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The Truth – “Real Truth “

October 31, 2019

let the use of the defend the
rights of a lettuce and I
actually planned to do something
old mauritanian and this crop , I guess they’re back in again on me and
say all of showing Travis eddy
is something wrong and that is
disrespectful to act with his
bein on then I wasn’t on doing this
like this on how he could act like this was a
big the home the day the mystery of how this
can have on the one 100th the
impenetrable, you knew was that
happen to Travis unit then done so what I wanted
someone to go over the Russian
that we add down home soon find it added to the
parade the com it basically go over with
Travis lee’s we did on here on the
reason I say we then is my friends from Swissair
for some than fifth home is john did not ask
to be your last thing I felt
that the people are on the panel
led by on should be here because a the road and policy on the men
say right now , I are john Deere is is the
last person is going to planning
the change its mind panel that is in my especially Travis
because the home all the
interactions everyone got here
about this happening difference is that you didn’t
expect it to actually happen that reality is your are your
own observations your own
pictures and then the actual
data that we should’ve been
collected joe’s curvature then you’re not happy about it I
get it so the Florida home the im going to find my the mainstream report that found
in more poorly the going to basically to
display the onus on the submit
quick the game just link feels a
show up in defense of the fine
is not to discover because the way I
see it as he used a barking and
sells it is added to showing it on Joe, do is I want to take
everyone who was around they
very very quick summary of what
the hell is going on those are the three days ago I
told Travis that was the worst list was
because the couple did two weeks
ago mean just starting out on
the senate panel sent into this
incre than Collison the key comes at their medicine, with this one
observation that is of the ad was in on him and that they have the best
thing for me to pilings and he
says look at these boats now mind you just plain had nothing to do
with the missing out that the
missing the island that nothing
to do with the island in the
backgrou his claim to switch to one and
ceo of city’s general slowdown
rating care to the home his
claim was that the obstructions that was
obstructing visible light poles
that as their sure everyone will
see all those again that outlined everyone every
image are using that set for the of the ocean as of this one the end the staples this there almost those who that was fifth a survey of its I can feel
like this is part of that
frustration on going through
with fires on the skin that happening when
that happening that is the the lot of people inside were
very genuine on how they felt
about fires and why string of other way around its
passing of that land like body
of a conversation for tuition
someone sees free and co the than suddenly gets all but
her because someone calls about
I’m sorry on their buses rights and I’ve 100%
agree that interest oxygen ship this is me as my opinions known
also Michael left another five
as the earliest one person on
the process something it all
mean, the cell is the image that is part of it all the
effect is actually up the upload
the video which is why Thomas
cruise missiles in this those that he’s worked to just photos
right time would you agree that that
looks like a wave that it will viewers watched of them is the
upload they’ll see is not always
as nobly that all times will say to bands that will run circles, blond that is a problem that obstruction either the curvature worries are and that’s blocking the boats are often chosen. This this bill this area where we can see that means is obstructed Travis Joe the behest of the detectives
that they’d put the Lycos force of course the home by the
than the four we started talking
about the aisle in the
background that there was
established that agreements that couple things on they’ll or
degrade that the line I just put that you can
see if this this line then about here are arriving a refresh your
refresh car like to see if it’s
very clear middle ground where the home in
because of that it became a look a what are we
looking at the watch a video you realize of
the ways and swells goals are
ways or swells at all the fact
is that some inconsistent that’s
t now the boats that as the
strolling the pattern so basically it’s in
the directions: now it goes up that comes right back down no
longer than sides of the channel that’s all it does
with this posting the whole time
they’re slow; fax to we know is
not is not producing a real wake that’s no problem just kind of
the funny part test and have a problem that I
remember correctly the
painkiller we showed the missing
part one of the the entrance to disagree with
anything about this that we set
about the image than vice versa and he was
there’s basically saying that we bowl we all have the
same observation in use also all
the same things the only difference between us
in and out china’s the Sony got
down to this waterline given I kept telling them that is the bowl being
distracted by then his famous
answer that the user band problem with that was I would
tell there is the refraction
line than his body of water that’s not the U.S. video it’s
very clear there is not involved
so the ice for pressing the been
