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TSL Travels: Chasing KPOP Idols and Alpacas in Seoul!

September 17, 2019

(Screaming fans) Oh my God, guys. It’s a celebrity, guys. I’m not even kidding. Ready? – Hi, Leah.
– Hello. – What’s going on?
– Are you bored now? – Uh, no.
– We… – … are going to Korea.
– Korea? – Shopping? Ok. Tell me more.
– We are going to chase Kpop idols! So I get to see Monsta X? Oh my God. – We are leaving in 24 hours’ time.
– No. No, no, no, no, no. – Not possible. I’m a girl, and I need 72 hours to pack.
– No, 24 hours. You’re getting ready. – How am I gonna pack?!
– See you at the airport. Ok, we are at Changi Airport Terminal 3 now, and we have a flight to catch to Seoul. They only gave us 24 hours to prep, so I had no time to shop at all! Yesterday, I went to iShopChangi to buy some toiletries… and a fan, because it’s Seoul (so) hot right now. Speaking of last-minute things, I guess I forgot to put a lot in my luggage, because I was rushing out of the house, so let’s get a (luggage) lock because we have a plane to catch in a couple of hours. Let’s go. Thank you! It’s now 2:30 AM. We need rest, because we have a long day tomorrow, so… Goodnight! Well, hello there! Welcome to our humble apartment.
We are in the kitchen… Hello. The girls are going to sleep upstairs in the private area,
and SJ is going to sleep downstairs, near the toilet. Hurry up.
We need go – it’s going to take an hour to get there. 1 hour! Ok, let’s go. We are just waiting and anticipating that a car is going to drive out. It’s going to open, and someone important is going to come out.
We are just waiting and anticipating that a car is going to drive out. It’s going to open, and someone important is going to come out. Oh. Oh. Oh! Oh my God, they are rolling up the windows. Let’s just wave, in case someone is inside. I’ve brought you here to Soul Cup Cafe, which is next to the JYP Entertainment Building. There’s a lot of known sightings of idols here. Some people have seen Twice and Stray Kids members here.
They come here to buy coffee and go for their schedule.
There’s a lot of known sightings of idols here. Some people have seen Twice and Stray Kids members here.
They come here to buy coffee and go for their schedule. – This place is known for organic food.
– Yes, from the milk, the flour, tea, coffee – everything is organic. For the sake of my happiness, I’d think that someone important is in that black van. The reason why I was reacting in an embarrassed way was because
the chances of (an idol) being inside is very low. In this building, all the cars are tinted vehicles. I guess we aren’t seeing anyone here,
but let’s head out because I wanna see Starship Entertainment! Starships were meant to fly~ We are currently at Starship Entertainment behind us. We are here because this is the company Monsta X is from. I also have a funny story that I’d like to share.
But first, let me lead you to the location… Which is that fateful bus stop across the road. Long story short, I met Joo Heon of Monsta X here. As you can see, there are banners on the side of the bus stop. These banners had photos of Won Ho on it. I took a picture and I sat here editing my photo, and in that 10 minutes… Joo Heon rolled up. – Oh my God! And Monsta X is your favorite group, right?
– Yes, it’s my favorite group. – No oppas.
– But we can go across to see if we can catch anyone going into the building. Just as we were walking past, there were a bunch of guys walking past wearing masks and looking quite made up. – So I was like…
– Wearing earrings also. I was trying to look at them but I couldn’t recognize any of their faces. I’m just going to pretend to talk so that we can get some footage without looking stalkerish. So you know this place… (fades) Hi guys. Just finished writing my letter to Chan Kyun from Monsta X. I found out that Monsta X is coming back from a flight from L.A. soon. It coincides with our stay here! We are going to have a long day tomorrow. Goodnight! I’ll see you. Ah! Morning guys! We are heading out early today because we are going for a music show. And because this trip was so last minute, we didn’t manage to get tickets. We will go there and hopefully see if we can get in. In the meantime, guess where we are going for lunch. Army Stew! We are currently at the restaurant where Joo Heon of Monsta X came to with Jackson from GOT7, on a variety show called Celebrity Bromance. Turns out, this place is very popular with celebrities, because there are so many signatures around here. Compared to the army stews I’ve tried in Singapore, this is a level up. Here they have luncheon meat, bacon, sausage, ham, and a ham-looking luncheon meat, which is really good. – “Ham-looking luncheon meat”?!
– Yeah, did you see? He brought the whole Monsta X here to eat,
so I guess I’ve eaten at the same place as Monsta X ^_^ Goals. That one is the one we saw at Starship. If I’m not wrong.
I’ve confirmed with my friends. – Which one?
– That one. The second one from the bottom. I guess we saw an actual celebrity because he is on the billboard in Hongdae. That’s great! One sighting confirmed. – We are waiting for the next bus to go to…
– Um… The Show. We are going to SBS Prism Tower, which is where they have The Show. It’s a music show. A lot of people seem to be waiting, so some people might show up. Let’s see if we can ask anyone and figure it out. We found out that we can’t get tickets, based on the guy’s information.
We’ll just have to wait outside to see if we can see anyone. – Leah…
– Yeah? Can we go now? It’s been three hours, my fan has died… – Shall we go?
– Of course. Let’s go! Guess where we are! Oh, no. Um, no… Is it this?
Ah! Jean Frigo is a must-come when you are in Korea.
Y’know what’s the best thing? Even the locals don’t know that it’s a cafe. A lot of people walk by and wonder, “Why is it just fridges and fruits?” But it’s actually a 3-storey high cafe inside. Let’s just let our hair down and eat our food, and have a good night’s rest. – Bye! Goodnight.
