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UFC 244 Countdown: Masvidal vs Diaz

October 31, 2019

[instrumental music] [crowd cheering in background]>>Narrator: The fast rise of
mixed martial arts…>>Commentator: There may be
some blood spilled, there may be some bones broken.>>Narrator: … has
seen a once condemned crusade…>>Commentator: This event is not
for the feint of heart.>>Narrator: … evolve into
one of the most celebrated sports on the planet.>>Dominick Cruz: This sport
comes from different grounds where this wasn’t even legal
at one point, now it’s on the biggest
stage on Earth.>>Narrator: Today is athletes
enter the Octagon with collegiate wrestling
accolades…>>Jon Anik: Two-time Division-1
All American wrestler and Big 12 champ.>>Narrator: … title belts
from other fighting disciplines.>>Anik: Five time world
champion kick-boxer, jiu-jitsu world champion. She has been in combat since
12 years old.>>Narrator: Even Olympians have
crossed over…>>Bruce Buffer: “Solider of
God” Romero!>>Narrator: …
to compete for…>>Joe: Oh!>>Daniel Cormier: Oh, man!>>Narrator: …
and win UFC belts.>>Anik: Do you believe it!>>Buffer: And still!>>Narrator: Champions become
global icons…>>I want to ask you
guys, what time is it? [crowd yelling “Khabib!”]>>Narrator: …
revered for their skills…>>Anik: Khabib
Nurmagomedov, 28-0!>>Joe: That’s it!>>Narrator: … respected
for their professionalism…>>Joe: A perfect example of
what we would aspire and what we would like a champion to be.>>Narrator: … but
for all the spectacle and glory that
attracts the masses to modern day MMA…>>Here I am, baby. Daddy did it!>>Narrator: …
there remains that indisputable desire for something
raw and real… [crowd cheering
faintly in background]>>Narrator: … an
old-school, hardcore fight.>>Joe: Oh! That’s it! He’s got the choke!>>Narrator: At UFC 244 in
New York City, fighter is bred not by mere
athleticism, but by the hardened
city streets, will throw down for the right to
be called the baddest in the game.>>People forget that’s what
we tune in for, for war. It’s kill or be killed like I
always say. The best warriors are made for
the best fights.>>Joe: This is a dog-fight,
ladies and gentlemen.>>We got to bad
[bleep] going at it.>>Dan Hardy: What a finish for
Jorge Masvidal!>>Fans should expect
pure violence.>>Anik: One of the greatest
knockouts you’ll ever see!>>Narrator: Top five
welterweight Jorge Masvidal…>>I had to show him that
there’s consequences sometimes.>>Narrator: … forged
in Miami streets…>>Masvidal: There’s some bad
[bleep[ out there and you don’t want to wake them up.>>Narrator: …
will go toe to toe with a heralded west
coast warrior from Stockton California…>>Diaz: There ain’t no
gangsters in this game anymore. There ain’t nobody who
done it right, but me and him.>>Narrator: … Nate Diaz.>>But he ain’t no West
Coast gangster. You know what I’m saying?>>This is for the
baddest [bleep] in the game.>>Narrator: The co-main event
will see one of the best middleweights on Earth in
Kelvin Gastelum…>>Joe: Oh, he hurt him!>>Narrator: follow his recent
title bout for the ages…>>Cormier: Israel’s trying
to finish, Kelvin’s still fighting!>>Joe: What heart by
Kelvin Gastelum!>>Narrator: … with
an ongoing quest for UFC gold. But a return to contention goes
through former welterweight title challenger Darren Till…>>Hardy: Oh,
Wonderboy goes down!>>Narrator: … who
moves up to 185 pounds, with championship dreams
of his own.>>Darren Till is a stepping
stone right now. You’re messing with the future
champ here, man. You are that roadblock.>>I have to get him out of my
way for me to be able to get that title shot.>>Cejudo: Let’s send his ass
back to England!>>Till: I hope he’s not
underestimating.>>John Gooden: Darren Till
shocked the world!>>And if he is, it’s going to
be a bad night for him.>>Narrator: Before the Big
Apple hosts combat stars aiming to prove their place, first,
get ready, for UFC 244… Countdown. [music]>>Narrator: While the economic
center of the Sunshine State, is a present-day haven for
