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Unlikely Guitar Gods!

October 13, 2019

I don’t want to do a video about people winning a while back I received a message I don’t remember when I don’t remember from whom but they said something along the lines of Stevie T what do you always focus on fails and I was like oh cause it’s hilarious but I suppose they are true I I love fails so much it’s you know but okay okay we’re gonna look at some people today who freaking shred and are good at it but I warn you it is just this once so today we’re gonna be looking at people who don’t exactly fit the stereotype of a guitar god but they are guitar gods let’s start sounds good pleasant to the ears cannot compute you see that do you see this what the hell am I supposed to do with this okay that was a clean run let me tell you something at this age you can only hope for clean runs yeah well he also has 50 years more practice than us so so take that Gramps [Music] freaking grants redness Street oh yeah I don’t know how to compliment people [Music] okay that double bass is freakin tight these kids are almost as good as Metallica I mean Metallica is almost as good as lamb [Music] I’m freaking giant in their band I don’t even give it I’m joining their band okay even though I know I’m too old because I’m like 23 my fans are gonna correct me on that one I’m joining [Applause] yes freaking singing and playing this I’m frickin done I’m done yeah you know I’m not gonna sit here and let a 13 year old bruised my ego like that you can rest assured next week I’m going straight back to fails I didn’t know every lunch lady ever could shred you know what you know she’s even got the guitar God faces to go along with her guitar goddess Johanna you okay in there this is probably the best guitar slide playing I’ve ever seen okay second best well how about we ask Joanna Joanna what do you think about Johnny Depp’s slide playing yeah okay yeah yeah that sounds about right yeah yeah you see this is what I’m talking about right here she she does not fit the image of a guitar god and a halt like if I saw her walking down the street I wouldn’t be like oh check out that girl she obviously can play guitar but she can and I’m jealous of her playing and I’m leaving now freaking Joanna I would hate to get slapped by that guy [Applause] sorry fun that I found that really exciting uh I got to see that in fast motion that’s right you slap that guitar now you may be wondering why I consider him to be an unconventional guitar God so you’re telling me Cedric the Entertainer holding a bass guitar upside-down is conventional I’ll admit when I first saw him holding the guitar upside down I got a little nervous what happened the last time we had someone hold the guitar upside down yeah we got math side boob okay hold up I gotta try this okay I’m done trying okay so apparently these girls are gonna play raining blood bite Slayer so this is gonna be would you stop goofing off this is the Internet [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the faces yeah and now I know what you’re thinking and no I don’t have to long-lost daughters but if I did yeah that would be them okay that right there is not the face of someone playing that riff she’s like go whatever just playing Slayer typical Tuesday this would be a more accurate face of someone playing that [Applause] okay I was wrong I do have two daughters because I’m adopting them [Applause] okay okay come on [Music] a one-armed man is better at guitar than me I don’t know how to feel about that I guess I’ll just go give up now why do I have to leave to give up I could give up right here yeah he’s good yeah yeah yeah [Music] he’s using his pinky as a pick I’m gonna try that I gotta try that I’m gonna fail a lot let’s give this a shot all right so he’s good whatever I don’t even care I didn’t know dr. Phil could shred do you know what’s even more impressive than his playing the fact that he’s playing this for hours past his bedtime [Music] oh yeah have you ever seen a grandpa tap before you know I think we need a name for grandpa’s dad or shredders how about Brett Roose well it sounds better than shred paws yeah you didn’t call up with something better than go right ahead you know I’m joining his band even though I know I’m Way too young cuz I’m only 43 all my friends are gonna correct me on that one and I don’t care I’m still joining this old man Oh my arthritis I just thought of something somewhere right now there’s a nurse in a nursing home going where’s Frank is he down at the bar shredding with all the young people again that crazy octogenarian [Music] [Applause] with his feet Oh mr. note toll I’m kidding I’m kidding super stoked that the camera man’s 500 feet away not like I want to see how he’s playing this up close yeah that’s what I’d rather see Colin Farrell in a freaking winter hat oh there we go oh my god okay what is that girl doing there Oh Oh Marlene you were so not needed if he turns his head left he’s gonna get a face full of Marlene [Music] come on what okay he just turned the Windy bar into a whammy pedal [Music] he’s tapping he just freakin tap I’m done he tapped with his toes he toe taps I’m done I’m done that was freakin amazing okay well was that technically tap dancing he’s palm muting with his frickin feet okay well he’ll muting pop I’m so confused [Music] guess all something okay let me go back here check out this creepy guy no not that guy the guy just chilling in the back there absolutely terrifying yeah that man is a living meme a man with no arms is better at guitar that may think you’re so smart let’s see you do a bar chord alright yeah I think we’ve seen enough winds for today I’m sick and tired of it alright well thanks to everyone who sent me these videos first of all III you know what you can send me more wind videos cuz maybe we can do this again I guess it was kind of fun and honestly guys if you liked some of the people you saw today go check them out and support them because these people are absolutely inspirational and I’m so proud to have them in one of my videos so definitely go check them out and support them and I will see you in the next video which is gonna be a fail [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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