pressing for Bowie, two weeks the Maris comes out ways and and their bus comes almost on-stream
in shows us this then if that’s one should the
San Jon is their best shows this all should win loose with
flopped in a trust that all have
superb as their decimal I’ve been all
regime, mind you, say is their
eat their their missiles are flocking and
sold to Travis has heard on the faster
relationship that’s how we treat
each other to fences as my house Joe of travis’s things is that I
allow their best to do so , but you guys that I skim through ago net with
12) and watching most of them
for instance, shows up by one they kept saying I was letting
it happen by, 10 times I told
Airbus a conflict of you put my character in question
Travis therefore their character
means just call me tolls this pelvis and pahlavi there just as bad as chemo spurs
as far as I’m concerned the home because of this one
photo as one photo prints along
the home because it came at a
different with the butter over
the ho Tijuana to say that in the
spinach air base that altered those going on to have this doesn’t is OK why this their best use this
image they’re not sure if you notice
about that in this image compare
to this image that means a whole different press OK ’cause if you really are looking into the
first that is the will figure out when you sit
down and how is it going to see
what’s happening to see a receiving got to that
point the home because I figured the best didn’t Trust
Service for anything I stop a system myself than the
Chancellor Stan where I come
from this event is not all should
sort of myself they use their bases Airbus’s of the busy propelled the singer of
the home then I use this one is for real bob Wright here that all this is actually one of
the pictures that the really gets under trusted
for some reason will , why that using Telefonica
seems as if I was being
disingenuous because I the day of that stretched this image to
quit or that the profiles lineup
that he thinks that somehow that that
was wrong , is intended damn good job at
it the whole I have to do that
someone was trying to verify
that mountain delegation was
missing , I needed a that’s why not post hours than the profile unable to
distract from stretching it than
I did they like it because again it
shows he’s wrong the home and ’cause he’s not showing the
unwilling to basically that the mailing costs now
because on this we talk about some
something so much better than
not within not here to that mean I’m sorry this is the
time respect that would like to
have upon me so I do it myself that this one right here is the one that got Travis all
worked out in this is why the game, says very clearly this is has nothing to do this , you’re wrong about curvature now talking writer wrong to the position that is putting out
there that’s that’s bull some of this
is why this is the status of the
understands this is a air bases claim that
I’m saying the service can I now
understand exactly what I’m
looking at a nice in their best that we know businesses that they look at this image rather
than dismissal order that first want to know
something to see lisle towers that the lighthouse those uses among the me laughing
big time it so that I can see
exactly one lead into this one that few macros up together to
something very nose was what
Airbus is trying to say this was
shot was actually, save,
something the stool of images for
different now is not really that big a
deal them less even called out in your whole
claim is I don’t edit or
manipulate my images as if I’m
sorry that images manipulate how I
know this that image , where do the damage that is this image that these job is to the edge up perfectly that’s the zone than just gave us these photos that picture is changed when
given to us than that will seek and find if you
believe that were lying about
what we’re showing them that this is bad but
worries that was that some of
which were watching you that that is the issue were looking at right now is why this observation became
what is right now that is Travis that caught that the survey said yet that’s
a stylus the lead dispatcher says Travis
then this is what you have thus
you give us a mom, old the consumer aides say that
appeal to the cell so tense can say they didn’t assure you , got a message he said not a
chance in hell I would neither if I were you
traverse the main list your ad
man up that so little inch and as the
show the other ones and told
Travis the bus these images these are
all the while the right now and
get the substance use proceeds the improves the there to stay so all these images test it was in the four after that one, that will was that they don’t this image again travesty was
that image so that he says
different he’s lying group of seniors and students that way before that was that literally we’re not using
it on the same davis’ Sunday , will and the law but it does matter does
is what these are all chances for the
reason nothing was doctored
nothing was manipulated like fixing
compressing stretching this in a
bad it really helps in a
situation of the wheel overlay and problem is when you lie
about a Travis that’s that’s when the prom
becomes a problem that out fliers is seeking fined
by a dozen best are the ones
that are seeking fine coming
here into and try to better late
but the realization is symbolic of
the fighters suspect is tell
them this is an issue though get you explain that
searching you explain the change
in his of this focuses from what was in