visiting beach-goers, there are sections of Miami that
remain crime-ridden, and violent, where UFC
welterweight Jorge Masvidal came of age.>>Masvidal: Some parts of my
life were a lot more humble than others, some of the
neighborhoods too. I had friends that got
hospitalized. I had seen a lot of things, so
it was a little different in the street.>>Narrator: A teenage Masvidal
would show early promise in South Florida’s version
of the combat arts…>>Man: Get in on him, Ray,
knock him out!>>Narrator: …one which was
part of the Kimbo Slice viral video series, recorded at the
dawn of the YouTube era.>>As you know, we always keep
this thing on the D-L, you know what I’m saying? This is strictly
underground access.>>Masvidal: There were a lot of
times where I was nervous. You just don’t know the elements
that get brought into a street-fight. Sometimes people had weapons. At the end of the day, in
the street, everything is fair,
everything is legal. It’s just survive, that’s only
real rules, you survive.>>Narrator: Instead of
completing high school…>>Whatever it takes, you
got to love this.>>Narrator: Masvidal would
graduate to the pro fighting circuit, where a student of the
streets could thrive.>>Mauro Ranallo: What a story,
literally fighting on the street in the Miami street
fighting circle.>>Frank Shamrock: That’s where
he got his swagger.>>Everything is completely
different when I’m in a professional setting.>>Mauro: And no
wasted motion, Pat. Masvidal takes advantage of
every space given to him.>>Masvidal: There’s a
referee there, there’s a doctor there. I’m not worried about that,
there’s no weapons in there. Nobody’s friends are jumping in.>>Mauro: And Masvidal
unloading!>>So when I fight, I’m not
worried about nothing.>>Narrator: Masvidal’s career
saw him became a mainstay in the UFC…>>Mike: Street-fighter becomes
mixed martial artist and a pretty darn good one.>>Narrator: … where
he fought anyone…>>Joe: Oh, he tapped!>>Narrator: … anytime…>>Joe: He’s lighting
him up now.>>Narrator: … anywhere.>>Brian Stann: This guy was
just born a fighter, it’s in his blood.>>Joe: He’s been around.>>Mike: Oh, my! Big combination on the way up!>>Joe: Not just in mma, in
backyards like running into satellite dishes and stuff–
bare-knuckle.>>Anik: Jorge Masvidal!>>Stann: He’s an
old-school guy, he’s been fighting that long.>>Joe: Slams him to the ground.>>Stann: But he’s got
new-school skills.>>Mike: Masvidal
looking to finish!>>Cormier: This dude is
embracing the bad guy; love me, hate me, watch
me perform.>>Narrator: In a landscape rife
with decorated athletes from all areas of the martial
arts world, Masvidal is one of the few
remaining fighters…>>Anik: Cerrone in a world
of trouble here!>>Narrator: …
whose roots lie in the streets.>>Anik: There is a new
welterweight contender, folks!>>I’m a real fighter. Dana White, bring me somebody
that can beat me.>>Narrator: The other, hails
from Stockton, California. [instrumental music]>>Narrator: A city that has
been economically depressed for generations… [instrumental music]>>Narrator: … but
even before financial crises brought rampant foreclosures, and increased crime rates, the region rarely
had much to take pride in, save for their
homegrown heroes, Nick Diaz, and his younger
brother Nate.>>Nate: I was in high school
and I remember my brother coming to watch me fight at a park. It was already a dramatic thing
from the beginning because it was 3rd period, 4th period,
5th period. It built up, built up, built up,
and then you go to the park and there’s a 100 people
at the park, that you’re walking up to, to
watch you fight. So it already got
started right there. Headlining parks in 9th grade. After it was all over, the cops
came and broke it all up. Everyone went different ways. Does he train like he
normally did? And he was like, “You
better come with me and train with that [bleep] after that performance you put
on earlier at the park.” [timer chimes]
>>Man: Ten punches!>>Before I knew it,
it was like, “yeah, you’re fighting.”>>Commentator: From that happy
