Things Made in China That Are Actually Amazing

September 7, 2019

[Narrator] – If you’re like most people, you associate the words, “Made in China” with off-brand toys that
don’t quite look right. But China’s also probably the birthplace of most cellphones,
computers, and oil tankers. In fact, many experts now believe that the days of “cheap”
China are drawing to an end, and I’m inclined to agree with them. To prove this point, lets explore 20 amazing things that are all made in China. (sci-fi music) – Amazing! [Narrator] -Number 20,
LG Pocket Photo Printer It won’t be long before the photo booth goes the way of the dodo. And, it’ll be little wireless
photo printers like this, that helps drive them there. Manufactured by LG, this pocket printer can
slide into your back pocket, for on-the-go selfie printing. As it operates off Bluetooth, there’s no need to carry
around wires and cartridges. Costing just over $100 dollars, this printer comes with
10 sheets of paper, and a USB charger. Number 19, Storm Glass Basically, a meteorologist in a bottle, this product can supposedly
predict changes in the weather. The chemicals inside form
crystals of varying sizes, depending on the pressure
and humidity of the weather. If the liquid inside
is clear, for example, the weather is supposed
to be bright and sunny. Thread-like wisps indicate wind, turbidity indicates clouds, and small dots indicate fog. Some people used to think
these sort of devices worked, but it turns out they just react to temperature changes
of their surroundings. Accurate or not, it’s probably
worth the $20 price tag. To be honest, it’s still probably more accurate than your average weatherman. Number 18, Color-Changing Faucet A twitch of the faucet to the left can turn your warm
shower into an ice bath. This product, however, makes it easy to see the
temperature of your water, without having to shove
your whole dang arm in it. Fitting most standard faucets, this product will glow one of four colors, depending on the temperature of the water flowing through it. A bright blue indicates
the water is chilly, while a flashing red tells
you that scalding is possible. This faucet also makes your bathroom look pretty cool, win-win! Number 17, Selfie Lamp Lighting can spell the difference between a stellar selfie, and a terrible snap. This LED light ring helps bridge that gap. Easily mounted on any smart phone, this LED ring offers three
levels of illumination, to help decrease glare and shadowing. When used correctly, this selfie-accessory spits back pictures that are always crisp, and clearly lit. It won’t do anything about
that pizza face, though. Number 16, Plasma Lighter If you need to burn some of those selfies, this electro-impulse
lighter might come in handy. Because it replaces fire
and fluid with plasma, these Chinese lighters will
outlive even the hardiest Zippo. They’re also completely maintenance-free. Charged via a USB port, these lighters can go up
to 10 days between charges, and are completely
unaffected by the weather. Number 15, Run-Away Alarm Clock For all the Rip Van Winkles out there, this alarm clock is a must have. It not only removes the
temptation of the snooze button, but also makes us chase after it. Using its durable wheels for traction, this still-shrieking alarm
clock does everything it can to get out of its owner’s reach. By the time you catch the dastardly thing, you’ll be wide awake. Then again, that’s kind of the idea. Number 14, Drawing Robot This drawing machine is every
freelance artist’s nightmare. With just a few simple instructions, this wonder robot can
reproduce any piece of art, with startling precision. While I love the idea of a
Mona Lisa in everyone’s home, I shudder at what this
mechanical Michelangelo might mean for the forgery rate. Number 13, 3D Pen This pen can help your creations
leap right off the page. A recent breakthrough in 3D modeling, this product allows you to
draw creations in midair. Just feed the filament
into its special holder at the back of the pen, wait for it to heat up, and get to work. Whether you wanna make your own footwear, or a scale replica of a cathedral, this pen has you covered. Number 12, One of the Fastest
Computers in the World The Chinese-made, Sunway TaihuLight was the world’s fastest supercomputer from June 2016 to June 2018. While it’s now been
surpassed by IBM’s Summit, this Chinese supercomputer is the second fastest in the world. Mostly used for weather forecasting and pharmaceutical research, this computer cost its owners
around 300 million dollars. Number 11, The Water Assault Rifle AK-47’s may be scary in the wrong hands, but not if you’re holding this one, because it only shoots water, which is quite amusing to watch. Though it’s a decent replica, shooting water with this
gun won’t do anything to elevate your “cool-kid” status. Designed to fire
specially-made water bullets, this gun fires up to four rounds a second. Number 10, Robot Chefs From the street, this restaurant from Heilongjiang Province looks like every other. But inside, it’s operated
almost entirely by robots. From food runners to cooks, the process pays off in cost-savings, which should ensure
reasonably priced dishes. Judging by how well it’s going, it won’t be long before
they hit the states. Number Nine, Smog-Eating Towers China has smog problems, and its fair share of ridiculous
inventions to fight it. This is one of them. The creators of this
tower claim it can clean up to 30,000 cubic
meters of an air an hour. Though it initially struggled
to cut the ecological mustard, the newly-upgraded version of this tower purifies the equivalent
of 17 cigarettes a day. I know a load of places