– Gonna enjoy our food without you. I asked you guys on my IG stories which Kpop song I should do a dance to. And I got this speaker at the last minute to do just that. But first… Oh… I’m thinking if we should get someone to go along with me. Chiara. Are you ready to do a dance cover with me?
A Kpop dance cover. I have 4 left arms. Is that ok? Twice – Fancy. Yas, are you ready? I’d be more ready if there’s anyone in the Kpop group. Sharlene, please… SJ… I hate Kpop. And I’m not doing this. I don’t like Kpop. I only like alpacas. Can I don’t do? If you do with me, I have a surprise for you tomorrow. – What surprise?
– I swear I’m not lying. Ok, we are gonna do the final take now. 5, 6, 7, 8. Fancy~ Fancy~ Yas! Thank you. Fancy~ We can be Twice members now. Chiara… We are going to the airport. Sharlene, let’s go. Fancy~ Ooh. Do you all have something to tell me? We are not gonna see oppas today.
I know how much you love alpacas… – Alpacas? No way.
– We are going to Alpaca Land! it’s Alpaca Time! It is kneeling down! Look here!
Omo, it’s so soft. Oh my God. I’m a bit scared, actually. I’m scared. I’m not ready. It’s coming at me, going, “Give me the food!” Oh my God, so cute! I want to give the – The baby one! Pro Tip: The train ride has the cutest alpacas and you can get really close up with them. Yay! HaHa and Jongkook actually own a restaurant, and we are here! They are the cast of Running Man, which is a popular Korean variety show. Chiara was very enthusiastic.
She even wanted to ask the staff how often we will see them here.
They are the cast of Running Man, which is a popular Korean variety show. Chiara was very enthusiastic.
She even wanted to ask the staff how often we will see them here. I was like… Can I ask you a question? How often does HaHa and Jongkook come here? The mystery is unsolved. Because he can’t speak English. So never mind.
Come here and see for yourself. Oh my God. That guy is HaHa’s good friend. The one in white. We got half a point because we saw HaHa’s good friend. I’m not sure what his name is but he appeared on TV before. That’s great. We came back to the apartment to freshen up because we were a bit smelly. We hti the streets of Hongdae again, because we got to see people from all walks of life, students especially, dancing their hearts out as though they were Kpop idols.
because we got to see people from all walks of life, students especially, dancing their hearts out as though they were Kpop idols. You can find indie bands also. That whole concept is like busking culture in Korea. It’s a pretty prominent thing now and it happens nearly everyday.
And speaking of that… Guess what they made me do. – You want me to dance?
– Yup. Yes. One, two, three. Hit it! Don’t be nervous. Just breathe. Superstar here! Go Leah, go Leah. K, I’m done. This is too embarrassing. Good job, Leah. If you think tonight is crazy, wait till you see tomorrow.
It’s so crazy, I can’t even. What’s the time now? We are going to chase our Kpop oppas. We are at Incheon airport and we are going to head to the arrival area. And guess what I brought? It says Chang Kyun. He is my bae. I also have this letter for him. Hopefully I can pass this to him.
Let’s head to the place to wait for them. Oh my God, I’m gonna see Chang Kyun. This is Chiara reporting. We are currently 4 minutes late. But there is already a huge ass long queue waiting to enter KBS Music Bank. We have lost the competition because we don’t even have stools, and we even see our competitors carrying ladders. I think this is a new sport on the rise, called ‘Chasing Korean Idols’. Brought to you by KBS Live. Oh my God. What just happened? By the way, my letter is still here. This was a very scary experience. – Oh my God.
– Are you ok, Sharlene? Erm… Please be careful if you ever see them at the airport.
Do not push. I almost got trampled on a thousand times, although I was just standing there. Leah is calling me. Hello?
Oh my God, we’ve got backup. We are not alone anymore. Are we seriously… – I need to give you 4 thumbs up.
– No, because if we went to the back, we won’t be able to go in. People were doing it also.
You know what? Screw dignity. This is a prime spot.
There’s a mountain of humans… Let’s try different sides… (Counting) Ok. Not Seventeen. Not NCT. Got 10 members. – By the way, Hae Chan is not here…
– Yeah, I was wondering why you weren’t shouting for him. – Here is not here! I don’t know why.
– Leah, you’re a mood. Leah, Leah! Well, that has been a celebrity-filled morning. Yeah, from 3 in the morning.
We saw some people and we didn’t see some people. But it’s ok! We have a flight to catch.
Are you ready? – No, because I didn’t see Hae Chan.
– Oh no. See you back at the airport. Bye! Chiara, how was your first ever Kpop fangirl experience? Wow, I gotta say that it’s eye-opening.
This tour I’ve had – it’s exclusive and you’ll never have it anywhere else. Thank you Leah for being the tour guide.
I never knew that Kpop was more than just watching your idols onstage. But I’d say that my favorite part of the trip will have to be the… Alpaca World! I’d say that seeing Monsta X is the highlight of my trip, because they are my babies :’)
Alpaca World! I’d say that seeing Monsta X is the highlight of my trip, because they are my babies :’) I guess I’m happy to share this with you and the audience. If you guys ever visit Seoul in future, please check out
the places we visited or try the activities we did. And the most important thing – stay safe and be respectful of the idols. That’s the message we want to get across in this video. Peaceful bows. Because we knew that we were going to be chasing stars the entire morning, we decided to buy some stuff for our colleagues online, at Changi 12 hours before our flight, and we purchased some things to bring back for them. Some presents to give out at the office on Monday. Thank you iShopChangi for making this video possible. If you’re a Kpop fan, let us know in the comments down below which group you support. And if you are going to Seoul, let us know what activity you are going to try. If you liked this video, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.
And watch more videos there. Bye!


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