the upload to what gave us the
plane that and then to define you act like someone
else’s lines and sells Joe then sign no pressing to
show up to the sell off of my
case just enough that you he’s a father lighter and if you
don’t believe that that Opec’s reminded you should
probably the listen to the stream of talk
about this entails a strain than you’ll see that they now
believe what the only honest way right to
come to the conclusion of whose
line is not the least I would think that a I guess barely the matter
she doesn’t affect no idea the that in this isn’t it that was literally Airbus
stepping up the game we can see that for the music, and pressure
was on it but no one said
anything about that now that I’m
missing out a lot of islands
that wh that they did that I even gave
the current output from his
observation point is actually
all adds up perfectly the than the Sabres when I mean
that’s a damn blow people its
curvature to structure that’s no
way around it does no way you
can say was something of a desert , much better for me in on the
on the rituals that the U.S. and
observations in the neediest
people in leadership and I
believe all on the table in the water
show forties and we shall meet
the fifth there was nothing out
there was that once it was a nice a guy
going to get a that’s about people and and the the the the bad guys that address of the than wearing seat belts, the
footage and just not the fed the the mud out of line on CIA
average interest and then did
you ever like you’re on your mob
systems that I can sit between
the two the great a slight dip also heard , he’s a pig talking to the fed
in each and all winter travel again by subgroup of the residents of the the man on that, somehow roll
the fifth the unknown on by undo that
that’s not our primary key
members of our mother is the
fifth was under the sea and the
chestnut fro them to religious to the team was this the up of CS on the that it’s bad home and this is
what I’ve been talking about is
your fires are then you’re not questioning Travis is observations and witty
saying that a problem that like that is deceiving I
don’t care about what side
you’re on with the if your work on them and finding
survivors wrong tour Del com. Travis you should
just said Pam the observations
of the council now and start over or tea bags they wanted but
regardless that this that is doing right now is very
bad it’s a saints of those
killed that I saw when of it
when he was first used and on this is how it works this is how
it works that finds out is wrong
than affect the whole evidence
of how is wrong is it doesn’t e on the more people should be
seen at that talk and Sheila Kelley be the old and was chosen Katzman
said john tell me about daddy was
someone else in the chat that
blocked me for maladies that was
on the ladies request that on that and it is a kid’s
fall in line behind the user
blanket all they want the
problem is that was evidence the saddest that Travis actually
agreed upon everything up in
Tulare to show the picture
Thomas was still on board for the rising water not being ways of swells bowl being that part of the ball
being obstructed like this all
day until the team went downhill
in his observation to make any masses of the summer fun as this
prom dresses this brings us to stay with them that it knows why it right away
I realize that you that the Serb
and does nothing more than
atmospheric conditions that out in many toxic that’s that it without detailed
NASA problems that was the
biggest problem that was OK even the Altair you
could call it the third crybaby
unveils the thing is that
whenever term you make the stuff
to de those mark that the spouses
should he loves that were so
damn much that has to be than because he’s
a fighter for you can have
curvature Joe than that Bo can
be extracted by curvature this plant a tree service not
therefore honest that its interest that bull
should that’s that’s a narrative than in using the name people go
you’ll see that’s these are bad the issue is that obstruction
and atmosphere and that it had
worked differently on the
whereas in the atmosphere of the
above th atmosphere affects the everyday the most cost the rising in rising in and
rising assessment of this than that in to this into again this is
something and the remember this
is the pilots had made this very
clear for this reason the reason I like this whole
respect only team that information can get information you can
adjust to sensing and usually
doesn’t become a ship show the
homes of really becomes the way when
one person are went to the side
that is being shown to be wrong is wrong is the only time
usually see should get hit the
fan up here the game , I made sure I just said
something when Airbus has gone
quiet because at the time
remember, seven to talk ship,
science and art I was off a shelf traps Joe
Asano was complete wrap the
homeless EMC and the sincerest
the guarantee of it and some
U.S. team wo that no state today on the house
a style that actually admire the matter what that Aron is
trying to do another hole he’s
trying to send transparent they will triple free slide than most, said that it doesn’t kill he’ll try to start
away from it but the but he’s talking like Nike video pull
should bolster why the day I should do less than a
couple times that amount would do this, wait
for that wonderful day that we coax that role of fault
in there and then he becomes one
of the stories the welfare party also that is, then in this aggressive part of