go lucky and smiling Diaz family, it’s Nathan Diaz.>>Nate: I was 21-22-23,
and fighting three to five times a year.>>Commentator #2: He’s really
learning everything there is to know about mma.>>Commentator #3: He’s not
going to get out of that.>>Commentator #2: No, he’s not.>>I didn’t even realize it, but
a career was happening.>>Buffer: Diaz!>>Joe: Outstanding performance
by young, Nate Diaz!>>Mike: Nate Diaz by
submission!>>This is our division, we’re
going to beat your asses, that’s what up.>>Kenny Florian: Diaz
just relentless!>>Joe: Nate Diaz has arrived! Spectacular in every single
aspect of the game! 2-0-9.>>Nate: Stockton, Cali, baby.>>Narrator: After a decade
spent facing top competition in the UFC…>>Mike: Nate Diaz becomes the
first man to stop Jim Miller!>>Narrator: …
Diaz noticed the game evolving.>>Stockton and what!>>Conor: This is the beginning
of the McGregor era.>>Mike: In a span of just
two years, Conor McGregor has gone from
relative unknown, to superstardom.>>Narrator: Sport blended with
entertainment…>>This guy is a dead
man walking.>>Narrator: …and new
athletes could achieve superstardom quickly.>>Joe: He’s most certainly the
biggest star in mma by a long shot. What he’s been able to do in
such a short period of time has been nothing short of
magnificent.>>There’s been ways with
these people, but nobody has been fighting
top-ten fighters the whole time. I’ve been in a high level
since I started.>>Joe: This might be the best
shape we’ve ever seen him ever in his UFC career. He’s taking it very seriously.>>Narrator: Diaz saw the credit
he deserved, being misdirected, and it was
about time to collect.>>Buffer: Nate Diaz!>>Conor McGregor, you’re
taking everything I’ve worked for [bleep]. I’m going to fight
your [bleep] ass. You know what’s the real fight,
what’s the real money fight. It’s me!>>Narrator: He would punch his
long overdue ticket to the spotlight…>>Mike: Nathan Diaz has come a
long way from being Nick’s little brother.>>Narrator: … in
back to back billings against Conor McGregor…>>Joe: Tremendous pressure by
Nate Diaz! Diaz is going off!>>Narrator: … completing
his journey from the bottom, to the very top. [man yelling in
background “Nate!] [dramatic music with crowd
cheering in background] [instrumental music]>>Narrator: For Jorge Masvidal,
he too was ready to capitalize on a life’s work in the
fight game, and would recently identify, his
own way to break through.>>Masvidal: I’m the split
decision king in the UFC. I have the most split
decision losses. And I go, “How about it I
had won that fight, where would my career be?” Then I said, “Why the hell am I
thinking like a peasant, like so petty? How about if I just ended people
and no decision?” [instrumental dramatic music]>>Masvidal: I had to separate
myself from the pack. Only way to do that is to
end individuals. So that being said, fools are
getting baptized man, from here on out.>>John: Darren Till fights
back on U.K. shores, up and coming. So close to realizing his dream
of wearing UFC gold. Jorge Masvidal is here. He said he wanted a top ten
opponent, he gets one.>>Narrator: In his last
two outings, Masvidal certainly put the
game on notice.>>Dan: Oh! Oh!>>John: He’s out! Jorge Masvidal gets a massive
knockout win!>>Narrator: Devastating
knockout of former title-challenger, Darren Till,
paved the way for a summer showdown with undefeated
grappler and confident trash-talker, Ben Askren.>>Askren: So we got Jorge and
now he wants to put on this role as though it was his idea
to take the fight. It definitely was not, he was
trying to do everything he could to avoid it. This guy is weak, there is no
way he could ever beat me. He just doesn’t get it done when
it comes to those fights that will put him over the hump. They didn’t even keep the
idiot away from me. He’s that dumb and I don’t want
any chances that he’s going to do something stupid
before the fight. Bye-bye, Jorgey! How mad is Jorge going to get
at the face-off? It’s going to be so funny.>>Ariel Helwani: How you win?
