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Tom Hanks on Sally Field | 2019 Kennedy Center Honors Red Carpet

December 12, 2019

Tom Hanks: Sally started off as a household name,
you know, we knew who Sally was when- I think I was 10 years old, she was on TV,
it was the first job she ever had. She had no anonymity, she was just Sally from
the get-go, and as the years rolled by her body of work grew and I think the
most impressive way than any any actor in Hollywood the way she, sort of like
demanded to be taken seriously and then proved everybody wrong when they said “we don’t take you seriously” I’ve been able to work with her three times.>>She directed me once.>>That’s right. So I- I- I feel that- that the two times I worked with her
there was absolutely no nonsense there was no maintenance there was just
the purity of shared and respected work between the two of us, so I’m in love
with her- I think she’s->>She’s the best.>> I think she’s an extraordinary artist. Happy to be here.

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