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Unedited Story Time: Panhandlers, Basketball, & Natural Hair Shingling (fail) Closed Caption

December 8, 2019

Hi, and welcome to The Cherie Amour Show. I’m Cherie. This thing always pops up and I don’t know why, but it keeps saying something about stop recording, because something isn’t doing something. I don’t know. Well, today I want to give you a story about how my day went. I have a place where I call my happy place that I like to go, and I like to work out, and I like to go jogging, play basketball, and watch other people have fun, enjoy themselves, and relax, and de-stress. I really like this place. So, before I could do that I had some errands to run, and I went to Walmart, and it was kind of funny, because when I went to Walmart, I was driving, you know, my drive was nice. It was pleasant for it to be a Saturday. Usually on Saturdays, it’s like, a lot of traffic, and the traffic can be irritating, but for some reason things were, they went, like, really smooth, and so I was just really thankful about that. I was like, “Thank You, Lord that this traffic is not bad, and everything just flowing smoothly, and it’s not like a bunch of people coming in town to do, you know, going to college football games, and things like that.” It was just really nice. So, I went to Walmart, and it’s funny, because I turned left and I happen to see the same man and his two boys holding the cardboard sign that I saw at Publix yesterday. I just saw them at Publix yesterday. As a matter of fact, I gave something to them, like a bag of food, and, like, a few dollars. Maybe a little bit more than a few, but, and so, I believe that when I noticed him, he noticed me at the same time, because he, because when I handed them the food and stuff, I was in my car. So, he noticed my car, and so, I saw him turn away and like turn his sign away, you know, and I said, “Yeah, he just noticed me”, but what’s so funny is, when I saw them, I turned, I turned to the right, and so, I said, “Why did I turn down this aisle, hopefully, or turn down this lane? Hopefully, I find a parking space”, because if you know Walmart on a Saturday is full. The parking lot is full of people, and so I was just wondering, I said, “Did I turn to avoid him, or you know, to avoid the awkwardness of like, ‘That $4 didn’t…’ , you know, just, I don’t know, I don’t know what I was thinking, but I turned right, and I kept driving, I said, “Well, maybe, you know, maybe the Lord is going to bless me with a close parking space. So, I’ll just keep driving.” So, I kept driving slowly, and lo and behold, a woman was putting away all these groceries that she had in this basket full into her car in the very first lane on the left-hand side, and I mean the very first parking space on the left hand side, and she was going pretty fast. So, I said, “Well, I’ll just wait here, you know, because I’ll be in the first parking space”, and it wasn’t a handicapped parking space. So, I mean the first parking space on a Saturday in a crowded parking lot? It had to be the hand of God, and really, the Lord does that with me a lot, because I used to always have to pray for a good parking space, but now it’s just almost, almost like on automatic. Like, the Lord just, He just provides me with the parking spaces, and it just came to me, “Just keep driving, keep driving.” So, of course, I kept driving. I wasn’t going to, like, you know, turn around in this little lane. So, I said, “No, I’ll keep driving. Maybe I’ll see something close”, and right there in that first parking space. I waited until she finished, and the other good thing is, when she finished with putting her stuff in the car, she pulled forward! There were two parking spaces in the front of Walmart of all places. So, she pulled forward to leave, and what did I do? I pulled forward to, because why wouldn’t you pull forward? That way you can just go straight, and when you’re leaving, you can just pull straight, and go to the left, and leave Walmart with no backing up. No trying to, you know, look out for p…you still have to look out for pedestrians, but I’m saying, you’re pulling forward, not backing up. So, I pulled forward. I had a first parking space at Walmart facing forward, and that was just so beautiful to me that the Lord provided me with that. So, of course, after I finished my shopping, which was so pleasant, and you know, I.. I don’t want to say this, because Walmart is like one of my favorite places to go, but now it’s so crowded, especially on the weekends, especially in the afternoons on weekends to the point that I’ll go, usually, I’ll end up going somewhere else like to Winn Dixie or somewhere, or Publix. Anywhere but Walmart, just because I don’t feel like dealing with that crowd, but even though it was crowded, I was still able to maneuver, get to all of the