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Ukraine Comic Con 2019 – W życiu nie widziałam tylu cosplayerów na raz ?!

November 22, 2019

Hello! I mean.. Priviet! Beacuse we are in Kiev, Ukraine! me and Olek! its cold, its windy but we went to sightsee a bit before comicon ukraine where i am a guest this weekend so we use a bit of free time to check this city out i will show you everythig i can find here its a lot going on, this will be 2-3 days mashed into one vlog section for now lets see the Maidan Niepodleglosci ( square of independence) Nezaleznosci!! nevermind lol! Kiev is a city of chruches, just like Krakow! every step you see a nice, colourfull churches we could go in and see how it looks like and how people pray beacuse its diffrent from Catholic tradition it was Othodox as far as i remember the climate was diffrent i really liked the view there, you will see it all now when i edit them into this video also thanks to metro it was so easy travel fast, we could see so much in the city in just a few days we have seen most of the city thanks to it so it was really nice to spend those few extra days just to see this diffrent part of european culture and learn about ukraine a good sir let us go in without paying to a museum or church complex of buildings? not sure we will know soon but its pretty already! somehow we have ended up at orthodox mass it was just enchanting, of course i didnt record it there, come on but it was really climatic, i loved it theres so much stuff to see around here as well im not sure if we make it to see it all beacuse its 6pm already but i hope we can make it to see this tower inside hey baby, is it your chestnut no but i will take it, thanks! Olek dosent understand the pick up lines with chestnut, let me know if you have other good lines i need some charm to get this guy its cold, windy metro stop is very far away 30 minutes by walking there but we made it to motherland… at least statue of motherland, or so called Aragorn – women ver king of Gondor ok lets see Aragorn Im not sure if you can see it here but its really huge it really makes an impression on you clouds are nice too so our trip here was a success but we need to run beacuse its cold what, statue? ok nice boys but LETS RUN We went to Musem of Natural History we are watching stones. But everything here is in ukrainian!! nothing in english at all so its hard to understand what we are looking at nice shell nice tree nice Olek looking at nice tree loook at this guy, he is hugeee wait he is a real GUY ( its a joke in polish, cannot really translate it) in a break from sightseeing nice stuff in the city centre we went to Hydro Park Hydro Park, yes! this is an island between two parts of Kiev, on a river nothing is really here its nice, we can have a nice walk so many doggos are here! what you can say ola i dont knowww, its best trip of my life HIIII a lot of stray dogs are here, we need to ask our friends whats gpoing on we must check it out but it was cute too, ive met cuttest puppy i feel like we are a bit back in time here its like Poland 20-15 years ago anything youve seen in Poland some time ago, its still here soooo the holiday parks here are like in Poland some time ago like you went back in time cars are driving here on a pavement we will see if theres anything else cool or we will just go back to town but its really fun to see diffrent part of the city so what im supposed to do with this coin you must stick it to this metal part if it stays , you will have luck if not, you will be unlucky usually im unlucky i dont know, think how you can do it find a tactic it falls down nooo, not this way HE DID IT SOMEHOW i hate you look, i will do it again did you use saliva admit it!! darn him no saliva involved i swear Liar, Doctor Strange!! Olek, what i have to do this time to have luck in Kiev here is a sculpture of a couple its a scene from Ukrainian movie this guy has a beetle on his butt you need to pet this beetle nice beetle he dosent bite next you need to pat his shoulder and pat hand of the lady there was some kind of steps i dont know which order i was supposed to do, but i did it, am i lucky yet? you need to pet a cat for luck too! Hello! Welcome to Comicon Ukraine at saturday in front of a line to the event we got here all together, Olek is here, Marta is here hiii the sun is killing us a bit but we try to fight it! and lets go in to show you all i can find there right before judging the cosplay competition lets have a walk around the con and then i will show you the rest! look, all this place is a backstage! so you have lots of space to change its a bit cold but they have a nice heathers im really impressed by this place when it comes to cosplay space i mean its 200+ performances so no wonder, they need a lot of space for so many people but still im impressed we are now at the judges room we are eating, tea and stuff we have just been judging for 2 hours and then will be next 2 hours soon Marta are you ok? when i ate everything in corset, it tries to run away now from my stomach take off the corset then! better not judging was nice though! it was a bit tiring with sun in our face we judge outside next to the stage so its problematic buuut we are doing well Olek was taking videos for you of the con we are such Poles huh? this is vlog, right? ( in ukrainian) welcome to my vlog! tell us something cool in polish! in polish?what XD?! we are now running to the stage again to catch next contest part but really, fro Ive seen so far, this is HUGE, like Pyrkon but bigger now, im running to the stage! this is the situation the whole crew and there is a stage so its quite hardcore, its really loud! its so cold that we got some blankets we are hiding under blankets with Marta im only half half under it! omg look at my crooked face in this lens this is waht this lens do, its fish eye hahah okay we are done with contest day one so i can finally see this event! oh here is a end of the line to mister Loyd! its really long, if you remember Back to the Future, then you can recall his as a Doc! he is a guest of this event overall Comicon HUGE event so many cosplayers, WOAH i hope that Olek recorded some cool stuff- beacuse i couldnt move from judges table but i hope to see stuff now ( i didnt see anything, Olek recorded all the stuff from con) i know that i have the same costume but its so cold i will show you in a bit, that ive decided to stay with my warm Anna cosplay and we have run a little bit outside to see the con a bit! like all the exhibitions i had no chance to see them, Olek walked around a bit, he took videos but i didnt have the chance so now im using my 15 min break well! and maybe take some photos, there is so many cool places here! its still empty here, its only 10 am right before our judging starts so the plaza which is usually full, its empty now oh, we finally got the tent! yay, great, no more sun in our eyes there is our judging table we will sit there another few hours to judge beacuse i need to emphasisze it, there is 200+ performances! and someone told me there was 400+ applications! i have no words im in shock how many cosplayers are in Ukraine the level is great too, everything on stage is interesting so its fun to watch the contest! Olek, show us which you like the most. The pixel one? there is a whole booth only with pops here is a guy who is an owner and he has one super rare pop so really woah someone likes pops very much Olek, maybe you want this fake chest? how about that and i will take the fake chest, i need one haha there is a whole zero waste booth! i really support it its great idea so important message for today, dont use plastic kids remember! this portal dosent work! where is my letter from hogwart…:


