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They Are The Best Barbers In The World | You Haven’t Seen It Before

December 12, 2019

the haircut is a creative process this phrase is the best student to the description of the modern barber after all today a visit to the hairdresser can be a separate adventure if you fall into the hands of one of the incredible masters from an unusual pure dresser cutting hair to a stylist drawing realistic portraits right on the backs of customers with you now I know and today we will show you the best hairdressers in the world and their incredible work that you have probably not seen well before we start I remind you that you can subscribe to the channel so as not to miss the new video well now let’s go rob for how many do not like going to the hairdresser no matter how carefully you think through the hairstyle that scrupulous they described for the nasty you will inevitably hear the sound of scissors he will see off your hair with your eyes as you always do but not in a barber shop in San Antonio Texas USA or an amazing master works creating incredible pictures on the heads of customers yes modern man can no longer be surprised by realistic tattoos even if it is a photographic we made portraits what seemed unusual before can now safely take a place in the ranks of banality there is a reasonable question how then to stand up from the crowd if the usual means such as piercings tattoos and shocking clothing are boring to the public hairdresser Ferrell popularly known off the original came up with the new way to attract attention scissors trim marette razor here are his main tools for creating works of art these unpretentious devices original rob uses instead of brushes the colors are the hair appliance but Rob draws realistic three-dimensional portraits right on top of people cutting the contour and shadows with the help of their hairdressing fixtures Salvador Dali Steve Jobs the Joker and spider-man the artist can portray the face of any person or character as you can see Rob Tyrell it’s not just no hairdresser he is a real artist creating the masterpiece takes about an hour 30 40 minutes are spent on cutting the rest of the time on the design the price of haircuts ranges from 20 to $200 depending on the complexity of the work his paintings hairdresser tinted with colored eyeliner it improves the image makes it more realistic all hairstyles created in this way usually lasts up to two weeks the talented craftsman offers men in his Texas salon a wide selection of hairstyles from his beloved dog to epic landscapes it is curious thought the idea of creative haircuts once upon a time to master through a little boy at the beginning of the 2000 he asked Rob to depict on his head a small whirlpool which was the starting point of an unusual image Pharrell began to shave his visitors stars different ornament and then moved on to more complex portraits and landscapes the original Rob became especially popular with football and basketball fans before important matches they go to him for haircuts in the form of faces of famous players it all started with the portrait of Lionel Messi which made a fan on his head preparing for the match Argentina Switzerland since the residents of the town of San Antonio Texas where Rob works such an original support favorite clubs became tradition of course same sketch master learned not for one day and a most childhood he practiced in this fact and having matured even as drawing precisely she helps now him measure out proportions on volumetric canvases but have the most hairdresser haircut the most simple but hands his stuffed tattoos the original raw works in his own care salon the walls of which he personally painted red and blue graffiti if you ever get to San Antonio do not to be lazy to look at this new local landmark [Music] a paralyzing providing the world-famous Dutch stylist who is trusted with his hair famous models movie stars and athletes in 2015 he won the world hair colour world competition in the category of hair coloring technique which was held in New Orleans in the United States and 2018 entered the top 5 best stylists hairdressers of the world film admired the profession of a hairdresser from early childhood he already in 15 years entered Academy of the master this fellows looking on work on paralyzing thawne that his rage cannot be reproached in banality the lack of creative approached the style and is famous for their bold experiments with colors special technique stencil painting as says master on the creation masterpieces his inspire people on the street fashion art architecture and nature word almost all that has unique or a special color form of her texture for more than 30 years hub has been one of the most influential professionals in the world of your dressing [Music] new Jung Hwan hyung perfect the own scissors for haircutting is not easy but it turns out some masters have gone even further and even more creative ways to create incredible hairstyles just look what cuts the hair of this hairdresser extreme I wonder if you would go to him this miracle hairdresser lives in Viet Nam makes hair cuts Japanese samurai sword katana it seems incredible