places that I needed to get to. I didn’t almost hit anybody with my cart, because I’m like one of those people that go really fast with my cart, and dart in and out of aisles and like, I’m on the other side of Walmart before you know it, that kind of thing. So, I was able to get through, get everything done. It was nice. It was pleasant. It was just something really different about it, and so, and I, Lord I thank You for that. I appreciated that. So, I left, and when I left, I was leaving Walmart, of course, the panhandlers were no longer there. So, I don’t know what happened to the man and the two little boys, but, maybe he moved? I don’t know. Maybe he saw me, and didn’t want to run into me anymore? I don’t know. I mean do panhandlers, can they get any more embarrassed or humiliated then panhandling? I don’t know. Maybe they can. They are people. I think that’s one of the most humiliating things to have to ask for money, and be in that kind of situation, and I know that it’s hard for people, sometimes. I mean, I know what that hardness is about. Maybe I’ll tell you a story about it sometime, but this is not the time. So, I went on, and I went to my happy place, and I was able to go jogging in my little area that I love you to go jogging in, and after I ran a mile, or jogged a mile, typically I like to play basketball after I jog. The jogging is more like a warm up, and then I love to play basketball afterwards. I mean just by myself. You know, sometimes, I’ll take my brother or a friend or something, but for the most part, I just like to play by myself, because, usually, the people who ask me to play are really young, you know, young boys, and I don’t really want to play, you know basketball with little kids, and their parents drive up and see this grown woman playing basketball with their kid. I don’t know how that’ll go down. So, it just feels weird. This day and age is so different from what it used to be. When I used to be able to play with anybody. Now, it’s just a little, it just feels weird. So, I just typically say, “No thank you”, you know, “thanks for offering”, because I love getting asked, but, you know, my answer is typically ‘no’. So, I noticed there were, of course, you know, it’s the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, the basketball court was full. They have two courts, two full courts side by side, so, it was about 20 little boys using this full court over here, and then it’s like somebody using half the court over there, so this one little half court was left in the middle, but, you know, sometimes the boys as they run down, they’ll run and throw something over on that court too, so, I kind of felt like there was really no space. Even after I jogged, I tried to wait, like, “Lord, why are all these little boys on my court? Like, can You move them from my court?”, but I said, “Ok, they’re still here”, and as I was about to leave, one of the mothers came to pick up her son, and I was hoping that, you know, I said, “Hopefully, she has like, a car full of little basketball players now and clear at least some of that court off and I can go and play”, and no, she only had one, but there was still like 30 boys on the entire court, and out of every three boys, one had a basketball. So there were basketballs everywhere. Little boys everywhere. No place for me to play. So, I said, “Ok, Lord, I just see this as, you know, maybe not today.” Maybe this is just not my day, but tomorrow, I’m gonna make up for today, because I just love playing basketball. It’s just my exercise. That’s how I get my exercise in. So, later, I had a nice drive home, no traffic [oh my goodness, thank You Jesus]. This is just a day made for me and the Lord. It just had to be, and it was a gift from God, because I mean no tra.. I mean, I can’t say, “no traffic”. When I say, “no traffic”, I mean that the traffic was not bad. Like, it was running smoothly. Everybody was going when they should go, and they were going the right speed, and nobody was like darting in and out, even though a few people did, but it wasn’t like, you know, irritating. You know how people cut in front of you, but don’t turn on a signal light? That kind of way. So, it was smooth going home, and I just said, “Lord, everything else was so nice today. I just don’t want to think about the fact that I couldn’t play basketball on my court, and all of these little kids were on my court.” So, there was really no way around that. Later, later on in the night, I started having, I started sneezing. You know, like, pollen had gotten into my nose while I was jogging, and see as long as you’re, well, for me, as long as I’m warm and heated from jogging and exercising, I cannot tell, I don’t have allergic reactions at that time, but I am highly allergic to pollen, dust, that kind of thing, and so, I started sneezing a little bit, and it wasn’t as bad as