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Tokyo Things To Do | A City of The Five Senses | Lost in Translation Series

November 5, 2019

Skyscrapers like an evil corps in Resident Evil series or any brands in comics and movies. Streets… Feels like you are in a video game or a movie. Lost in Translation… As in the movie which is Sophia’s ode to city… As a prefecture, Tokyo is like an interactive sci-fi adventure book. Let’s call the book as “A City of the Five Senses” In fact, Tokyo City was merged with Tokyo Prefecture forming the current “metropolitan perfection” that proves Japan is not like any other country So much of the DNA of this book remains the atmosphere It is call-to-adventure and being there is an instant invitation to play. Gaining a unique understanding, providing different colors for the body and mind to be painted. See, hear, touch, smell and taste… Sometimes your only job is to have fun in here and sometimes exploring paths of transformation for your inner journey See museums, temples, eat at one of the thousands of delicious restaurants, explore cool and unusual things to do Mostly I saw in Osaka, but dressing up as Mario characters and driving a go-kart or going a robot café can be unique thing that can be done Anyway, once you are here you can define the story and your story define the structure Deciding what to do and see in here depends on what your soul is eager to see and how much time you have Let’s summarize the essence of Tokyo’s amazing landmarks and dive into chapters Chapter 1 – Shinkansen Taking the famous Japanese Shinkansen aka the “bullet train” is fast and comfortable way to get to Tokyo If you will not stay in famous capsule hotels, you can book a convenient package and travel quickly on the bullet train with hotels just as we do We were headed to Tokyo from Osaka While waiting at the Shin-Osaka station, watching a bullet train makes a vertigo effect in the body So just hop on the train and wait for the departure time When I am sleep deprived from the night before, it’s really hard to open my eyes it’s really hard to open my eyes Travelling is like how can i identify… it is my soul left the building my entire physical body. And here I am, at the beginning of my new journey, Beautiful Tokyo Everything is about to change Hotel check-in is late so let’s leave the baggage behind Both coin lockers and a luggage check are found inside Tokyo Station So we’re ready to jump the next chapter Chapter 2 – Order in Chaos: Riding The Tokyo Metro Japan has the world’s most sophisticated subway network Moreover, the Tokyo subway system is one of the largest and most complex structure in the world It’s true, it is very crowded and worker pushes people to the train on rush hours but there is an order in chaos It can be overwhelming on first sight, especially if you don’t speak Japanese Do not afraid, no need to worry, you won’t get lost Announcements, ticket machines, and signs all have English versions As a start you need a card I had IC card from Osaka but you can take other card such as Pasmo from a machine to use in subway Let the Google Maps is your best friend And that’s it, you can go wherever you want if you were to look at the whole of subway network, you can see that there is complete order and perfection within the chaos Chapter 3 – Contradiction and Harmony Skyscrapers and Green Can two contradicting ideas be put together in the same? Like a paradox offers two contradictory ideas that can be both true at the same time in here I don’t know, for the first time, a concrete jungle didn’t bother me at all Maybe it has an order in the chaos too Tokyo’s high-rise and underground structures surrounded by green spaces It is a megapolis with it’s well known architectural design and beautiful green gardens From Nakagin Capsule Tower to the Godzilla’s first rampage diet building Tokyo’s urban landscape is alive When you are in Metropolitan Government Office, you can enjoy the view in height with the city’s skyscrapers which surround the green space Or just go to Tokyo Skytree It is said that on a clear day, possible to see the peak of Mt. Fuji from the top of Tokyo Sky Tree On the other hand, The Tokyo Imperial Palace Park with it’s green atmosphere, lies in the center of the skyscraper city It is said that If you visit the Imperial Palace on December or January on two specific days, you’ll see the Japan Emperor and his family make a public appearance at the Palace for the monarch’s birthday and a New Year’s greeting The route around the Imperial Palace and Yoyogi Park, known as one of the best running spots in Tokyo If you have time for only a few run in the city, you must do the Imperial Palace route and Yoyogi Park Chapter 4 – Scramble Concerto and Incredible Akhiabara Shinjuku is a a large business and entertainment district You can access Cross North at The Scramble from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit Maybe you know Hachiko by crying your eyes out on this Richard Gere movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, remake of the Japanese film, Hachikō Monogatari based on the legendary story of “Hachiko, the faithful dog” Right next to Hachiko statue is the scramble crossing which is easily the world’s