>>Askren: Anyway I want.>>Joe: What’s happening, Vegas!>>Jorge: He got nothing to
say now. He got nothing to say now. I don’t like this dude, I
want to break his [bleep] face, man. I want to break his
[bleep] rib-cage.>>Askren: His muscles aren’t
very big and his beard is pretty ugly, but besides that,
I think it’s going to be total domination.>>Anik: Askren, the favorite as
you would expect. Jorge Masvidal, a live underdog
according to many tonight. Alright, so here’s the number
five ranked welterweight in the world, Ben Askren. He’s injected so much energy and
flavor into this welterweight division since signing
with the UFC.>>Joe: He’s going to grab you
and squeeze your head. He’s going to put that grip
strength on you and you’re going to get confused. He’s going to hit you
with that funk, that weird wrestling and you’re
not going to know what to do.>>Paul Felder: Absolutely, Ben
a freak of nature when it comes to the grappling and
the wrestling. I’m excited to see how he
handles it against somebody who has been in this Octagon many
times like Jorge Masvidal.>>Anik: Undefeated in the
streets and making the walk for his 47th professional
fight here tonight. Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal.>>Buffer: Fighting
out of Miami, Florida: Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal!>>Anik: And these guys just
flapping gums at each other any chance they get.>>Ref: Fight!>>Anik: The fight clock is
brought to you by Modelo.>>Joe: Oh!>>Anik: Oh!>>Joe: Out cold!>>Anik: Wow! One of the greatest knockouts
you’ll ever see!>>Joe: Oh, my goodness!>>Anik: Gamebred! And he’s just turned in the
fastest knockout in UFC history.>>Ref: Ben, the fight’s
over, mate.>>Joe: Yeah, he’s still out.>>Ref: Nice and easy. Hold on. It’s okay, brother.>>Joe: That was a brutal,
brutal knockout.>>Anik: And everyone in this
arena in awe of what they just saw. [Masvidal] :>>Buffer: By knockout: Jorge
“Gamebred” Masvidal!>>Masvidal: That dude was
talking wild, man. You know? I had to show him that there’s
consequences sometimes. There’s some bad [bleep] out there and you don’t want to
wake them up.>>Joe: Congratulations, sir.>>You guys are welcome for
ending that dude.>>Joe: Jorge Masvidal, ladies
and gentlemen! [crowd cheering trailing off in
background]>>Narrator: UFC 244’s
main event, will feature Latin welterweight
Jorge Masvidal, whose Cuban father –
Jorge senior…>>Narrator: …made his way
to Miami, Florida in the early 1970’s…>>Narrator: …
when he fled from the Communist
rule of the Cuban government. [coffee machine whirring in
background]>>Jorge Sr: This is the
Cuban way. Cuban coffee and a cigar. [Speaking Spanish]>>Masvidal: My father made his
way to the United States a very daring, brave way. He got tires from tractors and they made them into a boat, a raft, and just took
off you know? [food sizzling in hot oil]>>Jorge Sr: At that time, they
were taking you to the army and they were preparing you to
send you to Africa to fight. And I don’t fight for no
communist, man. I am against everything against
Communist. They are not good for nothing. So I decided at 15 years old to
come to the United States. [speaking Spanish]>>Masvidal: Pork’s my weakness. His belief was so firm that he
was willing to risk his life for it. [speaking Spanish]>>[speaking Spanish]>>I can’t imagine how much
emotion he really has, because he’s not very good at
expressing it. I can just see it in his eyes. He doesn’t like to talk about
things like that too, but he sees me and his eyes
light up every time you know? [speaking Spanish]>>Masvidal: He’s so
proud of me, man, it’s crazy how much
he loves me.>>[Speaking Spanish] [Speaking Spanish]>>Narrator: Jorge Masvidal
Senior has always had reason to be proud of his son, but it was the most
recent knockout victory, that would send
shock-waves across the MMA universe…>>Joe: Oh! Out cold!>>Anik: One of the greatest
knockouts you’ll ever see!>>Narrator: … and the
American Top Team product, is getting more recognition than
ever before.>>Man: Oh, we got a bad-boy
fighter from the streets of Miami with us.>>Yes, indeed!>>We are joined by one of the
hottest fighters the UFC has ever seen, Jorge Masvidal.>>”Here, Mr. Masvidal: I’m a
huge fan of yours and have been for years. You are one of the greatest
fighters on the planet and one of the best ever.” I appreciate that, my brother. For a long time, nobody
knew who I was, it was just a very small
core group, so I think it’s awesome.>>It’s been a long time
coming, huh?>>It was the perfect storm
really to catapult George to another level.>>Your entire 5 second fight,
that has sort have become the stuff of legend.>>Mike Brown: He comes out and
gets the fastest K.O. in UFC history in
devastating fashion.>>Why does he look like he’s
sleeping on the job, somebody tell me. Why did they ever put this guy
in there with me, Primo?>>It was a pretty
amazing moment.>>Joe: Masvidal just
made a statement.>>Masvidal: That dude was
talking wild, man. I had to show him that there are
some bad [bleep] out there and you don’t want to
wake them up.>>George, by your definition,
what is a bad [bleep]?>>A couple of ways you can
describe it, but I would say somebody more
than anything, true to themselves. I love to do this to people,
freeze them up you know? That’s why I love competing.>>Man: Ready– one, two, three.
