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Toy Guitar… Does It Actually Work?

October 20, 2019

Hey hey! I’m Stevie T, and I was at the dollar store the other day. And I saw… This. A guitar for a dollar… A DOLLAR! a dollar It’s absolutely perfect for those musicians who are on a budget. And I mean that’s a sick paint job! But there’s only one question that remains: does it work? We’re gonna find out today, so let’s bust ‘er open and we’ll see how she sounds! Huh, and would you know it, it comes with its own complimentary case – No it doesn’t, no that doesn’t work. MUSIC All right, let’s see here… [Stevie Noises] Tastes like plastic, looks like plastic, this thing is cheaply made. It’s like – come on. I paid a dollar. I expect QUALITY! more music HA HA would you look at that, they even got little tuning pegs! Okay, I got my clip-on tuner let’s get her in tune. Where are you supposed to put this? OoooOOO!! This thing SUCKS! (falls forward) So test number one. Can you tune it? Not really! [Sounds of disapproval] [raspberry noise] uh? Well let’s see if it tunes down, we’ll give it the breakdown test. Oh yeah, how’s that for a low tuning? BROWN NOTE! So I know you’re all wondering, does it djent? [Trying to djent] [and fails miserably] It kind of does djent! Let’s give it the breakdown test. [Clears throat] [breaks back] All right, so I don’t even know if you could hear the guitar from there, But it did kind of form something that could be considered a note…? (Struming strings open) Let’s do a quick game of “Name That Riff.” Can you guess it? That’s correct: a barely recognizable version of “Thunderstruck.” Try this one. Can you guess that one? That’s right! “White Stripes” – “Seven Nation Army. Okay one more song, but this time I need a capo ♫ Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you. ♫ Did you guess it? That’s right, “Wonderwall.” How the heck did you guess that? Not a single note there was coherent! [Hilarity] HAHA! Right, so let’s try a couple different techniques to see if it works. Let’s see if we can tap. fails to tap Okay, so does it tap? [Disapproving flatulence] Let’s see if we can sweep pick! This neck is so friggin warped it’s unbelievable. no word very well! Four string sweeps!(In weird voice) Screw it, let’s just do some mindless shredding! [Mindless shredding] That’s – it’s next to impossible to shred on this thing. The frets are almost unusable, especially at speeds like that! Let’s see if we can do slide guitar with it. Put that in the guitar stand for a sec… (Guitar falls from stand) All right, let’s test this out. [Testing it out] Wow, that was unexpected, it actually works! [plays slide] [has a physical breakdown] Okay, so it’s time to put the guitar strap on to see if we can rock out with this thing. And you better not have laughed when I said “strap-on.” We are mature adults here! Let me get my strap… Guitar stand! All right. Oh! All right. What – they didn’t even give you strap pegs? Oh c-c-come on, dollar store! How are you supposed to rock out? Well I do have a solution: Tape. This is re- [Wait for it] -DICULOUS! Well ain’t I a rock star? My strap is more expensive than my guitar! [Wheeze!] I wonder if we can do a guitar flip. Yeah, there it is! Okay and as promised if the guitar was at least playable. I promised I would do a song and I did. That’s right, I recorded the song for you guys, and I had so much fun recording this song for you- No, no, no, I didn’t – it was a royal pain in the left nut actually. How are you supposed to plug this into record? There’s no input jack, there’s no – there’s no input jack! I’ll make one. I’ll make one. [Garble] No no no no…. I’ll record it by microphone then, screw it! God it’s is so quiet I got to get right up to the mic! Like how am I – how am I supposed to… Fine, I’ll just thrust into you! No – oh, you’re out of tune! No – that fret sounds different now? What the heck! [Noises of distraught] It looks like I’m using a urinal! Out of tune again! [Barbaric grunting and crunching] Okay, I’m gonna go to the dollar store buy a new guitar, and then we’ll resume! Excuse me… So embarrassing… Well there you have it folks, I hope you liked my little ditty. I was hoping to make it a little bit longer – But I was ready to pull on my friggin hair because this guitar sucks! It can’t record, the frets are this friggin tiny, and the strings sound like – Shhhhhhhhhhhhmmmm- Даааааа!!! So moral of the story is: dollar store guitars are barely playable. So would I recommend this as a toy for a kid who just likes guitar? No, nope, not at all actually! These things suck! So as always click here to subscribe to my channel for so much more content, And thank you guys so much for joining me. I can’t tell you that enough – I love you guys, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. ♫ I will miss you. ♫ ♫ I will miss you. ♫ [Annoyed grunt]


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