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Unboxing my Tighter Corset

November 22, 2019

Hi guys! So I know it’s been, again,
an eternity since last time I did any sort of video. BUT I just got home and I found this package that I had been
expecting from Tighter Corsets. And I’m going to do a little bit of unboxing
with you. So here we are.
This is the Priority Mail package. I just opened it because
I have to hold this with one hand. So, let’s take a look.
Ooh! *gasp* Look how pretty!
(singing) Oh my gosh! Ooh. Alright. It’s got these lovely little
ribbon ties. It’s hard to open with one hand.
Let’s take a look at this. Very nicely packaged.
Ooh, a little thing here. Let’s focus.
It’s her… card. Let’s take a look at this.
So, I got a Squeeze corset, which is the most dramatic of the silhouettes.
I got this lovely black coutil. A standard busk.
And… for a little surprise on the inside… POLKA DOTS!
*giggling* So, this is a size 22
And, uh, she’s has it all nicely laced. I cannot tell you how excited I am to try
this on. So, there you go.
I will be posting pictures of me in it and probably a video once I get this broken
in. But I just thought I would share with you
the unveiling of my first new corset in… a year and a half?
At least? And this is probably going to be much better
fitting than the last video I did – the last corset
I did. So, I will let you guys know how this all
goes! See you then!

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