[camera shutters]>>Masvidal: I love to do that. That’s my gift to the world. For those seconds that I
captivate your mind and you’re just speechless, you’re welcome.>>Am I the only one
in the room, afraid, I mean I’m
genuinely afraid. [crowd laughing]>>Narrator: Masvidal’s crowning
achievement, took place while Nate Diaz was
on the shelf, a midst a hiatus that spanned
nearly three years. But he was always active at the
Nick Diaz Academy in Stockton, preparing for an
inevitable comeback, if he could just find a worthy
opponent.>>I was trying to get a fight
and I wanted a big fight, I didn’t want no joker
fight, you know? A lot of fights I’ve lost
because somebody has held onto me real tight and it’s more ran
from me and kicked at me and ran and grabbed a hold. So they were just stopping the
fight from happening. [pads thumping]>>Nate: I’m sick of these
lame-ass guys trying to not fight. [dramatic music with
pads thumping]>>Come on! Go! Go! [pads thumping and
Diaz grunting]>>Yeah!>>You can have a guy
that’s 50-0, but you know if he’s fighting
the clock and not the other person, then nobody is really
ever going to care. [pads thumping and
Diaz grunting]>>Nate: It’s all about real
warfare. That’s what I grew up
training in, under Caesar Gracie jiu-jitsu
and Nick Diaz.>>There you go!>>We’re going for the finish by any means. So I might as well fight and
guys are trying to take me out.>>Stephan Bonnar: Oh,
my goodness!>>Todd Harris: Pettis
with the kick!>>Narrator: Former lightweight
champion Anthony Pettis…>>Joe: It came out of nowhere!>>Narrator: … is
one of the most breathtaking finishers in UFC history…>>Joe: That kid is so talented.>>Narrator: …
and his continued success, caught the attention of Diaz.>>Crushed him, [bleep].>>He’s a real fighter, he’s
been in the game. He tries to finish people
and take them out and he has good fights.>>Brendan Fitzgerald: Anthony
“Showtime” Pettis! Whoa!>>And that’s what we got.>>Anik: It’s hard to recall a
more anticipated recent mma return than Diaz getting back on
the proving ground tonight.>>Joe: Nate Diaz is a
fighter’s fighter. He loves to scrap and he
relishes combat.>>Anik: He now awaits the man
they call “Showtime.” A man who has a highlight reel
that stacks up with any fighter in the game. It’s not just “flash” as
he puts it, it’s flash with some
serious substance.>>Joe: Wild stuff that
comes out of nowhere and a full range of techniques. And if you take him down, no
picnic on the ground either. He’s just got a full range
of skills.>>Buffer: Fighting out of
Stockton, California!>>Anik: They have been on
each other’s radars for nearly a decade. It’s the 414 versus the
209, Nate Diaz, ending his near three year
layoff here tonight.>>Ref: Ready to fight? Ready to fight? Let’s go!>>Joe: Diaz with a lot
of pressure, Pettis caught him though with a
right hand there. Oh, there’s that high kick.>>Anik: Pro-Diaz crowd trying
to get behind their fighter.>>Cruz: This is where Diaz can
get up the most, if he can turn it into a dirty
boxing match, take the kicks out of
the equation.>>Work him there! Work your space, Nathan!>>Joe: He can also try to
exhaust and slow him down. Diaz has a solid ground game. Pettis gave up his back, he
gave up his back. This is huge for Diaz. [horn sounds]
>>Ref: Stop!>>Cruz: The first round was
great by Diaz, we’ll see how he adjusts.>>Joe: Nate is doing a good job
of staying on top of him, smothering him, making
it difficult for him to uncork those shots. Pettis looks like he’s
fading a bit.>>Anik: Oh!>>Joe: Oh, big elbow. The Diaz brothers are both known
for having sensational cardio. Big knee up the middle, a
right hand by Nate.>>Anik: Now an elbow
from Pettis.>>Joe: Oh, man this is
phone-booth warfare. [horn sounds]>>Ref: Stop!>>Anik: Wow!>>Joe: Pettis slumps down,
he’s exhausted.[woman singing] ♪
One day I”m going to die ♪
♪ take
you home with me ♪
>>Duke Roufus: Stand
up, breath. Come on, dig deep.[woman singing] ♪
You can put me in the ground ♪
♪ but the storm will
swell you’ll see ♪
>>Ref: Alright, gentlemen,
third and final round. Let’s go!>>Cruz: Here we are, right back
in the phone-booth. Diaz loves this style of
fight right here.>>Joe: This is his world, this
is what he lives for. When he sees you fading, it
gives him energy like right here. It’s the volume–beautiful left
hand by Diaz. Another right hand. A left hand.>>Cruz: Oh! Big spinning elbow!>>Anik: Oh!
