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True Confessions with Kate McKinnon and John Cena

October 15, 2019

-I’m here with Kate McKinnon. Her new movie, “Rough Night,”
is in theaters next Friday. Don’t drink it. It’s a prop.
-Ew. -Kate and I are about to play a
game of deception called [Imitates echo]
“True Confessions.” ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] First, we’re gonna need another
player to fill out this table, and we found a good one. He’s the host of “American Grit”
on FOX. Please welcome John Cena! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Don’t drink that.
It’s a prop. [ Laughs ] It’s a prop.
This is a prop. This is supposed to be like
a detective office. -God. It’s urine! [ Laughs ]
It’s not urine. -Oh, man.
-Guy’s, here’s how the game works. In front of each of us
are two envelopes containing confessions-fessions. One of the envelopes
is something that actually happened to us
in real life. The other envelope is a lie. Once you read your confession, the other two have 60 seconds
to interrogate you. Then each of us have to guess whether you’ve been telling
the truth or lying. John, you’ll go first. -This is complicated. -Kate, which envelope
should he open? Which envelope? -One.
-Mm! -[ Clears throat ] Hold on.
-Envelope number one! -I don’t want you to see
anything here. Oh, okay. -You’re gonna have to read it
to us anyway. [ Laughter ] Okay, so I just —
I read what’s on the card. Okay.
Fair enough. Uh… -Mm-hmm. -Mm. Gotcha.
What was her name? -My name is John Cena. -No, what’s her name? [ Laughter ] -That is, uh — That’s enough
questions out of you. I already told you my name. -Were you dating
at the time of the hit? -Yes. -And why were you riding your
bike, and she was in the car? -‘Cause as a young man, I
fancied myself physically fit. -You wouldn’t travel on any
transportation but bicycling? -There’s enough horsepower
in this body to bicycle around West Newbury,
Jimmy Fallon. [ Cheers and applause ] -Did she cry when she found that
she’d injured her one true love? -Uh, no, and that was the abrupt
end of the relationship. [ Laughter ] -Ah. Huh. Okay.
-Huh. -That was a good question. -What sort of bike was it? -It was a 10-speed.
-What color? -It was maroon.
-What year? -It was 1994. -What grade were you in
in school? -I was just entering college. -Where was the accident? -It was —
It was on a small street outside of Route 113,
West Newbury, Massachusetts. -I think
that’s enough questions. Enough questions. If this is a lie,
this dude should win an Oscar. That actually happened. -It’s got to be real. The details are too good.
-Yeah. I say…real! [ Drumroll ]
-Well… you’re both right!
It’s real! [ Cheers and applause ] I almost died!
Almost died! -You almost died.
Great. You almost died. [ Laughs ] -That’s great.
-That is great. You almost died. -That’s great.
He almost died. And then — But he didn’t.
I love that. I love that. -Which envelope…
-Do I choose? -Yeah. -To me, you’re always
a number two. -Thank you. [ Audience ohs ] Thank you.
Appreciate that. -[ Laughs ] [ Audience whoops ] -Okay, what was the game
of the sketch? -It was a Maya sketch. That’s a prop.
Don’t smoke that. It’s a prop.
It’s all fake. It’s fake smoke.
It was a Maya sketch. Something about high school, and we were boyfriend
and girlfriend or something like that. And I never go for it
if I have a kissing scene, she went for it. -How long had you been
on the show? -Two seasons. -Tongue?
-Yeah. I went for it.
It didn’t make it to air, but I think if it did make it
to air, then maybe we would have
struck up a relationship. -You seem to be stuttering
a lot there, Fallon. [ Laughter ] -Did you rehearse the kiss
during the week? -No. -Ha. -We didn’t rehearse the kiss
during the — She just — Dress rehearsal, I guess — -You seem to be moving your head
a lot, there, Fallon. [ Laughter ] -You’re not moving your head.
Why — What is it — -I’m not moving at all, Fallon.
-I know. But I’m not — I’m just
a very physical person. -Don’t talk to me.
Talk to both of us. -Whoa. We’re trying to save your ass,
here, okay? -Yeah. -We want to cut a deal. -Okay. Let’s cut a —
[ Laughs ] -I can get you immunity
and relocation. -[ Laughs ]
What do you think? The truth or a lie? -I think it’s total B.S. -Yeah, I agree.
It’s a lie. -Yeah?
-I don’t buy it. -It’s a total lie.
She’s very professional. She would never do that. Aah! -Ah! Horrible liar.
That means you’re a good man. -I’m a bad liar.
All right. Kate, it is your turn. I will choose the envelope. To me, you are a number one. -Oh, bless ya.
-Yeah. -Oh, my goodness.
-That’s what’s in the cup. -He’s sweet.
-I know. I drank it. -I know.
You certainly did. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Why would you want
to sneak into a zoo? To see a certain animal? -Yes.
-You have a thing for zoos, or were you just
being rebellious? -I enjoy a zoo. [ Laughter ] -Did you live close to a zoo?
-No. -So you had to travel
to get there? -Oh, yeah. -Were you there alone?
-No. -Besides the animals.
-No. -Did the travel include anything
like an airline flight? -Yes. -You flew to a place to go
after hours to a zoo? -Let me get this straight!
-What? -You took a plane to walk
to a zoo to go over into a zoo
after hours?! -The zoo wasn’t the only reason
I boarded the plane, but it was one of ’em. [ Laughter ] -Was there —
Were the animals sleeping? -No. -First class or coach? -Coach.
-I don’t believe a word of it! -Wait, wait, wait.
-I’m sorry. Wait. -Wait. Why — She could
fly coach. I fly coach. -Not to — Not to hop the wall
on a zoo you don’t fly coach. Everybody knows that. -What are you talking about? That’s not the point. I love that that’s the last time
we ever talk to each other. -[ Laughs ] -I think — I didn’t get
enough questions in there, but…mm! -You’re too busy playing
your games. Well, joke’s on you, buster. -Why’s the joke on me, buster?
I didn’t do anything yet. -I don’t know.
-I say… -I say no way.
-I say totally happened. Yes, I think it happened. You say it didn’t happen.
-I say it’s a lie. I say it’s the truth. Yes!
It is the truth! [ Cheers and applause ] She did it, man. Adventurous.
Adventurous, creative mind. Our thanks
to Kate McKinnon and John Cena for their true confessions.


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