where this is necessary. One being next to my dad on the couch, after he’s been to the buffet. Number Eight, Wi-Fi Enabled Toilets Lots of us procrastinate on the toilet, so having free Wi-Fi
there, would be ideal. If you’re in Chongqing,
this is already reality. With Wi-Fi speeds clocking
out at 50 megabits per second, you’ll be waiting a long
time to use this toilet, if somebody’s already in there. Number Seven, The Chicken Believe it or not, the original KFC recipe wouldn’t exist, without Chinese interference. Because, without them, there’d be no chicken
to put in the buckets. While their origins are
shrouded in mystery, most scholars believe
that domesticated chickens arose from us cross-breeding
red and grey jungle fowl, in southeastern parts of China. Fossil records indicate, this domestication occurred
at around 5400 BCE. Number Six, Body Fat Fridge Magnet Most days wouldn’t be complete, without a midnight snack. Sure, we know it’s bad for us, but there’s nothing
like a tub of ice cream, to finish off a stressful day. This magnet might make you think twice. Meticulously painted and carved, its a scientifically-accurate
representation of one ounce of fatty tissue. But, if you’d rather
embrace your inner fat, why not smother yourself in its
causes, using this soap bar. Made to imitate BBQ chicken wings, this unique soap is the perfect way to get that Buffalo sauce
off your double chins. Number Five, Yang Zongfu’s Ball It may look like an oversized lemon drop, but this capsule can supposedly
survive a nuclear disaster. Designed by Chinese
businessman, Yang Zongfu, this emergency disaster survival pod cost nearly $175,000 to
design and manufacture. To show off the device’s durability, its inventor put it
through a series of tests. While it proved itself to be
fireproof and impact resistant, it’s not exactly a yellow submarine. The second it hit water,
it started leaking. But, it still deserves a spot on the land-locked
prepper’s Christmas list. Number Four, The Interactive Money Box China is home to its share
of weird money boxes. Some of them, like this one, are enough to give children nightmares. Featuring a cartoonish, human face, this bank invites young’uns to feed in their hard-earned allowance. Once a hand lifts to
the level of its mouth, it begins chomping at the empty air. Though it can be run on electricity, many users choose to make use of its battery-compatibility. If you want a Chinese bank without the complimentary nightmares, you can pick up one of
these animal-themed banks. Available in a cat or panda option, this bank is also motion-activated. Just place a coin on top, and watch with childlike
awe, as a paw appears, to drag the coin inside. At just $13, this bank
comes in a dollar cheaper than the nightmare fuel above. Number Three, One-Wheeled Skateboard Looking like an alien’s
Christmas tree topper, this one-wheeled skateboard
boasts a 500-watt engine, and a series of
brightly-colored LED lights. Offering 360 degree turns, and
a relatively low price tag, this thing is a step-up
from the hover board in Back to The Future. Judging by all the fake reviews, however, you might wanna think twice, before handing over your cash. Number Two, The Hulkbuster Suit Looks like the rest us need to turn in our “Marvel’s Number One Fan” badges. One Chinese super fan
took superhero idolatry to the next level, when he built an Iron Man
“Hulkbuster” suit in his garage. Developed by Tony Stark in the films, this specially-made suit is
designed to beat some sense into everyone’s favorite
not-so-jolly green giant. While this 100-piece replica
can’t take out buildings, it’s more than enough to earn its creator a place in the obsessive fan hall of fame. As you’ve seen so far, China manufactures some amazing products. However, it’s also home to a
variety of bizarre creations, and here are just a few. In case you were bored by
standard charging cables, here’s an alternative, in the
form of an umbilical cord. I have one thing to say
about this one, yuck. This iPhone charger uses
silicone to replicate the natural texture and movements
of a human umbilical cord. Probably meant as some kind of poke at human-phone dependence, this serial killer’s wet dream will run you just over $6,000. Now for something just as gross, snail slime, meant to be
used as a facial cleanser. Looks like there’s nothing
people won’t rub on their face to retain that youthful glow. But, at just $0.18 a gram, this “miracle” cure seems worth a shot. And, for all you animal lovers out there, it’s pretty close to cruelty-free. Next up, a Phone Kisser. Invented to make
long-distance dating easier, this mobile accessory
uses sensors and actuators to mimic the feeling of a real kiss. Just press your lips against
the silicone pad, and hit send. The next time your partner
logs in, they can reciprocate. Sadly, this device can’t mimic the movement of a human tongue, so all that French
kissing will have to wait. Number One, Smart Hologram Lamp Holographic technology
isn’t quite there yet, but luckily you can
buy cool hologram lamps that create the illusion realistically. Coming in everything from
alien heads to dinosaurs, these 3D lamps are powered
by color-changing LEDs, and last for years without
needing a new bulb. For the sci-fi or lightning
nerd in your life, they’re the way to go. And, better yet, they’ll
only run you about 20 bucks. Did something on our list change your perspective
on Chinese manufacturing? Are you trying to Google
translate your way to adding one of these things
into your shopping cart now? Let me know in the comments
section down below, and thanks for watching! (sci-fi music)

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