearse this thing we want to get out of here sometime tonight go ahead uh mr. Frank yeah I’ve been thinking oh I don’t think I want to be away there’s nothing the matter with you you’re just afraid of that microphone that’s all I know we was worried on now look you want to be a success don’t you you don’t want to be a janitor all your life well at least I get paid for being a janitor well sure you get paid yeah but look if you’re on the radio think of the glamour bit people clamoring are you are with me mr. fry that lady miss Wilson had glamour look at her now HMF wake is too dangerous you tell me something will you Jeff what would you do if you didn’t have anything to be scared of what I would never mind look let’s rehearse this thing we want to go home sometime tonight motherfucker I’ve just got to do this boy and start reading well yes or mr. Figg is your first line oh yeah that’s right alright you ready mom Laura revver how you feel uh morning Moser ah sick sick boy you is always complaining well you don’t expect me to speak in ode I like do you no no you read your just played you’re the straight man oh that’s different come on now let’s start again Mona Razzles how you feel mon amour ah sick sick boy you is always complaining about record it is a little hot near a lip gloss huh huh yeah this kind of one no wait a minute I’ll fix it that way Oh no wonder it will work hey Jeff come here quick yes sir look in here it doesn’t move yeah must be the one that killed Rita Wilson pretty smart huh probably put in there with a lighter out uh-oh gonna need got no business in the same room I’ll see you whoa hey Jeff later who’s the fool what are you two doing in here well we were just like that that’s the gun you’ve been looking for Oh trying a high today on our wait a minute you certainly live up to your reputation as a cop don’t you suspect everybody it’s my business that’s typing people where did you find it come on over here and I’ll show you right there in that ventilator what’s been put there after the murder oh no wonder we couldn’t find it how do we know you didn’t put it there yeah how do we know he didn’t sneak back here tonight and try to grab it off when you talk about what it was around mm-hmm we caught your right knee AK didn’t we hon I’ll wait a minute settle down what do you get that stuff the good thing you use your head and pick this gum up with your handkerchief because of your fingerprints are on it well what if they are now wait a minute now Bubba where’d y’all go dig up police headquarters what for we didn’t do nothin is that and there well we gotta let you go yep there wasn’t your fingerprints well I have to look so disappointed about it oh yes a lieutenant do that means that we’re free again did we mother well to an extent yes but don’t leave town no sir what makes you think we’d want to leave town but you’ve nosed out all the other answers try sniffing you’re speakin to that one now listen phone call.i all right Thank You mr. waters paging mr. waters mr. waters of Studio B please aha Tex hiya paging mr. waters good morning tap one of this and you look happy get some good news I sure did mr. barrels gonna let me audition for him this morning oh heck that’s wonderful about time you had a chance you’ve waited long enough well we both have Miss Anne maybe you’ll be next my hotel good luck oh thank you well let’s cowboy don’t waste any time does what do you mean well he’s always hanging around you’re always talking to you what do you want any I think that’s none of your business oh well pardon me but if you must know he was telling me about his audition audition for whose barrel yes page mr. Snell is going to hearing this morning Oh mr. Farrell isn’t well I guess that puts me in my place now you asked for it yeah paging mr. waters male profitable co-op oh hello mr. Finkel listen I got another great gag for you so it kid we had buying gags anymore we’re off the air off the air yeah Wallace quit this morning but he couldn’t not that he did and now we’re on relief it’s that cute I’m sorry but look what’s your job kid we might start angling for it no me onyx Fingal Thanks so long good luck I am did you hear that what about it what about it that means they need a new comic for the furling dance show doesn’t it well well what Frankie not you well who else why not well Jeff and I have got a swell cardiac workup mr. Farrell know about this no but well don’t you worry it’s in the bag well just make sure you don’t wind up in the bag keep your fingers crossed hey is he kidding Oh bury me gnaw on the lone prairie these words came low well I skip a little jetty yeah now I know what the car loan cowboy for nothing somebody for who [Music] on a dying bed at the close of day I’ll do mr. Barton thank you very much Paul I’m not through yeah they got a lot more to do heard all that we’ve acquired we’ll let you know if we can use you how much more of this torture one more coming up presenting the two blackbirds Rastus and mode hey what goes on here Lorna revels house y’all moaning mold I’ll SiC boy who is always complaining about something that you ain’t got and couldn’t have it if you did head boy I got