>>Cruz: Oh, he got him! Those knees are heavy!
>>Anik: Another knee for Diaz! Oh, Nate Diaz!
>>Joe: Huge knees. Pettis is in trouble.>>He’s ready to go, Nate. He’s ready to go![woman singing] ♪
I bring the wind and the rain ♪
>>Joe: He’s getting his back,
he’s beating him up.[woman singing] ♪ I
bring suffering and pain ♪
>>Joe: Looking for the choke.[woman singing] ♪ I’m going
to tear your houses down ♪
>>Joe: Oh, has the arm. Lost it.>>Cruz: High level battle on
the ground right here.>>Joe: He’s got it
under the chin. Pettis reverses it again,
this is crazy. [horn sounds]
>>Ref: Stop![woman singing] ♪ I’m going
to tear your houses down ♪
♪ and wash away this town ♪>>Anik: For those who maybe
thought the layoff would be a factor for Nate Diaz, it
certainly was not. Back and seemingly better than
ever tonight.>>Buffer: By unanimous
decision: Nate Diaz! [crowd cheering]>>It felt good to be back.>>Do you think you will be back
permanently now? You took a nice long layoff of
three years off.>>The reason I was off is
because everybody sucked and there was nobody to fight,
but Jorge Masvidal had a good last fight. Good last fight. There ain’t no gangstas in this
game anymore, there ain’t nobody who done it
right but me and him, so I know my man’s a
gangsta, but he ain’t no West Coast gangster. You know what I’m saying?>>Joe: Oh, my goodness this is
going to be fun. Oh, please make that happen.>>He’s been in the game, he’s
trying to finish people and take him out and he’s got
good fights. It’s a worthy opponent to me. I want to be involved
in real fights, because I’m a real martial
artist and I want to fight real martial artists. If anybody wants some of
it, come get it.>>Cruz: Just let these two
go at it, everybody wants to see it,
they’re both going to scrap, neither of them are going
to lay down.>>Until then, everybody needs
to step their game up. You got to recognize who’s the
best of the best in this game and it’s not who
they’re saying it is, it’s who I’m saying it is.>>Narrator: Motivation is
rarely in short supply, for lifelong fighters like top
five UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal, but he always welcomes
an added push… [speaking Spanish]>>Narrator: … from
one of the first mentors he’s ever had, striking coach
Paulino Hernandez.>>Masvidal: Not only did he
mentor me in sports, but in life. He put me in the right path and
I mean there’s not a day he doesn’t call me and make sure
I’m on the right path. [speaking Spanish]>>You know there’s a lot of
times where I’ll get to a practice and it’s a second
practice or the third practice of the day and I’m like, “I
don’t got it in me.” Paulino will look right into my
soul and tell me, “No, we’re going to find it.” [speaking Spanish]>>Narrator: In all
their years together, Masvidal and Hernandez
have never prepared for a fight as big as the
headliner that awaits them on November 2nd, against an opponent who
needs no introduction.>>Buffer: Nate Diaz!>>Masvidal: I’m not
fighting Joe Blow. I’m not fighting a dude
that’s doing it for the camera. Nathan Diaz, I know
he’s coming to fight, man.>>Masvidal: This guy
will fight just as hard if 10 people are watching or
the whole world is watching or it’s just me and
him in a parking lot.>>Eh, nice.>>Masvidal: Pain and fatigue
are not gonna be a question. So, when you add
those components, we’re talking about
we’ve got a fight. Nice. ♪♪ Ooh, nice.>>If you like violence, the
circus show comes into town, Madison Square Garden. You wanna see some wild animals? November 2nd. Tune in.>>Narrator: A coach
and student relationship is often necessary for guiding
fighters from street life to professional prominence. For Nate Diaz, that tutelage came under boxing
instructor Richard Perez…>>Right hook!
