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These Are The Worlds Strongest Kids On Earth That Can Push More Than You

December 9, 2019

it is believed up children are fragile and weak in many ways this is true but d2l has its exceptions and our today’s video is proof of this from the boy able to move a 38 tonne crane to a girl able to press a bar weighing 150 kilograms with you now I know and today we will tell you about the strongest children from different countries but before we start I remind you that you can subscribe to the channel to not miss the new cool video para você é me Duran Duran Jose Eenie born in 2013 in ran he lives in the city pool and the Iranian province of mountain durin is probably the youngest of the little strong men who caused incredible admiration in seven months Surat could already do somersaults parents decided that the talent of the son needs to be developed for this reason when the kid was one year old began to teach to Gnostics and acrobatics very quickly airwrap learned to do a handstand jumped from a height and keep his balance and difficult situations he was only two years old but thanks to the incredible abilities instantly became a start of social networks judging by the videos the boy easily does a 360 degree rotation on the trapeze in addition he does a full transverse twine into air while holding the weight of the body on the hands he is able to do push-ups from the floor with a wave of six and a half kilograms on his back that Baldo this weight is twice the weight of a typical two-year-old training for only 1020 minutes a day for a year all dinner at Jose Eenie from Iran amazes with his acrobatic tricks [Music] battabox Russia the most strong the most persistent five-year boy in world on such time rightly claimed that above cut from comic went in 2015 and one of the gyms in front of dozens of witnesses he pushed up 4050 times without a break adding to this 4050 push-ups he broke the officially established record and this was the best result in the world not only among children but also among adults and entered an immediately merged record on which captured his recent fifty push-ups inside that toy was going strongly to his goal on all four thousands and fifty push-ups miracle child took about two and a half hours while some children playing on the street others break World Records Col Kent is a British teenager who is only 12 years old however he has already considered the strongest child in the world on one obscurity competition on child bodybuilding Kyle was able up almost 140 kilograms for comparison so much weights an elevator without passengers to achieve this stunning result called had to Train four times a week according to the recognition of the young talent he would be happy to do more but parents strictly ensure that the child does not utter do it love the fitness Kyle instilled since childhood the father of the record holder John Kane a professional bodybuilder at the age of four gave his son to kickboxing in ten years the teenager began to be engaged in weightlifting now Kyle’s height is 170 centimeters and weight 66 kilograms the boy dreams of breaking the world to retort every year well nothing is impossible Giuliano and Claudio stole Romania brothers Giuliano and Claudio Store from Romania brothers strong mint from an early age began to conquer the Guinness Book of Records older brother julianno began to train with his father and two years already in four for the first time got into the record book for the fastest 10 meter penetration on the hands of a gymnastic ball sandwiched between his legs another record Giuliano set in nine years 20 times surrendering to the wooden pegs his younger brother Claudio Stroh born in 2006 and began to Train up to 18 months not wanting to give in to his brother also set his first record in four years pushing up 620 times from the floor in a handstand clearance comings the United States American clearance Cummings is considered one of the most promising weight lifters in the world his athletic career began with a victory at the national weightlifting championships of the United States where he won the gold medal with total result of 305 kilograms while his result in the push of 175 kilograms was recorded as a u.s. record among men with the weight of the athlete is only 68 and a half kilograms former president of the American weight lifting Federation said that the United States was not still the athlete acting in this way showing such power at a young age if it was about basketball Cummings would be Michael Jordan palms more of Buddha India six-year-old um Sparra puja originally from India boy with strong legs sutta Guinness world record by routing on rollerskates 65 meters under the bottom of 36 cars for the record the Hindu had to comply with two main conditions the distance between the cars could not exceed 20 centimeters and the gap under each car 35 centimeters six-year-old ohm swore of Buddha handled of easily magome Drasil magog dog Russia future champion Mageau madrasa little dogs set the goal to become cooler than the world champion and wrestle a Pollyanna IIF in the school of the Olympic reserve grassle began to train with adults no more experienced athletes already at the age of 80 years the physical boy very quickly outgrown his peers already in the second grade with the help of such wrestling techniques as a mill poker and bucket he could defeat any bully and the power is not on the rope in his hands and he has no equal even among adults long draught so can 50 times without stopping to climb on his hands on a four meter rope the boy achieved such results thanks to the sports regime wake up at 6 a.m. and the school lessons and the sports hall liam hong struck us a the physical abilities of most kids are reduced to kicking and kicking but not so long ago in the united states was born a completely unusual child it can be called a real Hercules liam hoaxster was left without parents in infancy when he was adopted the adoptive parents were warned the boy was born premature which in the future could lead to medical problems indeed the boy grew up unusual by five months he could already hold his own weight and at nine months he can independently find the stairs and descend from it at the same time he ate I’m usually much but did not get better as it turned out Liam’s body lacks myostatin which is why his muscles grow much faster than normal people this problem is very rare for the first time doctors recorded it in 2000 as a result of this anomaly Liam’s muscles are more than twice as large as those of his peers and he finds use for them at the age of three he was doing speed push-ups on competing in the strongest baby tournament now the boy is 14 years old and he is the hope and support of his school wrestling team perhaps a great career and wrestling for him is not far off Bruce Webb Nick Hoffman Russia while some children are loitering on the street others are breaking World Records in 2001 the Guinness Book of Records got a Russian boy Bruce Webb Nick Hoffman the faith of this unusual boy is very interesting throughout his pregnancy his mother watched film starring Bruce Lee after whom he got his name the boy from childhood tried to imitate his idol for the first time his record got into the Guinness Book when he moved the car Volga at the age of six it was from this moment that the boys sports career rapidly went up hill at the age of nine Bruce already had a red mushy belt a couple of years later he set another record at 11 years old he dragged the fighter-bomber lifted 240 tons on a suspended wine and moved 238 ton crane by 10 centimetres tied to it with his long pair on August 29 2001 boost tore up 365 tear off calendars in one hour 29 minutes the weight of each calendar was 166 grams and d volume was approximately 365 pages on August 6 2002 in Samara Bruce Fulda steamers are Nissa weighing 22 times along with the passengers to a distance of more than 10 meters in total more than 30 of his records are recorded in the record book now all of us know these insane children leave a comment down below about your goals when he was teenager maybe you set a Guinness record what was that record thank you for watching and do not forget to subscribe to the channel to not miss next videos


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