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Trauma Field Studio Documentary 2019 – PART 2: BASS & GUITARS

December 14, 2019

He’s playing it wrong. This part comes later. Same chord progression. It was important to get the harmonics on camera. No one’s going to hear them on the album but can see the
tricks in the video. 3 days in the studio for recording bass. Antero: Bye byeee
Atte: Byeee! Thank you for this day, see you tomorrow! Antero: How has the (Line 6) Helix worked for you? Atte: It’s really handy. No need to play the “analog chain
game” with all the effects all the time. Ville: I will never go back to the” analog chain game”
again. Antero: That sounds like a slot machine game. Ville: It’s a lot more expensive than slot machines! Antero: I think I need to get the (Helix) plug-in at some
point. We recorded all the bass tracks so quickly that we don’t
have more video material. Sorry. We’ve arrived to record guitars, feeling cheerful and happy. Whoops. I’m scratching my chin again. 4 days in the studio for recording guitars. Jaakko: Did you wake up feeling cheerful and happy, Antero? Antero: Absolutely Jaakko: How are you doing, Ville?
Ville: Yes. Ville: Yes, I woke up feeling cheerful and happy. Jaakko: Great. Jaakko: So today we’re about to record some guitars. Jaakko: Heavy metallll Guitar recording session has started… …by watching the drum recordings… Pig! Antero: The orginal video of this part was over an hour. Ville: Think about how much you’ve suffered… …First you had to be there in the studio with us and then
you had to watch it all over again (when you edited this
documentary). Torture… Antero: Again, again! Ville: Were those good?
Antero: Let’s hear it, let’s hear it!
Jaakko: Let’s listen to the timing. Antero: Now they end at the same time. Jaakko: Maybe it can be done (mixed) in a way that you hear
the bass “fart” in the end better. Jaakko: Because… …farting is da best Yeah, it can be done that way. I think it (the guitar tail) shouldn’t be any shorter than
that. Antero: It would probably sound funny.
Jaakko: It would be stupid. Jaakko: How has the session been for you? Good. The songs always play in my head after listening to
them for 8 hours straight. The rest of the day is ruined. Jaakko: But yeah… This was easy because Antero played all
my guitar parts. Jaakko: At least he used my guitar. Jaakko: Although you do have those other guitars… Ville: Ibanez guitars. What do you think about recording sessions, Jaakko? Close to
your heart? Jaakko: No. Jaakko: Well, they’re fine sometimes. I just don’t always
feel like recording. Antero: Mixing is more enjoyable than recording. Antero: It’s more creative.
Ville: Nah, you don’t play while mixing. It’s boring. Antero: You need to perform like a machine to get everything
right. …you can’t feel the vibes the same way you do performing
live, for example. Ville: No, you can enjoy the vibe… …more than when performing live. You can record a million takes and get it perfect. In live performance you can only play the part once and you
get pissed off if you mess it up. Antero: That’s the beauty of it. Jaakko: Yeah, maybe we’ll survive. Antero: Food! Jaakko: Devin (Townsend) approves! Antero: What are you doing? Antero: Jaakko is taking a video or a selfie. Jaakko: I try to take a video but it’s hard to get something
nice to the backround. I got it! We’ve recorded two songs today. Next, we’re going to spend some time having a Trauma cooking
show. Ville: I think I’m semi-dumb… but that’s the ultimate
dumbness… …if you’re dumber than me, you’re doing fucking badly! Jaakko: Lesson of the story: don’t drink bath water. Even if it’s from a beautiful woman. Ville: Definitely not if it’s from a beautiful woman. Ville: You would probably not die if you drank the water of
some old hairy dude… …just makes your immune system work better… …makes your cancer go away. Antero: Makes your cancer go away… Jaakko: That would be pretty metal! Jaakko: Are you thinking about winning, Ville? Ville: Yes but I didn’t win. Ville: I did think about winning but it backfired. Jaakko: Cooking show. The cook ran away. The cook returned. (The following joke is going to be hard to translate. :D…) Antero: But where is the A. Le Coq?
(it’s a beer brand. ale-kokki on the other hand translates
to “price gone DOWN cook”) Jaakko: It’s DOWN there. Ville: Fucking hell… Jaakko: What’s cooking over there? Chicken stir-fry noodles. Jaakko: Sounds pretty good. There’s also some coconut cream if somebody wants. It could work here but my significant other doesn’t like it,
so let’s not add it here. She doesn’t like the taste of coconuts. Jaakko: Right. Jaakko: I wonder if we have too many cooks in the kitchen… …or can we avoid spoiling the broth? Jaakko: Too many cooks. Antero: I think it’s gonna be fine although I don’t know
what Ville is doing. Ville: Whatta fuck?.. …I ain’t cooking! Antero: Ville is managing our social media. Antero: Go comment and “like” other people’s content. Ville: I’m afraid to do that. I just browse and notice that no one has seen our posts,
once again. Antero: Do the classic thing: just comment others’ posts
with three fire emojis. Ville: Okay, shall I do that? Antero: It’s pointless but people still do it. Ville: Oh, I won’t do it then. You shouldn’t have said that. Jaakko: It’s not pointless. Ville: It’s futile. Jaakko: Our name should be everywhere. Jaakko: It should say “Trauma Field is eating chili and
shitting flames”. So you had to stop guitar recordings for this? Jaakko: Yeah. Jaakko: We’re excited to see if you win something or not. This thing is spinning now. Antero: Wheel of fortune. And now it stopped to the empty slot. Antero: No luck this time. Ville: Fuck this! What a fucking game! Jaakko: You never win. Antero: You don’t have it easy. Jaakko: The third song is about ready. Antero: Let’s not show the camera all the tracks we’ve
