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The Try Guys Wear Crop Tops For A Day

November 22, 2019

– Me and Keith are fashion icons, that’s really what I’m
here to prove today. – Very cold, I’m a little insecure. – Today we’re trying crop tops. – It’s gonna be top notch. Crop top notch. (upbeat music) – I’ve never thought
about wearing a crop top. I think they look cool, I just don’t know if they’re
gonna look cool on me. – I think my goal is to get past the insecurities I’m sure I’m gonna have. Look at it, if you touch this
side, this side moves, see? – Ned’s not joining us today because he actually tried crop tops as part of getting over his fashion
fears in our new book The Secret Power of Fucking
Up, which is available for– The Hidden Power of Fucking Up, available for pre-order
now at Eugene’s not joining us because he just wears these all the time. (fun pop music) So, it’s just Zach and Keith,
nerd boys try crop tops. Can we change the title to that? Thank you for joining us on The Try Guys. Would you mind introducing yourself? – We’re really doing this? – [Both] Yes. – Is this the first video where
the Try Guy is the expert? – [Both] Yeah. – My name is Eugene Lee Yang. – [Both] Hi Eugene. – I am a fashionista of sorts. Right?
– No. – I was just gonna say
crop top aficionado. – You were gonna write that? – We’re gonna write
fashionista as his lower third? – Why not? – Can I have fashionista
as my lower third? – You’re not the expert. – Fashionista is like a
barista for fashion, right? – Hopeful fashionista. – It’s weird because now I’m
understanding why experts have to sit and nod and
smile to deal with us. – How much fried chicken would
you say you eat in a week? (laughing) – I hate fried chicken. Sorry. – In you’re professional
opinion, what is a crop top? – A crop top is any sort of top garment that is high enough to
expose either the waste, the mid-drift, the navel. – Why? – Because it’s fashion. Today, you will be doing some
typical crop top activities. – There’s activities
associated with the crop? – I would say so, yes. We’re going to go to lunch. We are going to exercise in the crop tops and then we’re also gonna
go to a bar to party, because where I would typically
wear this is to show it off. First, we have to actually
create the crop tops, because you guys don’t own crop tops. – We gonna do a DIY break? – We gonna do a DIY break. – [Both] Yeeaahhhh! – Looks so stupid from this side. – Zach’s stuck in it, oh no. – You guys ready to crop your tops? – So, The Try Guys have had
merch for a little while and everyone’s like, “Where
did Eugene buy that crop top?” – For the first time ever,
we have crop tops available for sale on On tryguys.comwe’re gonna
have the official crop tops, but today they’re not ready yet, so we’re gonna cut em ourselves, and throughout the rest of the video we’ll just cut to Eugene
modeling the real ones. – And we’ll have a cool song like, ♪ Here he is being hot ♪ ♪ Here he is, he’s hot in a crop top ♪ – Good job. Good job. You don’t have to make that noise Zach. – Ooohhh my god. – What’s the history of crop tops? How long have people been
croppin their toppins? – I would say that (laughing) I would say that the idea of a crop top is really a Asian, African,
Middle-Eastern invention. The first time it was exposed
to Western audiences though, was at the 1893 Chicago’s World Fair. People saw belly dancing
for the first time. – Eugene did you research for our video? – I did. – Wow, look at him go. – I love fashion history. – What a fashionista. ♪ There he is, lookin hot ♪ – God you guys suck. (laughing) Alright guys you ready? – [Both] Yeah. – Show me your tops. Ooohhhh, look at you. – Cream of the crop
top. I’m in the middle. He said specifically I’m
in, I’m in the middle. – We put on our crop tops and it’s time to get adjudicated by the rest of the office. Step on up and take a look. – Oh my god. – Hey Alexandria. – What do you think? – I think the pants could be higher. – So we’re lookin for that. – I don’t have any pants whose crotch is so forgiving and deep. – When you wear high-waisted
it hides some of the bottom part and a little
bit of opening is there and that’s the sexy part. – I think I would feel self-conscious cuz I have a lot of body hair. – Is there something wrong with that? (laughing) – Cam always count on the
editors for real opinions and not super sugared up. – Half of fashion is
selling it with confidence. (sultry music) – Okay, you guys ready to take these crop tops
out into the real world? – You betcha. – You don’t look bad. – I don’t hate this as much
as I thought I was going to. You don’t look so bad either. – Well, I can’t see the
buttons of my pants. In general I’m not super
risky with my fashion, so every time we do one of
these it pushes me further. How do our backs look? – I’m less insecure about my body and more insecure that I’m
just not pullin fashion off. Can we take a moment to celebrate the most famous crop top
wearers throughout history, – Captain Planet. – Captain Planet. – Didn’t he wear a crop top? – Yeah, his was almost borderline bikini. With the sexual revolution
of the 60’s and 70’s, the crop top, essentially,
became part of women’s fashion and 1980’s really hit it
home with the aerobics craze and that’s when it just
sorta became a staple for every girl to have a