that is because every tragedy
that does not hearing were not
allowed to live up to masochism
sta I know people on the panel have
noticed it to see this smart he just hasn’t
hit to stop them the daring ideal body green at me did you see my upload the there fifth that the team that gets 100% what is by a
look at the event of a visit his
watch a renter’s like that is all the fires are
attacked an observation simple
shortcoming out and I do believe
for a while to get a rise in the
wrong that is the jobs are at am sorry
in would follow Sunday found out
I had no clue about construction
of.everything amassed the PRI none of what file was on his
rating also something maybe I
don’t know anything about
construction to find out I had no clue that will see that’s a
difference to me a lot of people
are not saying you’re not you
guys like this but Disney a
sleeveless in consider this friends I consider people a chance
friends are certain people not
going out there are certain people IQ
as the IE icon table in my
strains unable to do for 34
hours because I’m not talking to an avatar of property by not the
only guys like that but I know
you and I know you hear the service and this Bosnia,
Falk and are in bowl should
never we can turn to money does
not work at this than that will happen is all the
troll and then all the home , Timor warning that would stop
instantly the city’s top, no because if
you listen it will look at the
chassis was in the panels and
you call me up in is like a
couple bl the home that the blowers indoor
fires are started liking, now
that tradition until cells and a list of the same techniques why to be a
picnic and presented to the
daring and those that allows the
ball or the like, ball aris light is no
picnic the fifth this the way the goal I go to dictate them
started the year there’s the
fifth U.S. NT that now the fifth half cup of
this new the earned- the city one of the fifth to the balance is disrupted with
the sperm that the fed up but at this year’s intense than
I need us your question that is not about Travis Liberia
by its Health Care about that
and I know my question is those the I being
disrespectful or the lolling air base they go
right to go it shipped on them,
are just under the I hope this season perfected
been he starts perfecting it
with understanding of the structure that I added there’s no
photographer on earth was
debating it make it there be
any, good is the other crop was
about understandi as our than its fund the Intifada he
shouldn’t like that that they then that was a little America
schoolteacher minded as bolsters
and Keith, are Airbus is in Ancil but that’s
why a list helping us live me do
it than a couple times when I’ve
felt like you to do it , I jump in tow the kidnappers forgo the fed them there in there and then the rest
of it is so massive data 100
foot range than you know you’re trudging
straight that someone comes
along this is retrenching
straight , you feel like she the movie into Mexico to figure
out a deal that if you know yet what
if you know you’re trudging
straight than what the best
you’re going to like 10 years
ago and today is even better all this event that’s even
better thing as I know exactly
where I can’t than others that and you go to the job site
then we call timers that he’s a machine or you’re a
machine and he says they do this
the service tried as we do you
listen right that though it , we knew everything and fifth
and but the good operator is
don’t become that operators, can
operate years same thing for powerfully those
other fun things, a couple of
Harvey so unsafe resign,
WordStar on the hits the node a final
resolution uses what you want
the fifth the day but added this is what
he’s doing a team that they apply: as a sort
of like I know I’m doing that I know yet I don’t think he, you
know we found that no way from
the rest of the mound RS Island
I honestly don’t think Travis do in and Travis had every bit the friars had every reason every reason to pull out their
best way he did the average reason the falls and
that’s not my issue at all as I
wouldn’t same thing if not worse than my issue is this that he
wonders live stream then said
like for them to come on this, then that they said that he made out like
I set him up for the past , Ms. Isiah been OK but look at his account no
buffers a problem with that for these two weeks I’ve been telling him I was
going to do what they told him I
was gonna show analyses of them
did not make sense I told this
obst toll in my national tour the
fighting evidence in data for my plane that state would show system is
wrong that song has around the than that with the suspicions
about the jurors than those of the of the best part was that
there was something tells what
four of us 55 for the tops of a
senior one of them that tween me in Airbus the only ones engaging with
Travis the Johnstown, follows their but
he was engaging you are trying
to but when you’re talking about
schools in this discussion: Tra the Bernie shaw’s involves into
the fifth is just received part
and on the ice I was just neat
rows army and errors that needs a shot , and no lead in hopes they’ll all guess what guess what I
learned that the only state that
judges of judges out like I said
the way they can give myself enough time
to do clips they regard as a vital that the
only clue I got the same one me say that was
going to happen , more here than he was in all,
you’re gonna tell them I
literally said in IE quotes the distance in a factory ship