it you got what a kind of a feeling the star I had that one you mean the kind of a feeling of stars in the head and walks around the asses yeah what you doing for well I’ve seen myself a doctor and he gave me a bottle of don’t egg him they’ll kill you now why don’t you try I would ride two boxes of them they didn’t do me no good then why don’t you go see doctor that quack I had him you see he’s one of these kind of yeah yeah I know I know we’re look in that case what you need is a cutting doctor you know a sturgeon a man who can cooperate on you you don’t want to take the knife and he cut your hair I have an iron taken out last year oh you did huh well uh look what else using maybe could be wrongly well you see I thought maybe it was oh no no no no you all wrong couldn’t be that now look why don’t you try some of them pills you know that my brother took when he was suffering from uh decock when he will be out there I thought all the time he was gonna go yeah he did but he doesn’t come back what’s he doing now well if he is working again you where well he’s got a job at boy he do you know he’s making a salary Oh got a no money at all yeah I know I’m that fool devil you fix him to get mad uh-uh never here mr. Fieger you got to talk slow if you want me to keep up with you I can’t talk that fast mr. Frank Oh who is he gonna marry well don’t you know he’s gonna marry the daughter of she’s a nice girl hmm all right break it up you two whoo what’s matter both I thought we was doing perfect you know better than to try a stunt like this well now just a minute mr. Fellig I wouldn’t recognize you behind this stuff don’t test me I don’t rub off Oh Frankie this is taking things a little too far after all I agreed to one audition but not yeah but mr. fit I mean mr. Farrell we knew you needed two new comics for the Pearlie dance show so we just got it oh here come that man again sorry to bust in like this not at all for you you’re looking for me Tex Barton they told me he was here well he just left here lieutenant who’s he who do you Frankie don’t you remember what happened to you Paula Nicole bin yeah I think I did uh you should have passed him in the hall he must be in the building somewhere Thanks hey lieutenant wait a minute hey Marty my name’s lieutenant Phillips don’t forget that yeah okay what did you want with text Bart with us his fingerprints on the gun don’t know yet but it was his gun we got a wire back on the serial number well well then he’s the killer well you can’t tell he did time back in Cheyenne use the same gun in a shooting scrape over some woman what’s her name the lady or Wharton Gladys Wharton yeah that’s it Oh such a lot more tea sir I mean lieutenant come on Delaney Wharton Gladys Wharton Oh Jeff have you seen Frankie yes’m there is that this was not fun yes right you take these contacts over to mr. Hastings office wait for an okay right come on okay now’s a good time to sell our actor mr. Hastings yes but we’ve already been be told once but mr. Farrell or quit beefing come on wonder what this is all about I don’t know but this is no place for me come here pull yourself together something’s all wrong where’s mr. Hastings don’t look at me I ain’t got him come on Jeff let’s take a look around check Bart Jeff he’s dead I’m glad you left that dough we interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin that once again stalked the halls of amalgamated broadcasting company today striking down Tex Barton cowboy troubadour detective lieutenant Marty Phillips in charge of the investigation believes the crime to be the work of the mysterious assailant who less than 24 hours before took the life of Rita Wilson beautiful ABC singing star what bothers me is why in an institution of this size nobody heard the shot when the gun was fired oh that’s easy lieutenant yeah with you everything is easy we see all these rooms are soundproof well that could account for it which reminds me how does it happen you’re always on deck every time a murders committed around here well uh coincidence I guess yeah well men have been convicted and hung in the strengthe coincidence don’t forget that and you say you two were auditioning at the time of the murder yes that’s right and you claimed you were in his office across the street when it happened yes yes I was that’s right we were looking over some contracts I can prove it that leaves you miss Mason well I know I know you will listening to the swing for a broadcast but I mean you can prove it where were you uh I was in the coincident with mr. Frankie well if this ain’t is neither set of alibis as I’ve ever heard well it’ll be often now you can go but don’t anybody leave this building without checking with me first and don’t try anything fun and that goes double to you yes sir Oh Frankie look you you won’t say anything about no no don’t worry about that fine but listen don’t you forget Anne’s audition oh that’s right I’ll tell you what you you have her in the audition room in half an hour now here are there that’s a step Oh the love you brought to me will no love we treasure maybe a memory somehow someday sweet ball right Oh why bye all right honey you can