but new yen Huang Han nicknamed samurai Han discerns living after all it turns out that there are a lot of customers willing to take such a risk according to Han this barbershop used to be equipped with rusty chairs and muddy mirrors but here still everyday came 70 100 customers new young Gwang I’m always eager to do something to become an outstanding personality in any case it all began with his participation in the local barber competition Wizards in 2010 whose main requirement was that participants cut their hair without the use of scissors Han managed to attract the attention of the judges with it’s unusual tool for fear of dressing no wonder he chosen a chainsaw over sides and other tools chainsaw was the most unusual he won this competition this was the first attempt to use to put it mildly unusual tools for haircuts later the guy decided to use a katana and began to train hard on mannequins but the skills needed to be tested on a living person no one wanted to risk seeing a sword in the hands of a hairdresser but soon found a volunteer wife una when he successfully finished the haircut he realized that he had found his niche the extreme barber and his katana swords became very popular among the locals especially those who work in show business he had his hair cut by more than one Vietnamese celebrities the cost of cutting with the katana is two times higher than with scissors but this does not prevent people from trying a new unique way of cutting using a katana has advantages over traditional methods XI and 45 times faster for hair cut scissors need 1215 minutes and for hair cut Kate Anna just three minutes samurai hunt plans to invent popularized new ways hair cut there and including and with use of 18 scissors [Music] [Music] sascha melnikov top stylist Sasha Melnikov is not inferior to Kwan hon in originality but none of the most famous and popular hairdressers in Russia became famous thanks to the special technique of cutting with a gas burner the entertainment of the process is simply fascinating it turns out that when heated the tip of the hair changes becoming thin and light as a needle and a hedgehog this is an interesting and safe effect that does not affect the growth and texture of hair as the Meister notes it is very important to control the time of exposure to the flame and its angle because the flame does not just burn the extra length but also creates a new form of haircut by the way he wields scissors no worse and makes the same multi-layered textured hair cuts as fire curiously that followers have him and tell that there is no as one of the creative directors and trainers in the network he trained many masters but they are still afraid to practice such a technique [Music] [Music] Allen channel and Shan is a hairdresser from Taiwan to became famous in the fall of 2017 thanks to unusual haircuts in the form of portraits of famous personalities on the backs of their clients but this is not the only thing he is known for now the young master has a new hobby he puts the remains of clients here on the floor or on a special board and creates pictures of them during the work the Taiwanese does not use any special tools except that sometimes he helps himself with the plastic card and after creating each new work he photographs and then destroys shaking off the working material [Music] Joshua Koons the great fashion designer Pierre Cardin once said that stylish outfits and hairstyle are the best start to the day because they make a person happier this is what the Briton Joshua Coombs his guided by Tim his business at first glance Joshua Koontz is an ordinary hairdresser he washes cuts and Styles his hair James’s temples shaves his beard and communicates with his clients the only thing that slightly distinguishes Joshua CHUM’s from his colleagues in the whole craft he works for free with the homeless at first Joshua Koons just went outside after work taking the right tools with him now the Briton travels around the world and unites with the same enthusiasts who rushed to help everyone without exception without demanding anything in return according to the hairdresser homeless sometimes it is important not only to clean up but also to talk to someone heart-to-heart and talk about his life so Joshua gladly performs two roles at once hairdresser and soulful interlocutor after a haircut Joshua people change right before our eyes see for yourself to be a great hairdresser is not necessarily to own a burner samurai sword or worked with celebrities sometimes it is enough just to give people joy and love lissa fairly talented master of incredible hairstyles presented a series of unique works in her collection armed or not only became in hitting the network but also received a number of prestigious awards the girl dedicated her collection to African Americans and their unique style as well as female strength and beauty but in the comments right what is your favorite terracotta it will be interesting to read your comments and if you were interested put like onto this video subscribe to the channel so as not to miss the new video thanks for watching and also rate previous releases

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