bound to show you how to ease
the ban is not reality that was because I’ve gotten the
picture from Des comment on the
picture from air base to win the overlay that Al that I’m so well guess what can
I even said this for two weeks
you Arent john digital: seer
couple times a game them the
ball is as russophile, nonetheless did
their best it so why would not
miss my platform that I would
not be presented though, those around that presented the only thing Travis is a the key them for a that is not just another promise
anything being shown until was
an that it no to get a new show any but the show the
overland that he went over the
overlay and once you once
festive that they said they
restrict th to alleged that he started him
an error to start going back and
forth in time he had been, the
whole might worry that night you get the guy that we give
them as well get, I am up to a
Brochure to you as soon get all yeah them on the case of what a perfect we
went from everything from the print ill this image they run agrees with the
everything on target when you
have thousands are you’ll be
able to turn to a forerunner of
that he agre you read that we’ll get them are
a sign to summarize lines that the not so this one right here
is their bases there to see just
came in on all the songs
I did this one , after all if you were down reassignment of brave, the tally
at Sony pictures of them, like
the doing other products and to assist them the day of this is is exactly
what I saw that isn’t just a
corner now on this one is their
Mr. Our body Airbus, Airbus that I guess so don’t be so Johnson in
their best to each other to each
other with a passion and so it only at before this never
happened to solo home , say they did much but the
problem was that I’d ID one here
this year and a new owner to
surrender. The air as head of the year
because he’s learned found that
overly were disarmed he’s only
did the overlay that you saw
first, t the missing the defined one and then find the Duma we have the move by I’d listen to I
listen to it the decedent that than than that the home think that this as I believe this made
in the picture or just bury the
time that I was a scene us talk
is the home the IRS end of the Seattle 100°
that was only an appetite at that level I’m at now that’s
where my cursor is than right here that women are then the site that I do know lots of tough as air base that is Airbus’s of
faults there was a cheerful
majors are friends, like says
Alcatel hoped that as my own
issued le all know the amount they hate
each other none of them
astronaut mean Travis are pooled
their cool prior to this might
that strea that as well as the game that can tell you that it’s 3 minutes I can tell you what, boat that
is then all, be within one of 25 other models ’cause I did find they
are the three days the trusted
me then that check in the
channel will the new vessel cards all that’s left is my
asking for the dates the home
they do now is that 20 different
the top levels have a boat city
could column is like Cortina more different sizes so
to pinpoint if I die down the
middle of a rapid holes in Milan
thing wrong side Tony and then
ha to my this than the idea that we see yet he
seated on on kind of this this earlier than a dozen
or so wired thousands of their they’ll it and that on the center for law that irked a different era and they get from these are
different in that way they they bought the ASCII elevation that have the elevations write
the rustle the fifth trip is
airing as I can have the numbers
I died to Larry than the old , flyers that affects the would say this would be that as on so that the state is the state is what
we should see on the fires are
regular basis and that’s where,
on the institute for this or you
w them to see that some might think
would happen on fires this is as flat and they’re too that the detention in light of
all the data which will seek an the tools you can the story did this and that this isn’t they there has to do the that if the the bullets, Ronald that the we’ll see just see this is a hat this is
that it is the bullish on the
cetera leer it is this right
here and I’m seeing it again he doesn’t, if you do that, no
fee no seeded bacon in knows why
it what happened or how it
happened then the way I started out at the
hands of parents the day of the
sky over a year and that’s guess the right to left
that senator center owners home
of the shooting, you I know what’s important than those those of thing is like that it was to say it was the
same atmosphere that has been
for the past couple weeks as he
bent on buttons are dying it on
some that he was shown that there was
that it was a stretch into the
curvature in Solana seamount the
second that happens in Airbus p that up until then they were in
the grains for all of refraction
on Russian are seeing their
greens as you know you’re
looking a told that I can set up to date
data looks like, it looks like a
ways the reason this well but
when you watch videos when you
see , the game again does fine then
why did he come at me that’s what I’m paid that’s my
issue the only had home the bad night are
here and here he left after him
and Airbus got into * all liar
then sold about an hour later at and the OS trickledown on the
panel that included photos he had
literally the way many for what
happened like as if I planned it
that does not our role one of
the m that my character thus than fifth biggest bit small world
does the bells vassal Aaron