sing for me anytime but he doesn’t sign you up he’s crazy crazy am i like a fox that girl’s great I’m gonna sign her up oh but Sam she’s a green kid she’s had no experience well that’s what I like about her get her in here okay oh gee Ann that was marvelous you were great you sure where’s Miss Ann you saying that like nobody’s been oh I hope so you think mr. Farrell will like it well how can you help it like well am your in made it oh really yes mr. Hastings just called what did I tell you the in mr. cricket he’d like to see you in the classroom right away well come on when we wait hey what do you think y’all going well then well well why I’m her agent she’s the greatest discovery I’ve ever had yes I know Frankie but under the circumstances don’t you think you better let me handle it but Judy yeah well maybe he’s right Frankie oh yeah sure okay good luck I guess we got the brush-off how do you like that how do you like that but Mr Frankie wait how do you like that I arranged for the whole audition I get it all set what happens to me yeah I’m a smart guy I wind up on the eight ball is you talking about me no yes I’m through with women absolutely through with them especially singers that’s the best idea you had you go singers don’t last long on this network no sir you said it but you know Jeff see I’d hate to see anything happen to him I mean like well unlike what happened to mr. Wilson and mr. Tex yeah you know somebody has to catch those killers looks like it’s going to have to be us you’re not so heavy on that up you gonna find them kill them killers they found me and I ain’t gonna give them no help by finding them first yeah I got it we’ve got a date I got a date right here with a boom and I’m gonna keep it no you haven’t gone change your clothes does that have to go on to change your clothes am I gonna have trouble with you to even flu tell it those claps left yes well I am seen Frankie go huh look have you got texts Barton’s home address sir sure give it me with you one all up Frankie this is another one of your brain still never mind that this is important well it’s room 203 at the Wolf’s hotel swell thanks a lot oh good Tex killed mr. Hastings office it just don’t make sense no none of it make no sense to me well if Tex did kill Rita who killed Tex and why why asked me really mr. Franken why should I know well I was just thinking out loud oh so you don’t suppose mr. Hastings could have killed Tex Arita do you I don’t think so cause mr. Heston is an awful nice man yeah that’s why I had it figured but I don’t know the finger seems to point to him mr. Frank if you don’t be careful the fingers gonna be pointing at you and if I could only get my hands on one good clue like what for you I like getting a line on that girl that text was mixed up with a Cheyenne what was her name Gladys Wharton I don’t know the lady well I’d like to I think she’s the answer the whole shooting match that’s one answer I don’t want to know well if my hunch is right we’re about to find out here it is yeah [Applause] Shh two or three this is it if you ask me wheeze it somebody in how can you expect mr. text to be home if you did I wasn’t thinking of tech stupid does it ever occur to you that somebody else might have the same idea but if anybody you’re saying got it the idea must not be no good I’m going I’ll wait a bit this is the break I’ve been waiting for we’re going in did that just passed in besides me the doula yeah but the skeleton key is the answer to that you always got to answer to everything mr. Franklin you got me in here now where’s I’m gonna do now up get busy if I know Marty Phillips he won’t be long and finding this place himself you examine the bed I’m gonna look through the drawers yes sir never gel what you find might be something big over yeah look a you know takes a suitcase boy let me ask or the min of the paper would you expect to find a dead body but wouldn’t unsurprised here later the way we’ve been going I think that’s one kid open mind in a bucket in a move say listen if these papers are what I think they are it’s better than finding gold mr. prenta you sure got a funny sense of magic right that something hands picture demise and fool me after all over there a telegram to [Applause] I can’t believe it yet they they tie up this picture the telegram he must be Gladys Wharton well you don’t mean to say that she killed that cowboy do you know Jeff I don’t know what to think he looks bad yeah look don’t you say anything to anybody not even an oh you know me you know if he did well if she did she must have had a good reason you know Jeff we got a help yes sir greetings kiddies I know it was gonna happen I’d knowed it I suppose this is a coincidence too well no not exactly you see you we kind of like tech so uh we thought we’d come up in these room you know and gather up the things well send them home sure I know a very noble gesture you wanted to help them so much a torez room apart doing it it’s robbery all right Marty no doubt about it it’s as plain as the nose on your face I bet that marvelous Delaney sometimes I wonder what I’d do without you around to tell me these things yes sir all right kids