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  • Reply Jakub Kądziela November 19, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    Super impreza widać. Zazdroszczę z całego serca spotkania z Fenix Fatalist. Dzięki Olek 😀

  • Reply foxyo 123d November 19, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Fajnie tam na tej Ukrainie
    Szkoda tylko że zapomnieli że nie wszyscy mówią w ich języku
    Ps.uber słodkie pieski

  • Reply foxyo 123d November 19, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    A na tym ich comikonie to trochę taką bida z nędzą

  • Reply Bubb1ification November 19, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    Jak nie dał się wyrwać na podryw na kasztana, to już raczej nic nie zadziała :/
    Dzięki Olek! Dzięki Shappi! Świetnie się oglądało! <3

  • Reply oczami myszki November 19, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Dzięki olek!

  • Reply Regu Cos November 19, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Dziękujemy Olek!!!

  • Reply Nezu No. November 19, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    Shapełku a wybierasz się na Dutch Comic con?

  • Reply Bo Lubię November 19, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    3:26 To mi przypomina taki Ukraiński Świebodzin XD. Dla nie kumatych Świebodzin to miasto w którym jest taki wielki Jezus (identyczny jak w Rio tylko że w Świebodzinie większy).

  • Reply Ewa Ptasińska November 19, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    Dziękujemy dziękujemy <3 A tak btw podziwiam, że daliście radę wybrać zwycięzców spośród takiej masakry ludzi :OOO wow

  • Reply Megistona Vendredi November 19, 2019 at 10:50 pm

    Ale super! Tak z ciekawości wszyscy cosplayerzy byli z Ukrainy? Bo czasem na takich dużych konkursach jest dużo przyjezdnych, a przynajmniej tak słyszałam XD

  • Reply Soul D.A.M November 21, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    Hello… It's me 😂
    (Akali 17:46)

  • Reply ItWasMyFault November 21, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Mają rozmach!
    Mam porównanie tylko do Polskiego CC, ale zdecydowanie ten Ukraiński bardziej mi się podobał. Scena wyglądała super, te hale takie "gołe" też miały klimat, pewnie świetnie wyglądały wieczorem! Naprawdę masa cosplayerów, fajne stoiska z tego co Olek nagrał (Dzięki!) I kiedy myślałem, że to już wszystko, to wszedł on – DIO! 10/10
    Wielkie dzięki za vloga!

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