it was yesterday, because yesterday, I went jogging, and I play basketball, and it was terrible. I had to take Nyquil last night just to get through it, but today it wasn’t as bad. You know why, because I did not play basketball. So, that just showed me that the Lord was looking out for my well-being, because He knew that I would, I mean right now pollen, it’s the beginning of spring, pollen is so, totally in the air, and if you’re a jogger or a runner, just let me know if you can relate to this, that sometimes you may not have allergic reactions right away until your body calms all the way down, and then you may reap some of the benefits of that pollen going in your nose, and now you have to, you’re just constantly sneezing. So, now you may be able to tell that I’m sounding a little nasal, because I have been sneezing. I’m really not, I’m trying not to sniff too hard, because if I inhale too much, I’ll start sneezing like, all over again. So, I just see that the Lord spared me that, spared me that by not allowing me to play basketball today. So, tomorrow I plan on playing to my heart’s content, and I’m going to go early, so I can have all both basketball courts all to myself. So, that’s the thing about being a woman, who loves to play basketball, not too many other women love to play like that, and it’s kind of hard, because, I mean especially being a grown woman playing basketball. You just don’t see that like, really ever. Unless you’re watching WNBA or college basketball, or something like that, with women. You don’t see it like normally, like ever, which is kind of sad, but um. So, yeah, that was my day. That’s my story time. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me see, was there anything else I wanted to cover in that story? Ah! I tried to shingle my hair, and that I just, I couldn’t. This is a bantu knot out that I did. I, you know, did the gel thing, and it still has like some, it has like from leave-in conditioner or some deep conditioner that I mixed with my shampoo in my hair. So, this is a bantu knot out, but I tried shingling, and, no, it did not work out. This is, I mean, I did the water, I did, I even made a shingling custard, you know, where I mix some oils with some gel, and I’m not going to say the name brands, because of the fact that, um, I don’t work for them. So, why should I give them any, I don’t know, but I’ll just say this, I used a pink gel, and I used an oil that helps your hair to grow, and I mixed it together with coconut oil and petrolatum mixed together, and I’ve done that before, but i did it with braids. I did it with mini braids, and then I gelled the very end. The very tip, and then it curled up, and it was really pretty. It came into a really pretty hairstyle, but just shingling my hair? No, as you can see it didn’t work out. I sprayed it. Like, I drenched it with a water spray bottle, and then I got the gel and I was just doing this, and doing this and it just didn’t maybe I was looking, I was wanting it to look a certain way. It just did not, I don’t know, but I don’t know, and then when I looked at all of this hair that I would have to shingle, I said, “Nope.” That is just not my hairstyle. I just don’t.. I can see myself doing braids again. I might do like natural braids, where I just, you know, put gel on the end, and work with that, but shingling this whole head of hair? I’m not looking forward to that, and I’m not going to do that. So, I have too much else to do, and too many other things that I want to do. So, um, and I watched so many YouTube videos of other women shingling their hair, and it turns out so pretty on them, however mine did not turn out like that. I didn’t, more than likely, I didn’t make these small enough, you know, sections, but, like I said, I don’t feel like doing all that to my whole entire head of hair. It’s just, I can find better things to do with my time, and shingling is just not one of them. I’m just sorry. I really wish I could show you, “Look at my results after I shingled my hair, and oh look how, you know, bouncy”, but, no girl, it’s just not, mm. So, hope you enjoyed my story time. I’m sure that I’m going to come up with more stories, but I said, “Well, let me start off with the story of how my day went.” So, I enjoyed my day. I had a really good, peaceful day. It was fun, and it was like peacefully fun. It wasn’t, like, you know, it wasn’t like irritating fun. So, I’m just thankful, and I just hope you all had a great Saturday as well, and hope you have a great weekend. [coughing] Sorry, I need some water. I didn’t even get all my liquids after I went jogging, but anyway, hope you all have a great wonderful weekend. Have a blessed Sunday. Happy Saturday, and love forevermore. Bye 🙂 I did a video! I’m so glad I did a video finally. Oh my gosh, it’s been 2 weeks!

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