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Trevor Noah Turns Donald Trump’s Words into a Bad Reggae Song

September 7, 2019

-You’re doing such a great job
on the show. -Thank you so much, man.
Thank you. -But it is a lot of work,
though, right? I mean, it’s packed.
Do you have any time off? -Yeah, you know, I feel like you
make the time off. Like, we’ve had to
readjust our lives now according to the Trump news
cycle, I feel like, as people. So we just go, like — we know
it’s, like, morning wake — like, you don’t have
a cock crowing. You have the tweet crowing.
Like, you know? That’s how we wake up.
[ Laughter ] And then we just
adjust our lives. We go, what’s gonna happen,
what’s gonna happen, what’s gonna happen, what’s
gonna happen, and then we chill. -But do you ever get
any vacation or anything? -I do, I do. Like, I took
a break now in December. I actually went to Bali. Have you ever been?
-No. -Oh, it’s amazing.
[ Cheers ] Oh, yeah, if you get a chance —
-Really? -You should go.
Like, Bali was phenomenal. A lot of people suggested it.
I will say this, though. I feel like there should be
a TripAdvisor specifically for
people of color. No, ’cause white people like
different things on vacations than everybody else, right?
[ Laughter ] Like — no,
’cause white people — like white people always
give you suggestions of things that you wouldn’t want
to do as a person of color. [ Laughter ]
Like — like adventure sports, is, like, a very white thing. Like, they’d be like, “I want to
be like, bungee jumping. I want to do something — I want
to feel like life is dangerous.” And as a black person,
you’re like, “That’s life.” [ Laughter ] So I don’t want to go
and do those things. Do you know what I mean? Getting pulled over by the cops
is bungee jumping. I’m fine.
[ Laughter ] I just want to relax
when I go on a vacation. -You live that.
-People are like, “You don’t want to go camping?”
That was my life growing up. No running water,
no food when I — no, I don’t want to go camping.
[ Laughter ] I don’t want to go back home. That’s like —
I’ve worked hard now. I want to enjoy myself. So, like, Bali —
that was the trick. People would be like, “Trevor,
you got to go to Bali.” I was like,
“What’s gonna happen in Bali?” “Like, it’s so unique.”
[ Laughter ] And now I’ve learned,
when white people say unique, they mean poor. But they don’t tell you that.
-No. -Right, like it’s —
so I went to Bali. And I was like, “Oh, this is
gonna be amazing.” And it is.
Like, there’s temples, there’s culture,
the food is amazing. The people are the friendliest
you’ll ever meet. But like, what I didn’t know
was, like, half of the trip
was just gonna be us seeing people who don’t
have the best means. So, like, we go into, like,
a person’s house — and I thought
it was like a temple. And then we talk in,
and it’s just like — like someone’s —
but “house” is a strong word. It’s like a one room — like it’s a kitchen, bedroom,
dining room. Like a New York apartment-type
thing, right? [ Laughter ] And then we’re just standing
in the living room. People are like, “Oh, my God.
Look at how they live.” [ Laughter ]
“Oh, my God. I appreciate my life so much
more right now.” [ Laughter ]
“Can I take a selfie with you?” And I’m just standing
in the corner. -Oh, my gosh.
“Can I take a selfie with you?” -I was like, “Never again.”
But Bali’s amazing. Go there. Just don’t to go
people’s houses. Just don’t do that part.
-No, don’t do it. But you’re also doing — you’re also on the road
doing stand-up when you have any,
like, weekends off. -Oh, I loved it, yeah. -You’re off to the West coast
right now. -Yeah, like after this
I fly to L.A., doing shows in Santa Barbara
and then I do shows in L.A., and then I come back,
we do “The Daily Show.” -How do you keep the energy up,
though? I mean, I would —
I would be exhausted. -Oh, but it helps when
you don’t have a family, Jimmy. [ Laughter ]
-I didn’t even think about that. -I’m alone. I travel the world
by my lonesome. -Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. -No, but you know what?
I get the energy from stand-up. And genuinely,
I love seeing America. Like, I love going — ’cause I
don’t just go coast to coast. I’ll go everywhere, like,
Erie, Pennsylvania. I was in Cleveland recently,
Pittsburgh. [ Cheers ]
I was in — yeah. I just — I just go around
to Middle America. I just want to see everything,
every city. -Do you have any favorite places
you like to perform? -I’m try — Cleveland’s
one of my favorites. [ Cheers ]
Gen– yeah. Just like, I feel like Cleveland
has just like — they’re like, “We’ve suffered
through everything.” [ Laughter ] There is like a vibe
in Cleveland where I go. Like, when I tell them about
Africa, they’re like, “That’s just like here, Trevor!” [ Laughter ]
It’s fun. It’s fun.
-Cleveland? -Yeah, we connect.
I don’t know. We connect. And now there’s a renaissance