spill it why don’t you find we didn’t find anything I just thought well suppose you start thinking of a nice cozy room behind bars because that’s where you’re gonna wind up if you don’t start talking fast what makes you think we found anything that look on your face like the cat that ate the canary you ain’t kidding nobody okay you read Barney and my name’s lieutenant Phillips not Marty for holding back evident a and Mason and a telegram from Gladys Wharton very interesting you wouldn’t be trying to protect your little girlfriend now would you well let no that’s my picture she gave it a get away this belongs to the state now in the case of the People vs Gladys Wharton what do you mean your I mean for my money in mason murder Tex Barton bring her along Delaney hey wait a minute you know Jeff and I didn’t look this place over very good aren’t you gonna look around and see if we overlooked anything yeah I think you got something there they lock this in bring it open oh yeah oh thank you I got the most wonderful news never mind that listen I gotta talk you right away come on out of the roof come on yeah so wouldn’t matter Frankie what’s wrong everything’s wrong Marty’s wives do the whole shebang wife – what I don’t understand that picture and the telegram he found him what picture what telegram oh you know and the picture you gave Tex Barton oh yeah well then listen you’re on a spot oh don’t be silly I knew text before he’d worked with some of the smaller radio stations when he heard I was out of a job I took my picture look that’s all right with me but you’re gonna have a hard time making Marty believe it don’t you realize he thinks you killed Tex and he’s coming up here to make an arrest right now thoughtful but I can’t believe it well you better believe it because he’s not fooling he’s yours Ann but my contract I just signed it forget about your country the best thing for you to do is to get out of here as quick as you can find a place to hide I know just the place the County Jail you’re under arrest miss Mason or should I save what and I’m taking you along with me what for for locking me in that room okay Marty will go with you but you’re sure gonna look like a chump when the papers tell how we made a monkey out of you come on don’t worry and we’ll do everything we can for you now there’s a guy that’s a credit to the police force your airfare mr. Fieger here it is way past my dinnertime and I’m starving to death and there you is reading a book all right be quiet will y’all be true in a minute that’s what I’ve been telling my stomach but it keeps on argan here’s one look Robert Farrell radio producer formerly in New York no no Cheyenne he’s out no need I just seen him come in what look at us BJ Hastings radio executive formerly owner of wrw and Cheyenne Wyoming yeah that’s it we got it you mean mr. history is the kill well he couldn t but she it’s hard to believe huh look if I knew him and Cheyenne and she’s in on the whole deal now if we can only talk to her my goodness she used to kill no and couldn’t kill anybody no she well she’s not the type where are we going to see em down to the jail well certainly Oh mr. Frank this is one summer that I thought I was gonna get some fresh air you’ll get plenty of it come on okay goodbye hiya Marty how many times have I gotta tell you my name is lieutenant Phillips and if you’re looking for any clues I ain’t gonna tea huh you tellin me I told you I’m sorry Marty they slip past me it’s alright Delaney all right kid get it off your chest what’s nothing I just want to see it what makes you think I’d let you see it well as a taxpayer is my privilege what hey wait a minute you don’t pay taxes well I I will someday so couldn’t I see her now on account Eleni wait a minute you can’t throw me out I got a right to see him well she ain’t here she ain’t here we released on bail a half an hour ago you release your unveil we released our own video who did it who did it buddy who got her out even if I knew I wouldn’t tell you you mean you don’t know Oh the deal was handled by max Craig or a bail broker wouldn’t give his client’s name he wouldn’t huh Marty do you realize what this means it means I’ve got too much on my mind right now to worry about it now you pull up now and didn’t kill Tex and if she is Gladys Wharton she knows too much so the killer gets her out of jail so he can murder maybe he’s got something there Marty yeah I know say if that’s straight that girl’s life means less with every tick of the clock we gotta find her listen was the chance she might have gone to the studio she’s supposed to be on the further that out what so long ago girls riot say Marty you know I didn’t think oh well stop it every time you start to think I get a headache you get a headache every time he starts to thinking I get a nervous concussion fly it down Jeff look Marty you know I don’t think aunt is Gladys Wharton no then who is well how about Rita Wilson no oh you’re crazy we looked up man Mason’s record she has from a little town about 50 miles outside of Cheyenne yeah I didn’t know that one nice of you to admit it say look did you know that mr. Hastings comes from down there too