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Thời Trang Mùa Hè ♡ SUMMER LOOKBOOK ’17

November 18, 2019

Hey guys~ This video almost had zero talking However, I would like to thank you all for supporting me all this time! I’ve only started vlogging for about 2 months But my Youtube channel already has 13K subscribers My Facebook page currently has 22K likes And there are 2 videos posted about 2-3 weeks ago Those are skincare and makeup videos and they reached 70K views already! Those are the numbers that I’ve never thought I would achieve that fast But because of you guys I am here I hope that makes sense Honestly, everyday when I read your lovely comments I genuinely feel so happy! And I feel that I have more hopes in life More hopes in the good souls out there And I deeply appreciate that! Honestly there were so many comments that touched this heart~ Didn’t mean to be so cheesy but I’m already passed that I am so thankful for your support guys!!! Thank you! And I hope those good souls will always stay with you So that we’d always be beautiful inside out! So much love~ And I would like to thank my bestie Julie For helping me film this video! Obviously I can’t be posing over there and here at the same time filming myself lol So… thank you Julie~ You guys could also notice I have a new quote on my bed today This was a gift from a girlfriend of mine Thanks Uyen, love you girl! And I also wanna tell you guys this All the details about my outfits, accessories… I already listed them in the description box You can just click ‘See More’ to open it and find them! That way we can save each other some time 😉 And I also got a lot of comments asking what lipstick I used in the previous videos So I’m going to show you the one I used in this video now It’s from 3CE #113 Cotton Smile This is a gift from Julie, thanks girl~ And I also got the same nail colour as the one I did in my makeup tutorial A lot of you guys have asked but because I did my nails at a salon so I didn’t get the name So I went back for it~ The name is ‘Barefoot in Barcelona’ This reminds me of the beautiful gypsies with tanned skin and barefoot on a beach flash tattoos and stuff and a lot of accessories and painted this nail colour! And especially I received a lot of comments from you guys Requesting TMI Tag video or Facts About Me so I think… I’m not ready for TMI Tag yet Because it’s like Too Much Information But what I think is I haven’t really given you… the basic information about me yet So if I’m going to make a Facts About Me video What about me do you guys wanna know? Please put it down below! And I will answer them I’m glad that you guys wanna know about me so much Actually I’m just a nobody who makes videos and upload them on Youtube Nothing much lol Last time when I uploaded my Singapore video I saw that a lot of you guys liked my style and requested more fashion vlogs So I made this Summer Lookbook Even though it’s a little early for that but I had a getaway so I thought why not do it? Share with you my summer style! And I hope you guys enjoyed this video and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up! That is so important~ Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to see my upcoming videos Getting more fluent saying it lol Anything else? Guess that’s it! See you in my next videos guys~ I hope you all well and gorgeous and always find beauty in your wonderful life! Think of positive things! They have magic~

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