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Touchless MIDI Controller (Arduino Guitar Mod)

November 15, 2019

I lost an electron! Are you positive? Request video #2! We need more MIDI stuff! MIDI! MIDI! MIDI! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! I LOVE MIDI! You want MIDI? Let’s talk about MIDI. Manly Irish Dingleberry Incents. Oh shoot… wrong script. Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Like MIDI drums. MIDI keyboard! MIDI keyboard! See, MIDI devices are great, but I just don’t
have the space for another one. MIDI devices are so useful because you can
control music programs with them. Like… FL Studio, Ableton, Protools. What really sucks is that, when I’m playing
the guitar, I don’t have another hand for another MIDI device. Here’s an idea! Let’s integrate a MIDI controller into the
body of the guitar so that I can play the strings and control MIDI at the same time. I’m thinking we use hand movements as a MIDI
slider, and then we can map this MIDI slider to any digital effect that we want. So, let’s do that! The secret’s in the mitten.Okay! Let’s see what we got. Uhhh… MIDI effect… link… Whoa! Up. Down. Up. Down. Okay so now, let’s map it to an equalizer
sweep so that we get the hueew-hueeew-hueeew effect. Distortion? One more. Umm… phaser! Now let’s bring in some buttons. Three buttons here, one for each effect. Equalizer sweep, distortion, and phaser. Put the buttons over here. There we go. That’s a good spot. I’m still learning how to use it, so bear
with me. Here’s how it all works. You remember that Arduino project we had last
time? The metal detector? Uhh… this one? Well, here, inside my guitar, is a detector
coil. And my mitten is lined with tin foil. The detector detects the proximity of the
tin foil, and sends a signal over to an Arduino on the back. The Arduino then sends a MIDI slider signal
out the MIDI jack. That’s about it! Ugh… sweaty. Full schematics at the end of the video. Let’s go build stuff! For this we’re going to need:
An Arduino! Colpitts Oscillator! MIDI Port! Cups! We’re going to start by creating a detector
coil. Take the cups, cut off the lips, and tape
them together to make a spool. Then, let’s take apart a transformer, take
the wire from it, and give the spool 70 wraps of that wire. Solder the ends of the spool to an audio cable
and we’re done with the detector coil. Next we’ll have to make a Colpitts oscillator
circuit, exactly the same one as the one in our metal detector project. If you don’t know what this is, then check
out this video. Now we take teh Arduino, plug it in, and upload
the code. Next we’re going to connect up all our components. And I’m going to hot glue everything onto
a piece of cardboard because no one’s willing to sponsor us a 3D printer! Psst… it’s not too late. Let’s also make ourselves a lid, so that we
get something that looks like a box and not just a pile of glue on cardboard. Close it up with a nut and bolt, and place
some velcro strips on the back of the box. That’ll do it. Taaaaaaa Detector coil in here. MIDI signal over here. USB power over here. And buttons go in here. This is not a USB port. It was the only 4 pin connector I had. So if you’re going to be tempted to plug a
USB stick in here, don’t use a USB port. Now let’s make some buttons by salvaging a
broken calculator. Cut out a face plate. Sand it down and close off the sides. Then, let’s take some tactile buttons, and
solder them onto a perfboard. Like I said before, I’m using a USB connector
because that’s the only 4 pin connector I have. Don’t plug this into your computer. Now let’s close it off and add a thin layer
of blutack on it, so that it’ll stick to the guitar. Done! Let’s slip our detector coil into our sound
hole like that, and plug it in. Buttons go here, plug that in as well. Plug in the MIDI cable, and the patch cord,
and we’re good to go. Oh right! The glove! Line it with tin foil! Hey! As always, here’s the full schematics if you want to
build one of these yourself. Check out the description box for everything
you need. On another note… The technical article for the metal detector
project is now out on All About Circuits, so if you’re having trouble with this one,
go check out the article over here. I want to thank my patrons for supporting
this video. Oh… here they are. This is my first ever patron supported video,
and if you like what I do here, then you too can become a patron. And you can even win the things I make on
this channel, such as this lovely abomination. And by supporting me, you also help me invent
more kinds of these things and help me hopefully put this stuff into production so that no
one ever has to glue stuff onto cardboard again. Our first Patreon goal is right here, and
we are right here. When we get up here, I’m hoping we can invest
in a better lens so that we can get even better video. That’s all I have for you today. I’ll see you next week. BYEEEE!


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