answer the fact that up for
fifth at hope this sea stroller known like stroller
and they like not troll errands the fifth the seat everyone’s Allen Yu air
and everyone everyone knows the
fifth Ed that’s that’s for the the sly said the cells saying in
that you go before all this
happened, but said he became at
me the right they the phenomenon in an era of his intensity and then the
named as fast as inept than this
isn’t that the digitizing answer
you need to see where I’m coming that I have a whole thing about
my head that goes , the lying there are they not why that is ice I said that should I
was said the issue for many in
an action to the Joliet it thus find out
someone’s push and something
like a chemo spurs I’m not
saying travesty that not all I’m
just making exa like , citing see that way it was something happens if he
gets written someone gets like
those differences in fighting
like they’re not seeing what’s
obvio that we did it sells bills and a
model of noble said that’s what
is really then when he came at me like he
did is verified almost if the
but Sean Wishon Smith said
something earlier than really
get back he doesn’t flock no he’s doing
these things that he doesn’t realize that
what everybody’s camera on the need to be exactly to be
using different for different
days like that or would he
didn’t realize it was when be in
that chai that’s easy to say that when the
tse he didn’t say like that all
he says is solid, but their side
of things that his money does just to be the Kent, he would ease I
guarantee you he and say that
any of the strains he was on
presenting the stress the hell out that I was never
that I wasn’t there for that I
was in there I was a power were then we’re
talking about Michael more about jose’s Michael Reyna the then get that the facts he called out and then go beyond war but in the way a different than all I used to do it on the Isa
do all time II know exactly what
is that the thing is that the
way I run my my panel the one
thin but I guarantee he’ll never tell
you that I’ve been disrespectful
to him that he go back and
forth, and I’ll just go away
being that this is not our role at all the interest of Michael are the they’ll see, I use ice a
different that I like Travis,
turns the home especially now
that I’m having a different look
on it that Jews Alex is to understand that’s been said or being like
days learning that is coming from the global
side that right themselves makes
you not the truth in my opinion
that reserve your pushing for fi as absolute the invisible problems the problem III knew she was for debates the guys that I like were all
over here and I’m typing doing
stroh’s nonstop like that I
could don’t need a fire for that
I seem , I seem to say no to them all I know at this saying Iran
is you have discussions though
you respectful tone spilled into
last lost as you drive I heard
us that’s what I like the that the eat you don’t know which are
telling you all know to talk
about making them at that that get in in that at the DC here is a thing
in is not my still expertise that I know enough about it than
I can keep up with someone
talking about it and yet he
talks to people and sending
disingenuous they did not move now that’s
that’s where does this winter’s the left and Sean Shawn and then
saying the that no modem than that the hill and that the only
do something reports that all Brian Coach Glenn
finish them and there is
anything then they’re gonna talk flat earth in
this idea , Travis though, that it’s not that will I updated as an something does there again
this is the issue I have to most birds they make a cell is if it is
like this: can I do have my
doubts but saying, sir see it as
travis’s is just doesn’t know
that he’ that’s completely different than
some levity most cars and that means to me that’s two
different ways of going about
something I solve the mystery of the
Dalles going about showing this evidence as the spec fully as I can tell
I know it took me a week and
have personal that people checked on kids as
Eddie about supply that the
conversation I agree #to live
the rest of the vote, with what
drives the song, present only issue
last the the end, that apogee I’m pretty
sure you would at pressuring the
times he’s talking to us and
said nothing bad about the isolating the dump three and
then I prefer him on the half
the people on the amount of the
fifth and the the old memo on this is the I want Travis two to
apologize to me from some of their base Airbus is a
massive Airbus is the reason is
happening that is evidence he has sold
less air base that’s also the night every time your this
would get into his old rules I
would say something this item plan that, should go the
way Wei Wei Wei Wei Doty, be
honest the day plan that not like he’s makes it look like
I said over the two weeks I
would present a little more here
look more like we would move
into there are a fraction for three
or four days that it’s like that that does
come to a point where does all
here’s what we all miss in the
stops everything that we now
know th are beset something the other
night the also first time that’s
living change them fifth and that was a that, for me this is I get for
the fifth that then that’s why I want everyone
to folks for Shawn Smith for me
to you to monitor a moderator in
debates that the U.S. he’s good that, down a few times the hopes of signing the events that he is a new U.N. That sort of starter Renee is
taking the fires mapped drives
from the U.N. map on the U.S.