recorded. It should look like we’ve managed to record
everything in a single take. Jaakko: We’ve just duplicated some tracks multiple times and
we don’t use all the duplicates. Jaakko: Some duplicates are better than others… …just like people… Antero: Let’s take another one like that, alright? Jaakko: Yeah. Likaiset Legendat. Olli Lindholm covers the Earth. Ville: Again. Jaakko: That was a bit shitty. Let’s take one that’s not as
shitty. Antero: That’s pretty cool even if it sounds dirty. Antero: How would it sound if you played the same chord
higher? I probably need to tune it again for that. Antero: Yeah. Ville: That sounded just like… Jaakko: Yeah it did… Ville: Indeed. Jaakko: Space Odyssey. Antero: If we put this thing in the background in low
volume, it might bring up some nice high harmonics. Jaakko: Aces High
(Pun in Finnish: Not a shark, then.) Ville: Yes, a shark, indeed. Antero: What if you play it…
Jaakko: Fucking ouch! Antero: …play it without the lowest string. Antero: …if you just play it like… Antero: Yeah. Antero: So without the lowest string. Jaakko: Fast As A shark! Ville: “Playing guitar is allowed in the toilet.”
(misheard lyrics of Accept: Fast As A Shark) Antero: That sounds pretty good. Heawy medl Ville: Sounds fucking huge. Day one – four songs. Ville: Hey, wake up! It’s the wrong door! Ville: Did you catch that on camera? Jaakko: I did. Ville: Good. Jaakko: We woke up feeling cheerful and happy. Jaakko: Good morning. Jaakko: Delicious bread. Ville: What if you started staring at your ears while you
were playing? Antero: Ville, you’re not the most clever guy I know but
that was a bad joke even from you. (This “joke” is absolutely impossible to translate I
think…) Ville: Could we record this part with just the click playing
so we could hear Jaakko playing the same thing over and
over again? Jaakko: Day two… …lunch break… …one piece left. Delicious food. Antero: One piece as in music or food? Antero: One piece of Ristorante Hawaii pizza? Jaakko: Yes.
Ville: We bought four pizzas from the store actually… Antero: Oh, look! Jaakko: Oh! Jaakko: Everyone here knows what quality is. But what happened? What happened?? Ville: Dude was messing around, that was awful! Jaakko: Yeah, that was pretty sloppy. Ville: Fucking lame. Jaakko: I’ll do it again. Antero: Pretty sad. Ville: Play it properly. So that the pick will get absolutely destroyed. You can throw it away right after. Jaakko: I don’t know if it was any better but let’s hear it. Antero: Let’s just record another one right away. Ville: The thinner the pick, the better. Jaakko: Did it with three strings at the same time. Antero: Such wow. Ville: Quite heavy metal. Antero: Quite heavy metal in my opinion. I’d say we’ve done 7/7 now! Jaakko: Only guitar solos left for me but we’re not
recording them now. Ville: But we’d get some fucking amazing content from
recording guitar solos. Antero: We can do videos of “playthroughs” seperately. Ville: The kind of videos where we pretend to play over
perfectly recorded guitar solos. Jaakko: And a blooper reel which is full of fails and
swearing. Ville: But we can’t do that because we never fail in guitar
solos. Antero: True. Or we could make a playthrough video of all
the fails only. *Ville swearing* Ville: Just like in the drum documentary there’s only fails
and swearing. Jaakko: My guitar parts are pretty much done. Jaakko: We’re all feeling cheerful and happy. Jaakko: Anssi Kela approves. Jaakko: Today we’re setting up guitar sounds. We’ve found great guitar sounds. Ville found a Bounty… …and poured water on his pants. Delay Delay Delay Antero: I think you said that you’re going to win now. Ville: No I said the opposite. Antero: You won again!
Ville: I’ll multiple my winnings by 15. Antero: No you didn’t. Day four. My guitar parts are pretty much done. We’ve set up the sounds. ???? And now it’s Ville’s time to play. A rooster died so I had to throw it into the woods. Jaakko: Did you throw it into the woods? Ville: Well of course I did! I didn’t have a choice. Jaakko: Was it a good throw? Ville: Yes, it flew beautifully! Antero: Can you believe Ville is actually cutting the
chicken? Antero: He’s cooking! Jaakko: Cutting chicken and talking about throwing roosters. Ville: The rooster… Well actually, it didn’t go to waste
because here I am cutting it! Ville: Good rooster meat went to waste… Ville: I wish the rooster was here. Antero: Are you missing the rooster or would you want to be
cutting it here? Ville: I wish the meat didn’t go to waste. Jaakko: “I wish you we here” Ville: Surprisingly shitty. Jaakko: Battery Locorice Boost. Jaakko: People have messed this place up. Ville: A tidy work environment. Now here’s the sound! Jaakko: Well that is a great sound. Jaakko: You sock. Ville: Does it sound like… Does it sound out of tune? Is this guitar out of tune? YES IT IS. Well I wonder why you couldn’t hear anything! You can still hear nothing. Jaakko: You’re muting it with your hand. Ville: But that’s the thing! You have to hear it from this
side… If it sounds like this, it sounds like normal music. This sounds like normal music that I listen to every day. Jaakko: Right. Antero: “Betcha can’t play this”. Jaakko: So this thing Ville just played is R2D2’s favourite
song. Jaakko: Mikko Alatalo’s favourite song… That explains a lot. Atte recorded all his bass parts at Antero’s studio.
Ville recorded most of his guitar parts at home.
Jaakko recorded everything except one guitar solo at
Antero’s studio.

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