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TOP 3 EMOTIONAL AUDITIONS From X Factor UK | X Factor Global

October 11, 2019

Hello hello, how are you? I’m good, how are you? I’m all right, thank you. Are you the last to audition here tonight? I am the last one today Okay, been a long day right? It has been a long day, but I’m ready You know, but this if you ever watch The X Factor before it often goes: It’s the end of a long day and our last contestant … Is silently waiting in the wings Yeah And you know what happens then Yeah, it either goes very good or very bad Yeah, one of the two So tell me about you So I’m 21 I went from Billingham and Teesside I’m a car mechanic And then obviously I sing a little bit as well And you live on your own? I live with my mom Just me and my mom. I love that you say mom like me Yeah, she’s my rock, sir And what are you gonna sing? I’m gonna sing jealous by labyrinth And tell me why you’ve chosen that song It means a lot to me for a different reason I think to how labyrinth wrote it Which is? Lost my best friend a couple years ago and I kind of interpret the lyrics in a completely different way I Lost my best friend two years ago. He was only 18 at the time, and we were really really close we did everything together We got a call saying We had to go to the hospital because he wasn’t gonna last the day and I know that was tough on Josh So The lyrics kind of say I’m jealous that you’re happy without me And I kind of see it in the sense that I’m jealous that he’s now happy in heaven that he’s moved on to a better Place and that I can’t still be with him Well best of luck Josh, thank you I’m jealous of the rain that falls upon your skin It’s closer than my hands have been I’m jealous of the rain ’cause i wish you the best of All this world could give and i told you when you left me there’s nothing to forgive But I always thought you’d come back tell me all you found was Heartbreak and misery It’s hard For me to say I’m jealous of the way You’re happy without me i wished you the best of all this world could give and I told you when you left me there’s nothing to forgive but i always thought you’d come back Break it’s hot And it’s hard for me You’re happy And You know what Josh on his seat Wow That was the most captivated athlete in all the auditions Very much, and you really touched me I believed every word is done I can’t don’t wanna. Love you. I love a hug Alex Nestor. Oh, Sh Well Journalist Josh that really got me right in the heart. I was completely transfixed like I know I didn’t want it to end Thank you Josh I’m gonna kick this off with very emotional yes Also you’re getting against for me Josh Yes dresses Probably isn’t proud you’re doing proverbs. Oh you did I don’t know today I’m feeling the pressure because first audition was good last night. I asked you to marry me Second audition no till you’re drunk, and I’ll show you It was a little awkward at times Yesterday, I messed up so badly and I came off the stage and I was so low in a really bad bad place Today I want the judges to be able to be like that’s what we saw and though I can do it now I’ve got my guitar and L can do this and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t Hello, Lacey, hello, how are you doing? I’m good how you I’m right better than yesterday Tell me about picking you songs. How did it go? I’ve done a bit of a mix up of some songs that really look like and mean a lot to me I want to hear one of one of yours. I’ve got one called tea and toast, but it’s a sad song It sounds good go for it Okay, so this song’s about a real couple that I saw so yeah Tom was born in 1942 with eyes of blue and the doctor said his birth was far too fast His heart stopped twice, but yet he survived as he took his first breath his mother took her last And he rarely spoke about her, but when he did he said your mother used to say this When the skies aleut kimbap my dear and your hearts lost all his home after dawn there will be sunshine and All the dust will go The skies will clear my darling I wake up with the one I love the most and in the morning. I’ll make you up Some giant oats Well they met through a friend who introduced salmon the first thing Tom said was would you like to dance But two quick years I went by there were side by side And without a plan they can see the little child The little girl girlfriend so this day they said that they love each other every day, I’m 40 years later That brings us to now And as in walking down the street her grip loosens on his hand puts her arm around a side as she falls to the ground He hears her breathing And he sitting by a bed in the hospital warden that daughter walks in with the family of her own She says that I don’t know she can hear you now, but there’s one thing mom would want you to know When the skies are looking pop my dear and your hearts lost all its hope after dawn there will be sunshine and All the dust will go The skies will clean my nothing now. It’s time for you to let go I gonna wake you up in the morning With some tea on toast That song is so good For it’s every bar he’s a total It’s huge before without a dynamo down When you hear Christian Been singing you know on and off flat as a little child, but couple years back went to an Ed Sheeran gig Yeah, I saw him just standing there on the stage just with his guitar I just wanted to be that I wanted to be him and do what he’s doing, but you know with him It’s all about the songs. You know that I mean I write songs myself, so could we hear one of your songs? You can yeah I’ve got I’ve got a Song I wrote for my brother who passed away when I was when I was on the young And it’s just a song that you know means everything to me and only only my mum has ever heard it so Do you want to perform it I? Can do I feel like I’m ready it’s entirely your choice Christian I feel like I’m ready to be sure yeah, all right take your time Good I Would do anything just to be 2 years old you can Imagine what we could have done By June wahoo we could have been making paper planes till the Sun Goes Down nothing holding your hand this you squeezing onto my Hold on time you should never let go Remember building castles also fold ah go just to knock him down. She’s changed. No. You’re not you’re out I’m not the same But I hope you proud I wish a little face was still around with that cheesy smile and then little chubby cheeks imagine all the mischief we get up to Imagine noise tag team one plus two Imagine all the good bats and happy times Imagine all the time out know each step cries stay here play watch TV We couldn’t watch we go to school break the rules play hopscotch And climb trees chase bees just backed up and fire fire fire fire Over brothers stuff and sneaker they play football till the Sun Goes my Thunder, buddy I will keep you safe as she goes off to sleep bad boys and counting sheep off to sleep night night Baby, brother sleep until we meet again Stay safe my friend And I will keep you in my thoughts to the very end My little Charlie choppy in the sky with a smile my lettuce on the body. I will see you in Sorry little rainy but stars come out to play oh, I miss you I want to be with you my friends. Just wish we could be together Thank you for sharing that with us Chris team Nick Honestly Christian on the first song I didn’t know if I got you and then you wrote that second song and I was right there all the way and You got me, so thank you for that Louie yeah, Christian it was a very honest audition. I think you were very I think your burgers Yeah very beautiful song very beautiful I Like you in law You’re very pure, and what you do it has a great charm to it You know what Christian he was very brave to share that song with us because it is so personal I Don’t know how he did that But I think it was important that he did to it actually Because it told me and asked who you were as an artist that actually is a person and you’ve got a real talent I think you’re great with lyrics And I like you Louie Christian, I’m saying yes Sharon It’s a yes for me Nick I’m so happy to say yes Christian Guess what You go for you Thank you, thank you minute you’re gonna get the time He did great Where’s mum and dad mum dad, it’s beautiful you should be very proud Congratulations. Well done guys nice to meet you. Take a kiss nice to meet you It was real He was real. Yeah, actually really good with lyrics anyway really so relatable and endearing Lovely to meet you Simon saying he appreciated one of my own songs means the world


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