where did you find that out I looked it up in the radio yearbook he used on a station down there and maybe he’s the one we’re looking for I don’t know who we’re looking for this case gets more mixed-up every time I blink my eyes how about it Marty how about what how about mr. Hayson how about shutting up so I can think step on it Delaney right [Applause] excuse me miss I yeah you seen em y-yes she came out as a go with mr. Feld Farrell that’s all I want to know Pera I want to talk to you oh hello lieutenant you’re still on the job what have you done with Aunt I haven’t seen her the girl at the desk said you came in with her a while ago well she must be confused I think you’re the one that’s confused mister now are you gonna tell us where she is like yes I I did come in with her but I don’t know where she is now that’s a fact it better be it is and now if you gentlemen will excuse me the president’s show goes on a half an hour oh no you don’t you’re staying right here with me what about mr. Hastings will you get that idea out of your head no I’m getting to the bottom of this thing once and for all Delaney round up everybody and have them in the clients room in 15 minutes and that goes for you too yes sir Jeff oh what’s been the matter with me just what I’ve been trying to figure out the teletype I should have thought of that a long time ago Val here’s hoping it works yes open we don’t get caught we got a bit coming through you don’t say so mr. Frankie you sure is a genius yeah Jeff Tess used to do a singing act with a blond girl named Gladys Wharton Jeff it’s beginning to click Mia Wilson used to be a blonde what do you know about it says they both left town hurriedly after a shooting scrape with some radio executive now who was the radio executive [Applause] it’s gone dead and just when we were gonna find out something important you don’t think a ghost did that do you know that machine we’re not to conveniently say this one’s connected with the machine in the newsroom is this I wonder you wait here Jeff alone with all these ghosts mr. French [Applause] Hey where’s the fire listen I’m on the trail of something hot come on fall somebody slightly yeah yeah wake up is that where I think is is that where I hope I ain’t oh my head what happened yes I was standing over look at that machine wasn’t hurting nobody boom I gets it I knew it was gonna happen to me mr. Franken I know it it’s gone alright Delaney he must have come in here in the newsroom and grab that tape and then went out the other way did anybody enter leave this room and what about you the kid and the porter there Thanks must have used this door where does it lead to well to a halt what leads the sponsor sure well let’s go y’all go ahead Asti Enrico operate anybody left here though there me I didn’t notice anybody tell listen here lieutenant quiet quiet speak your piece Frankie well I just checked the station wrw in Cheyenne and I think I’ve got the lowdown on who killed Tex Barton and Rita Wilson what – what did you find out well the way I’ve got it triggered you see Rita was Texas wife and well she ran out on him for some big radio exec what and just who is this big executive well I I don’t know yet it was just coming over the teletype when somebody tore the tape I’ve got a new line now as I see it all right get him up everybody first man that moves follows the same route the text took nice work Frankie I killed Rita sure I found out she was throwing me over for someone else what about the cowboy he was the only one that know about reading me I had to get rid of him – all right [Music] I’m in this thing pretty deep so don’t try anything one or two more won’t make any difference to me now good good thought you’d get away with it huh take them down Delaney it’s a pleasure come on you presenting the permit at our the broadcast where’s air now where do you think presenting for the first time on the air the girl who was destined to become radios new singing sensation and Mason how do you like that practically sitting right in my lap and I didn’t know it sure you didn’t think I’d leave a running around so you can throw her back in jail again did you [Music] anger now you can learn to do the Congo that Latin rhythm every wanting to know no matter where you may go they do the conga rhythm you join the chain and follow wither and do things my discovery you know you’ll find that urine do in the Congo then with a chain you remain until they fall and with your favorite partner you Prabhu be man’s way you may be lucky with the panga well I’ll make under you and crane I was quickly to find the windows button boss well thanks a lot [Music] you’ll find that is great to do though [Music] well what do you think of our new 5:44 the last time my name’s Marty shake shake with that say you’re alright Franky you know I suspected Martin as soon as you started talking guilt written all over his face what tell me how did you figure it was him well to tell you the truth I didn’t he had me fooled too I thought it was mr. hasty yeah oh yeah yeah I’m you seeing you me too hey Jeff wait for me [Music] [Applause]

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