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Tyler Childers: artist to know (United States of Americana on The Current)

October 19, 2019

Hi, I’m Bill DeVille, host of United States
of Americana on The Current. This week, our cool facts are about Tyler
Childers, a singer-songwriter who was born – and still
lives – in eastern Kentucky. Childers began playing shows in eastern Kentucky
and in West Virginia when he was, like, 18. He tried college for a while, but that didn’t
work out. So he eventually dropped his formal studies
in favor of pursuing a music career, but he had some other jobs, too, along the way. Before becoming a full-time musician, Childers worked in a vineyard, he worked at a hardwood-flooring company, in landscaping, and installing wiring somewhere along the
line as well. A big break for Childers came in 2016, when
he met fellow Kentuckian Sturgill Simpson through
Simpson’s drummer, Miles Miller. Simpson produced Childers’ debut album, which
was called “Purgatory,” and that was released in August of 2017
on Childers’ own label, Hickman Holler Records. Then, in September of 2018, Childers won the
Emerging Artist of the Year at the Americana Music Association’s Honors and Awards, which
are held at the Ryman in Nashville, Tennessee. And it was in his acceptance speech, Childers
took a few jabs, including at the music industry, saying,
“As a man that identifies as a country-music singer,
I feel Americana ain’t no part of nothing, and this is a distraction from the issues
that we’re facing on a bigger level as country-music singers. “It kind of feels like purgatory,” is what
Childers said, and that’s a pretty cool way to take a poke
at something while also sneaking in a plug for his album, which in fact, is called ‘Purgatory.’ Now, Childers is back with a new single called
“All Your’n,” and an album called “Country Squire.” The new album is produced again by Sturgill
Simpson along with David Ferguson, and it was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. “Country Squire” is set for release on August
2, and it’s being released on Childers’ own Hickman Holler Records via an exclusive license
with RCA Records, which is a pretty cool thing. And while Childers’ star continues to rise,
he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Tyler Childers’ father works in the coal industry,
and his mother in fact is a nurse. So it makes perfect sense that Tyler Childers
and John Prine released a seven-inch cut of Prine’s classic, “Paradise.” Proceeds of which are donated to the Appalachian
Citizens’ Law Center, it’s a nonprofit law firm that represents
coal miners and their families in Appalachia. Childers has also performed in benefit concerts
for Healing Appalachia, an organization that works to fund addiction
and recovery care for the Appalachian region. So while Childers appears to be a bit prickly
to some, under that steely gaze beats kind of a kind
heart. Join me for United States of Americana, the
rootsier side of The Current, every Sunday morning from 8 till 10 Central. (guitar lick)


  • Reply Craig September 13, 2019 at 11:34 am

    Are these cool facts? Or are you just reading the wikipedia page?

  • Reply Louis M October 6, 2019 at 1:49 am

    Surprised you didn’t mention he delivered for sears, since it was the inspiration behind Whitehouse Road.

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