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Under $20 aliexpress clothing try on haul (Jeans, Two-piece sets, swimwear, Dress) | Annesha Adams

November 19, 2019

hi everyone okay so um in today’s video
I’m going to show you some items that I purchased from Aliexpress okay oh yeah
so I bought some clothes from Aliexpress I’m going to show you guys today
no no if you shop on Aliexpress a lot you read you know that shipping takes
ten years and if you have not shopped on Aliexpress then you’re going to find out
in this video that everything takes so long to come even though their prices
are so low things will be taking like a month or a little bit over a month and
then you’re just wondering if you got scammed or your things are going to Tom
um I noticed that Aliexpress tracking your shipping is not always accurate I’m
in Canada right so one thing that I did was I asked for a tracking number they
usually give you a tracking number I put it in my Canada Post app and then once
item arrives in Canada it will update the app and I’m like hey your item is in
British Columbia or something like that but sometimes that doesn’t even work
because I did that for a few products that I purchased and once item arrived
in Canada even update update sometimes I there’s so much yeah so one thing I can
tell you is the communication with the vendors are so fast another good thing
about Alex prices if your items don’t come you can always get a refund so I’m
going to show you so I have this little package here I have this little pocket
okay I’m going to link all of the companies in the description box if any
of you want to purchase these items I’m gonna try the line and we’re gonna see
how they look okay so the first thing I got was from this one company on
Aliexpress your so portable like you can get a lot of two-piece sets for under
$20 $15 $10 all that stuff okay you can get in things it’s just like really
trendy things they sell and I really like that okay so I got three things from this
company so I go check out these two so look at this one these are jeans but
I thought well they sent it to me sorry this is so good
do you know when clothes just finished washing yeah
these jeans here are basically supposed to mock like very fringe hemmed jeans
hopefully these fits me because I got in a medium so as you can see at the top
here it’s supposed to be like the fringe afraid more free it’s supposed to be
afraid jeans and then at the bottom here it’s frayed it’s supposed to be rough
cut that type of look and then the material is really nice and it smells so
good I can’t stop saying that because it smells so good so the buttons
it feels soft right now I have to try it on they tell you it kind of seemed
flimsy so I’m this may break I hope not take you back um it’s also supposed to
be high-waisted – yeah and then you just tie this string around your waist they
give me a string oh yeah how do you give you guys an update how to give you an
update about these jeans number one get a size up get it again a size up or even
to size up so if you’re bigger like you actually have a body like you have hips
I would even recommend these jeans to you I’m gonna be really honest I really
have that much and it’s really around the thighs were really tight on me and
the waist it’s tight as well so I would have to go up one size which is a medium
so if you’re bigger than me you would have to go up to a large and if you’re
large I got an another pair of jeans from this company – okay so right off
the bat this is so soft this is actually cuter than I expected so it has stripes
going down the side so this is how big it is
and it’s super stretchy I got a small because I could tell just by on the
website that this material is very stretched like I’m not really a fan to
wear these type of materials but it’s okay for these this is a small and the
waist does look like something that will fit me so for this for these jeans right
here I would recommend that you get your size
oh and I’m five seven so that can give you an idea of how the clothing would
probably fit on yours mom yeah this is and the poly super good like the
stitching is really good paying such low prices right so people want to see the
stitching the quality there’s like an elastic that’s soft this whole entire
thing is just off the construction is really good okay so the last thing from
this company and this dress so yeah this okay so one thing I can say about this
convened err is they their clothes actually look like the photos that they
put on on Aliexpress their clothes actually look like so this is a mesh it
doesn’t have a size but I did get a small or extra small I forget what size
but I did get in the small range this is very beautiful so pretty so it does come
with a little top here and you’re probably like okay what am I gonna wear
at the bottom um but it does they do give you an underwear for it as well
that you can put under and the construction of this is good to use but
the material is really soft I would say this material is um I don’t know it’s
somewhat spandex but it’s not at the same time if anyone knows the correct
term for this type of material comment down below but I obviously got a small
in the underwear this once I look bigger than the other
No okay so it’s like that that’s high-waisted which is perfect because
when you wear the dress a high-waisted underwear it would look so good with
this I’m so excited to wear this very very excited to wear this out yeah so as
you can see right here the sewing is just so good there’s no frayed ends
usually with mesh tops that ends can be kind of free I’m literally going to buy
from them again they have good quality things the straps are a little thin but
I feel like this will look good though because it’s giving a delicate look to
the dress first one is this set here and it’s except one thing that I like about
Alex prices that you can get sets for under $20 and these things sets you’re
seeing all these stores are selling as well so I saw this set and I was like oh
I can definitely wear this to let go a beach party or something so it comes
with this top here this is just a swim top okay it’s cute it’s kind of thin I
mean it won’t show anything but it’s just very thin material this is how the
top looks I like to call their event and the design that’s the main reason yes so
it’s just a little bit frayed so that’s not really too too nice in that set as
well it comes with a bottoms then you just tie the sides of it it came with
different colors Kim it’s like a black side came with an orange set they’re all
so nice so if I genuinely really like these I’ll buy it again in the block and
then it comes with like a mimic biker shorts now but these shorts I would wear
them super high waisted and then just have the underwear underneath them the
color is really nice the construction is so good as well
it just has a very strong smell very factory like I’m gonna have to wash off
this smell out it’s so strong as soon as I opened the bag it just hit me and it’s
still here and I would also say that this material is not as soft as this
material here this material is so much more softer but yeah
such a cute color this is how the look a last one is this place suit here and I’m
so excited such a nice red color like look how deep that is oh my gosh so it
ties at the top here and then the back is open and then you just put on it
kinda looks big around the waist I don’t know if it’ll fit me does that look big
to you guys the material is soft it’s like silk I want to show you how it
looks it’s like silk I would have to iron this
before I’m wearing it because there’s a lot of creases in it should be much
faster this – it was like two weeks I think it’s thin but it’s not senior so
and I would prefer wearing much more thinner clothes while I’m in the hot
weather so this was a I was like what is this for like what and then I just found
it recently to tie it around the waist of the place suit just to give it just
something cute and nice and add a little bit more because so you’ve tied around
the waist make a cute little ball or something but yeah I really like this
one as well the color so rich that’s oh my god I was
like yeah like the sewing is good and everything it’s just decent clothing and
honestly when it comes to express it’s all about okay buy what you like and
let’s hope that it actually looks like how it did in the photo and it’s good
quality all the things that I bought from all these vendors look exactly like
how it did it in the photo shipping was good that’s literally all I
can say for this review so if you liked this review make sure to give my video a
thumbs up also thumbs up this video if you would like more Aliexpress hauls I
can definitely provide that for you guys everything will be linked in the
description box and I’ll see you in my next one
or four bye but here’s some more videos if you want to watch


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