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UK, Paris, Alps, and Vienna: Mom finds the Motherland.

August 21, 2019

“Y’know I’ve been waitin’ down there.”
“for you.” “How long you been waitin’?”
“Oh I betcha fifteen minutes.” “Oh that’s not long.”
“Ok.” “I was runnin’ around here looking for you
though.” “Did you go to baggage claim?”
“I can’t go to baggage claim, mom. See, over there, I’m not allowed.”
“Ok” “Is Carrie here?”
“No, she’s at the hotel.” “Where we goin?” “We’re leavin’.” “The family, before they left for America, they were either baptized or maried or buried here.” “I’ll have to look it up when we get home.
I mean to the hotel.” “And you said this church got destroyed in the fire?” “I’m pretty sure this was destroyed in the
great fire. Ya, sixteen hundred fifty five I think.” Really what Mary Ann is interested in is genealogy. And that interest took us all over the UK.
And to tons of churches. As soon as we got to the InterContinental
Paris, we could tell that something was happening.
There were security guards all over our floor.

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    Going to Vienna this summer. Yah!

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