crop top in their closet. (intense music) ♪ The American dream ♪ ♪ Teenage beauty queen ♪ ♪ Remember that we are carefree ♪ ♪ Whole world at our feet ♪ – Do men wear crop tops? – The most iconic scene
that you can think of is Johnny Depp in nightmare on Elm Street. He’s on the bed and he’s
wearing the cropped jersey. That’s very indicative of a fashion that was huge in the 80’s. – Yeah, tight core. – The look of a crop top
kinda hearkens back on the way that football padding looks like and that’s how the jersey
crop top came into style, because it was a sporty reference. – Yeah, crop tops baby! – Eugene there’s a puddle!
Am I supposed to let go? – Swing off. ♪ Remember that we are carefree ♪ ♪ The whole world at our feet ♪ – [All] Crop tops. (laughing) – We gotta find the perfect outfit, maybe a little more high-waisted– – Yeah. – On the pants and we’ll go hit up a bar. – Does this pass the crotch
test if I pull it up? – [Eugene] No, I can see full dick. – Worse? – [Eugene] Yeah that’s– Okay, so, I went through and
I found a pair of joggers that I can kind of hike up. – All my jeans, they don’t go to my navel, they go up to my waist line, that’s how guys pants are built. So, imma try on the pants that
I wore for the pockets video. Oh wow, this is something. Look at how it rounds out on my pooch. – Imma use this around-the-waist method to make em appear more high-waisted, which is something that Eugene does. ♪ Ooooo yeah ♪ ♪ Ooooo yeah ♪ – I think this color combo
is just too confusing. I’m just gonna try a pair of your pants. Are these high-waisted? – [Woman] Zachary. (laughing) No. – Why not? – [Woman] You look like
a teenage Beetlejuice. – Why do you think crop tops
are having such a moment? – Fashion is cyclical, right? And a lot of it is sorta echoing things that have been fashionable in the past and the idea of the
high-waist is coming back really, really hard, so the high-waist mixed with a little bit
of mid-drift showing has been very in vogue for
the past, I’d say, five years. – Lookin good. You got the new merch on. Lookin hot, lookin hot.
– White hoodie, white squad. – Ooohhh, hot ankles
Kornfeld in the flesh. – So, what you guys think? – It looks exactly like what I’m wearing, so I hope its good. – [Eugene] Pull the ankles down a bit. – [Keith] That’s a lotta– – How dare you. – [Keith] That’s shin
bro, that’s not ankles. – [Man] How you feelin? Lookin good. – How do I look? Is how I’m feeling. – [Man] You look pretty hot. – [Man] You guys look like
thing one and thing two. – Thank you. – I’m done being self-conscious, I look good, I feel good,
I’m ready to own it. Let’s go drink. – I’m cold, lets go drink. (techno music) – Wow, look at you! (techno music) – [Man] What a weird angle. – We oughta be in the navy we’re so navel. – See those guys? They just came up and they complimented us
and they loved the look, they love it. – I’d say, they tried to give
us a promotional T-shirt. – But, then, then they asked. One guy was flirting with
me for about 10 minutes. – Zach was about to get, he
was about to get married. – They didn’t film a fuckin second of it. – Clothing is interesting, cuz even though we talk about it romantically
like it’s self-expression, it’s also a statement. When you wear something like a crop top, you are making a statement
about who you represent. Women being allowed to
own their own bodies. It’s talking about men being allowed to express themselves in ways
that aren’t heteronormative. Fashion and style’s always
been a way for people to say, “No, you can’t tell me who I am.” “I’m gonna show you who I am.” I’m taking Zach and Keith to
their first gay bar screening of RuPaul’s Drag Race. (bar commotion) – So far it’s great. There’s a lotta energy here, it’s very fun So, me and crop tops is
making me really confident, so confident that I see
a tater tots on the table and imma go get some. – If you’re gonna grab one, grab two. (bar commotion) – Confidence. – And crop tops are the best things that have ever happened to you. (RuPaul’s drag race audio) I am gagged. – [man] What are you Keith? – I gagged. – Personal expression in queer culture is becoming more mainstream and so to wear a crop top, I think, a lot of young people
especially, don’t look twice. They’re just like, “oh,
there’s a guy in a crop top”, which is pretty cool. – She just said, “I, I love this.” The drag queen hosting the night. I mean Ella, Ella. – Keith was standing on the stairs, that’s why he got a compliment, I was just hidden in the crowd. (Keith singing) – The crop top, it made
me very self-conscious, but once I got into a very big environment and I was supported by friends, it didn’t really matter
what I was wearing. I was just wearing something
that I chose to wear and it was fine. – Unexpected perk of having a crop top, it makes belly scratching so easy. Oh this is so nice. It’s just fun. It’s a way to make yourself stand out. It’s a way to give yourself something to feel good and confident about. And, as it turns out, is a great way to start conversations with people. – What you think of what we’re wearing? – I legit think it looks really good. – If you liked what you
saw, you can get it. No. The hoodie, the hoodie! You can get yourself a cropped hoodie. – [Keith] Wooohh, you gon get it. (upbeat music) ♪ Doin it yourself ♪ ♪ Yeah, you’re doin it yourself ♪ ♪ Havin so much fun with yourself ♪ ♪ Everybody’s doin it with their selves ♪ (laughing)


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