in Cleveland. Things are getting better.
It’s a beautiful place. Great people.
-Yeah. You said that you enjoy
the Southern accent. -I do.
-Yeah, you do. -I do traveling down South.
You know what it is? So, like, my mom is Xhosa,
right? So I grew up in a Xhosa family. And Xhosa is very musical. -Yeah.
-It has like a bounce to it. And then I find, like, the
Southern accent also has — it’s like,
it’s got a cool thing. It sounds like people are
playing a banjo in their mouths. [ Laughter ]
It’s beautiful. It’s like, everything — when they speak really fast
to each other — like, I was in Kentucky
doing shows. And I was speaking to
some people, and I was like, “Oh, what should I do
in Kentucky?” And the people were like —
[ Babbling in Southern accent ] [ Laughter ] And it’s fun, like —
what’s beautiful is — Like, if you have a musical ear, if they’re, like,
having an argument, it sounds like
a Mumford & Sons concert. Like, everyone is
just going off. And you’re just listening
to people argue. It’s so much fun. [ Both babbling
in Southern accents ] It’s beautiful, you see?
-It’s actually gorgeous. -It’s beautiful.
-That’s hilarious. Oh, my gosh.
[ Laughter ] How do you like hosting
“The Daily Show”? Do you enjoy it?
-I love it, man. I love every moment.
-You’re crushing it, buddy. You’re doing a great job.
-Thank you so much, man. Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] I love it so much.
-I love watching it. You got a great team over there,
too. -Yeah, man, I’m lucky that
I inherited great people from Jon Stewart, and I — you know, I was never meant for
a job like this in my world. Every day’s a dream for me. I’m appreciative. I’m happy. Even Trump I can enjoy
on certain days. Like even —
I know it sounds crazy. But even Trump on certain days,
I’ll be like, “Oh, there are things
that I laugh about. There are things I enjoy.” You know?
-Yeah. -Like, he’s become
a part of my life. Like I — like he’s a character. A character that might kill me,
but still a character. [ Laughter ] -Yeah — so you find the humor
and you’re just like — Yeah, he’s just — so many —
-You know what I realized? Like, the other day, I sing Trump’s, like,
just catchphrases in my life. Like they’re lyrics to songs. So I’ll just be, like,
sitting by myself in an airport, and I’ll just be like
♪♪ Billions and billions ♪♪ ♪♪ And billions
and billions and billions ♪♪ And someone will walk past and
be like, “What song is that?” I’m like, “Oh, that’s just Trump
talking about his money.” And that’s —
It’s like a weird — like today he was talking about
chain migration. That’s his big thing.
You know? Because he doesn’t want to,
you know, pass the government funding
bill. And he’s like [As Trump]
“Chain migration. Chain migration.”
[ Laughter ] And like, he always —
it’s so rhythmic. Like, I realize — -[ As Trump ]
Chain migration. -Yeah, that’s exactly it!
[ Laughter and applause ] -Yeah, yeah.
-That’s exactly it! -Both: Chain migration! -And if you —
-Great impression. I’ve never heard that impression
of him, yeah. -But if you —
but if you listen to it — -Chain mi–
[ Laughter ] -If you listen to it,
it sounds like he’s doing a bad rendition of,
like, a Bob Marley song. It sounds like a reggae song. It’s just like
♪♪ Chain migration ♪♪ ♪♪ Chain migration ♪♪
[ Laughter ] ♪♪ Chain migration and the people
chain migration ♪♪ [ Laughter ] [ Reggae music playing ] ♪♪ Now the chain migration ♪♪ ♪♪ Them come for mother
turn to sons and daughters ♪♪ ♪♪ Wanna be in our nation ♪♪ -All right, all right.
[ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my gosh.
-It’s amazing. -This guy. Oh, gosh.
That was a good laugh. January 30th,
after the State of the Union, you are going to a live show. A live…
-I’m excited. -…”Daily Show.” -State of the Union Address
goes on, and then “The Daily Show’s”
gonna be live. I love live shows
after Trump speaks, because we don’t know
what he’s gonna say. No one knows what he’s gonna do,
including himself, which I like. [ Laughter ] No, ’cause I feel like
we’re all in the same place. He’s also like, “Nobody know —
even me, baby.” [ Laughter ]
Nobody knows! It’s exciting.
I love it. So State of — you know,
State of the Union, we’re gonna be going live which
is really, really exciting. We’ll see what he says.
I feel like everyone — Democrats, Republicans,
I don’t care who you are — Everyone is clenching their
butt cheeks while he speaks. [ Laughter ]
‘Cause it could be anything. He could start a war
or he could make peace. You don’t know. -You really have no idea,
do you? -“Little Rocket Man… is a friend.”
You don’t know. [ Laughter ]
You don’t know. So that’s gonna be fun.
Live. -Oh, you guys.
Trevor Noah right here. [ Cheers and applause ]
“The Daily Show.” Say hi to everyone for me,
will you? -Thank you so much, man.


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