Right hook! Left then right, come on! That’s it, my man.>>Narrator:
…who is constantly helping
the next generation evade the trappings
of Stockton proper.>>Where’s that left
hand supposed to be? That’s it! Keep that
left hand up like that. There you go. I know people come from
Stockton come to my gym to train their kids who are
being bullied or been jumped. No, look! When you throw,
bring it back here. You’re doing this. Just leaving this open,
leaving this open. You wanna do this. There’s a little kid coming
here you would not believe, he’s real timid
and he beat up a kid because the kid
was bullying him, so he learned how to box. And that makes me feel good. When you throw
that right uppercut, come back with that left hook. Yeah, and turn. Yeah. I can have at least one person that nobody’s
picking on anymore. Oh, he’s boxing, you know. That’s all it takes, I’m happy.>>Narrator: Perez
concludes most of his days by welcoming
local hero Nate Diaz for an evening session to
prepare for his next fight, but some days, Diaz
trains on his own accord. Instead of a pad
workout with Perez, or jiu-jitsu training
at the Academy, Diaz takes to
the dead of night.>>Diaz: It’s 11:15 now. I’m sure– I’m sure
we’ll be here all night. We’re just getting started. For the most part,
I just get up and get done what
I gotta get done. Sometimes it’s
all during the day. Sometimes it’s all
during the night. [dramatic music] ♪♪ You put these long hours in and your mind’s
just talking to itself over and over and
over all day long. And you know what I
should do after this fight? [bleep] do this or get this. Get the McGregor fight. And I never plan on
saying what I say, but when Joe Rogan’s
holding you a mic and asking you a question,
what happens is, it’s just the truth comes out. [bleep] that! Conor McGregor, you’re taking everything
I worked for, [bleep]. I’m ‘a fight your [bleep] ass. So, how about here’s a thought.>>Anik: Oh!
>>Joe: Pettis is in trouble!>>Diaz:
Let’s just show who’s the
baddest [bleep] in the game and it’s me.
I’m saying that right now. I’m gonna defend
against this [bleep]. Jorge Masvidal had
a good last fight. Good last fight. So, I know my man’s a gangster, but he ain’t no
West Coast gangster. Know what I’m saying? And now, everybody sees it. They feel that they believe it. And then they make
a special [bleep].>>White: This is for the
baddest [bleep] in the game. So, I said to my guys,
listen, tell me if I’m crazy, but what do you think about us actually having a baddest
[bleep] in the game belt?>>Joe: Oh! Nate Diaz has
never looked better.>>White: I will
physically have that belt when I come back to New York. It’ll be ready.>>Masvidal: Of all
the bad mother effers that they’ve seen walk
through the doors of the UFC.>>Cormier:
Masvidal is a guy that just
loves to fight, man. He is 100% sure
that this is his time.>>Masvidal: They
deem this fight the two baddest
[bleep] they’ve ever seen. So, let’s get it.>>Diaz: You can
fight for phony belts, you can fight for best
[bleep] in the game.>>Narrator: On November 2nd
in New York City…>>Joe: Big knee up the middle,
right hand by Nate.>>Narrator: …two world class
welterweights bred by combat…>>Joe: That was a brutal,
brutal knockout.>>Narrator: …realize the
culmination of a life’s work…>>Commentator: Nathan
Diaz takes care of business.>>Narrator: …from the
streets to the Octagon, and from backyards
to the mecca. When the dust
settles at UFC 244, the baddest man will rise.>>Diaz: I’m training hard. I’m training to go for the kill
and get the job done.>>Masvidal: I’m coming
to end somebody. I know he’s not
gonna take a step back. What happens, you know?
Let’s see.


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