ally when those be all the
blowers fi the guest to be what happens now winters and that’s for sure that the airline was a smart this that said the attic the IE I made that the
upload them now the next series
of a bearing on the all the
smart moments to the camera few the one that load up on the all the way if I’m the one
player announced it all about
the laws and it’s not like a
delivered slide fifth that if that’s that’s the headset is closed the floor
and the together , a discovery record earnings to
bears the the line of their there were $2.00 and that I remember because Mc to
know 1. said the right Wilson signally said
Fincher not a professional
photographer bill Ollie robb’s
of earth observations Michael , it was the same reason that to act fifth the above for growing marijuana
from positions and ships and
Grover people the fifth of Jesus and the suppose that’s and that all just open the third
year the right so to like the thing to know thank you , that susceptible the the gold buoyancy that the home of the fifth and that there that is a marvel gross channels
submission that the league after
seeing them , he I eagerly the inviting here
will get by and talk to [email protected] just top of the ruler that, but none of them that they need a swap that the U.S. This home than us watch this
upload that it did ask us, happy at all like
no, no one played as the
everyone plays into upload in it that Onassis yet, Telekom on as about this the
time come on the content without additional than what is the else, the model after died in the ID I
would like an apology to those
identity was wrong and I make
sure that but more poorly more
imp the new guys washes up load or
you looking at this right now that anybody understand that’s
what we’re looking at know you awake some dumplings,
and waiting to play this that if anyone gets the job
looking at in june of laughter
in just as the joking or write
the second they’ll understand what you’re
reading to see it known that the SEC to
that takes a second that to make sure we’ll play is
reflected in montreal’s they did
a them to play it just kept talking there for a local I couldn’t
take the speaker has USD are the
fifth the new and working weekends than the old the volume is employing
the order is full of sound and timetables the
movement of staff, and there the has-F-C.s a two-shot of us -vs.-two-S-C-lifers-one and two
were not change-of-a-CSDSTCUSSS
T’s-foot-two-edged sword-and sales rose one and 10 and 12
GSS-2-2262 2242 to Gandhi four-a-half and two
cans-72 sawed-style-S-225 71211 question B,
one-the-and-a-half and half and
those losses and the special one-half -fifth and that the that it’s ours, the Mcdonald old ship ever doesn’t live in
the big event to a college and do a full of Bali be in bed and we can’t talk about new that the hassles in the valley
where friends that sort of become a stranger that area the body that all deliver
anything because I am on the fifth and have never
designed nothing words that normally old stuff all the
fed eyes and has a lot about the
clipboard is on all the than a daughter may that now seems to me so confused to confuse them and
us the yacht for the fifth what is the opening right now
you’re ready the the fifth go crazy with such that all scared of what was
going on within 4 miles and the the bay of our only easy to see the rallies that that when I say we now know I
made us this community that the read from the race on the fifth , that I’m in the northern
hemisphere is for plot is 4:00
PM today seller words like there
was everywhere by how we use
that shipped some icing and I
have to put going, remember
though only them do they say the west coast
time on the West Coast and other
places that guess where that’s true to , so home condoleezza those
given me the answer that the Kings of that was to keep track of it for
us the than some minds blown against guys their eyes on try to keep my
composure to nonstop in on the
second them up and shut up shop during
setup man shot up daring and
shops shut up shop up the IE hide from this would lose a lot for more than
one that is that he just wrote in my logs
all time the wet the the other the league doesn’t sell that it using about myself to judgment that is like blanket
statements start early , Dino she does that mom
worksheet is on purpose as wiping the slate, the days
when I first start, run by the
Allies for that does not talks
by sells for 34 hours and that
is al Michael I’d than the one part
was one of the reasons I start
laughing , the eagles and other people’s
lives frames the Rocky Thompson
acts the same way that event because as a group
and those who say they go to the
talking over me in reality it’s
been trying to just talk polls,
t and again bet that the dead , the same way on the same exact
way I’d talk but I don’t listen
and listen more system [email protected]
exact words of differences a m and few words or less yet but
it’s obvious is too obvious for
it if you have to admit as obvious that I know because I’ve had
great conversation with comedy
that he doesn’t do that does not to seek its he knows Armageddon
weren’t our station with some
people or a certain person and
heal those available to you as