busiest crossing with a thousand people running into the middle of the street It’s busy all day The Starbucks overlooking Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is a popular place to street people watch, but I don’t like to wait and let go the time in waiting lines So just looking up in the crossing and found another spot A Hand Drip Coffee Perfect place to not only watch, also hear the concerto lots of people coming together in a lonely concerto Don’t forget to explore Harajuku area while you are here There are countless independent fashion boutiques of youth fashion But above all, let’s enter the paradise of Japanese arcades, where old-school Japanese arcade culture and the modern game heaven coexist happily ever after Become a Taiko Drummer or enjoy the Japan’s best VR entertainment facility centers It is up to you. If you like you can experience Purikura, a term comes from the “print club, go to the photo booths with customizing options can be found in arcades Before the photos are taken, we chose things like a background theme and just how big eyed like an anime character
it was really fun When I say arcade, let’s get into the most famous place for the gamers, hobbyists and tech-lovers Meet the Incredible Akhiabara – the electric town, best place to geek out! Going into any electronics store in Akihabara is like stepping into a video game or anime culture in the city You can be surrounded by comics, maids calling for you Maid cafes, etc… You can visit Mandarake, one of Akihabara’s biggest place for collectibles of anime, superheroes and manga comics, Gamers, right near the station, another popular place here Chapter 5 – Beautiful Temples & Shrines What happens next is a spiritual journey of peace and love Step into transformation for inner journey of a character over the course of this book’s story The shrines and temples of Tokyo attract thousands of visitors from all around the world There are many shrines and temples in Tokyo you don’t want to miss when visiting Well known Sensō-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, The temple itself, is at the end of the shopping street Nakamise Just near the temple, Hoppy Street is the place to go, if you want to enjoy a nostalgic town atmosphere and delicious tastes Another stop is a world famous Shinto shrine At the heart of Tokyo, surrounded by skyscrapers, there is a forest breathing on the site of Meiji Jingu shrine with Yoyogi Park The entrance takes you through a world’s largest wooden gate Meiji Jingu Shrine is dedicated to the Emperor Meiji A peaceful thing to do, just enter and walk around Chapter 6 – “The” Food There are lots of Themed Restaurants and cafes such as S&M, snake cafe, vampire cafe, prison themed restaurant, even ninja restaurant, or sumo themed restaurant to eat sumo style food Chankonabe But above all Tokyo is a foodie heaven holds the world record for the city with the most Michelin-starred restaurants There are lots of taste; street foods, ramen, sushi, tempura, and more. We went to the Yakiniku restaurant Han no Daidokoro in Shibuya. Here we cooked our own meal with kobe beef yakiniku which means grilled meat You can try delicious yakitori aka Grilled Chicken and go to the traditional Japanese Izakaya restaurant We went to Gonpachi aka Kill Bill Restaurant if first Kill Bill is one of your favourite movies, you must visit Gonpachi, the restaurant that inspired the movie for setting “the” fight scene of the bride Gonpachi is a popular japanese izakaya style restaurant serves traditional izakaya tastes like sushi, yakitori, tempura, soba noodles, sake and beer Kill Bill which can pronounce in Japanese like Kiri Biru While l’s become r’s we can go to the another chapter The Final Chapter: Lost In Translation “Lost in Translation”, directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Bill Murray as Bob and Scarlett Johansson as Charlotte, mostly shot in Tokyo. Bob and Charlotte stay and meet each other in the Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel Bob spends most of his nights at the bar on the hotel’s top floor Bob is in town to make a Suntory whiskey commercial, he doesn’t speak Japanese, repeats the famous line “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time” I repeated the line in the city, but it is a complete failure as you can see Many other scenes of the movie were shot in Shibuya and Shinjiku The movie tells the details of loneliness and feeling lost and successful to observe what can you experience in Japan. People say too much things but you don’t understand a thing while you say something in English where you can’t speak Japanese I’ve experienced mostly all things that declared about Japan and people in the movie If you are a “gaijin” aka foreigner here and if you didn’t see the movie, you must watch immediately. Usually Osaka’s Dotonbori gave that feeling more but I can say Tokyo is like Blade Runner atmosphere There’s always something going on in the neon city. Here we are, where the story had begun Shinkansen cleaning crew have just 7 minutes to get train ready Something has changed within me, but I can’t identify. Farewell a beautiful place, I hope we’ll meet again.

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