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Three Things To Do With A Cauliflower Before You Die | Food Busker

August 21, 2019

Brothers and Sisters of Food Tube. Food Busker back in the house and this week I’m gonna show you the most amazing three recipes using
cauliflower. Cauliflower. I’m now right. Ya Mum overcooked it. It’s naff. It’s crap. No. The first one. A cauliflower steak. It’s meaty tasty, and gnarly. The second one is
cauliflower rice. if you want to cut down the carbs the
perfect replacement dish for rice. Amazing. And then the third one. You want pancakes I’ll give your pancakes. Cauliflower pancakes, and some lovely bacon. Roll credits. First up, the cauliflower steak. Slice a steak out from the middle. You want it about a centimeter and a half thick, and you want to remove all the
leaves. The core is absolutely fine because it’s gonna be
the meatiest part of the cauliflower steak. Pan on. Two tablespoons of olive oil. Gonna bring that up to a high
temperature, and then we’re going to put the steak in. Why? Because I want to get that nice
caramelization on there. Cos that’s what gives this the flavour. Right, this little bad boy is now caramelized on both sides. So into the oven on a medium heat for 15 minutes. Cauliflower steak, done. Roasting off some red onions, a red chili and some garlic. Cut through that. Put some parsley and some capers through. Finished off with some olive oil it’s
getting on the side. Absolutely flippin’ delicious. It’s a fraction of the
price of a regular steak. Guys this is meaty, it’s tasty, but it’s flippin’ meat free. It’s one of your five a day, and it’s a far more sustainable way to have a steak. Next recipe, cauliflower rice. With the remaining
cauliflower cut out the core. It’s just a little bit too tough. Roughly chop the cauliflower. Put it through the blitzer. And blitz it through. It gets there quite quickly, so be careful not to overdo it. The consistency you’re looking at is this. Pan on. 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Put it in and then you’re going to lightly fry and steam the rice. Because
I’m cooking on the street I haven’t got the luxury of having a lid to finish the last stage of it. So, bit of tin foil. Whack it on, and then I’m going to turn it off and let it steam for five to six minutes. That’s done. Now we’ll put the garnishes through it. A teaspoon of Grand Cumin. That’s gonna give the cauliflower rice a real pungent kick. Delicious. Stir that in. We’ll get some sweetcorn. On the cob, that I barbecued earlier.
Drop that in. 2 teaspoons of pomegranate seeds, and then lets get some flat leaf parsley in there. Right that is beautiful. If you watching
your carb intake this is a lot lower than regular white rice. A good pinch of salt. Right, this rice is ready. Lets serve up and then garnish. Walnuts and flaked almonds and then a few
pomegranate to finish. That’s my rice done. Now cauliflower pancakes. I saved some of my cooked cauliflower
rice earlier. I want 200 grams of that into the blitzer. Eight tablespoons of almond flour or ground almonds. Same thing. Four eggs
broken in. 4 tablespoons of oat milk. You can use
coconut milk, almond milk, whatever you want. I want to use it keep
it dairy-free. Pinch of salt. Blitz. Okay, so now what we’ve got is a lovely batter. It’s got some bubbles in it. It’s got some air to it. Pan on, and then about a tablespoon of veg oil. I’m going to make small american-style pancakes, perfect for brunch. So that’s our cauliflower pancakes. Perfect with crispy bacon. And a perfect replacement for gluten-free.
Cauliflower pancakes, done. So there’s three ways to take your
cauliflower to the next level. Now tell me cauliflower is boring. I’ve got my cauliflower rice, quick, fast and mega tasty. And then you’ve got my cauliflower pancakes. These are so tasty. And then you’ve got my hero cauliflower steak. Its gnarly, and caramelized on the outside and really fills
you up. Now if you wanna see some other cool dishes from me, then come over to my channel. And guys, Food Tube massive in the area. See ya later!


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