you , the transition is right now is
that the central she does not
mean he does every to six months addresses and the they’ll let you have come out,
timeout, say this twice as many
say this may not yet this is the
prob I have a discounted on this , you can digest and I’m a full
set fires now that has decided that they’re
not going to just sit down with
global stock should Somalia,
built their own defense
mechanisms th the net out of fires are when
Jose was a fire for those when
those holders attacking the way
that was a lot worse those
trolls a that the bats with 247 of the
fires are the best in that the that the they all look a the guy who the
author of 200 the talented and they just changing the title or
is that have led attitudes than that, if the time of year there, but the idea that are
bigger as the letter big Reds them that there there are actually
making Nomo was a there making
them there making fine for 30 one, and that they they are
making good on production, fell
from one of them as a production
on the side than half of those misses for
referrals that the that are we are witnessing being
built for the comet the home all, the first ones you
play see the most likely be like
Wilbur cobras are deep at the
singer needed this win for the d than what that does is me so the
site is you buy a flank are you
most likely that may need of
pilot’s license that that were then you getting
at over the overflights are you
won’t need one word on this it’s
all made your it was the sort h the rate that defies itself as
to where to go to the that’s into the the whole ball of Texas and look
in the field on right now my
ideas are desolate fifth that
things would that blew a timeout, what with
the jets and purple rose of
people said that it is double
the book isn’t a process is
sounded to and sure they sure the wind arguments fast the fifth the them the no that’s the right to say sorrow the than I am so I like this topic that they get that that houses, say, I’ve
designed on this topic before
the I’m not playing any videos
as I play any of these videos
they that’s happened twice in those
times I would take to 1030 that
after 30 seconds out that its 30 seconds that the home they don’t Delino
searched the following them to the one giving back some
reason but that was awarded the applet when you start but
I’m showing the that the that cloak Felix said the
product that looks good live the day on those should the fifth half of
the context of 1/4 home anyway,
she added know that and the
Italy and handheld folk and
rodents t the leash it’s the long winter that are you allowed to do this they love to do this than lot of it are you allowed that don’t you tell me how much
you can eat the premise I
checked but don’t say a lot of
people the the Lincoln that assistance to I’m looking the lives of those people and
tell someone that you didn’t
belong, Fernandez they make the data the city gave the fifth grades to single out as a lob it parents out that the fastball nuns and they’ll actually that newer ones are you are, in
a newer ones are the projectiles
are in the world has a lot will
be having those the fund, funded the sap know none of them on a
node is not at all affected no
man fact, that’s not all those were you doing stop airing
stop airing a hold of a raft of
Montreal to be read into the rusted that home the chill the reason
the routing list and was made was to overcome the curvature is
still be able against it to its
all that’s the discarded without
actually having a lot of it up that they still may not mean
that there is and that’s just that becomes a
placement issue then I’m telling you right now
they still have ordinances on
them that would be what would be
logical and Johnny one show me one their diesel of the government’s just yell out yellow will stop
in which he said is wrong you
can put a lighter in your diesel
fuel oil will because does not
eno the Oregon have enough
compression this is this file that is yeah Jesus Christ those that but in that that the longer that none of water doesn’t burn the office them further studies to drive a
bowl and said the longtime add to this tigers are the long-term use this much as another fires
are fed coliseum and the nit working on its that of all four of the other is
one of six of life if that’s the end of the giving of tears
Tuesdays to ships that haven’t of the yellow idea Stith there then stopped Mario sense
of the bean ice tonight the sewer into muscle the homeland and the future than locking up that women have an aide to breaking up just that you want that a Brian the date they had just a
strategist at a site on at that
randy, not less than all but Gesell please than
its Kennedy and I were on a
talk, even for upset that is not the whole flock until you can’t
find this reluctance of the
fifth robbery, the stock is robberies the list in the
correct the new Congress the guys guys guys won the time
one time I know you’re a lawsuit
that the Louie bate months as of the site
as everyone stopped then
everyone stopped the nonstop
stop and shop as Montreal
there’s a probl you said basically they only do shore
projections but I’ve not seen as
100 miles to two of 250 miles
the home team are showing
anything t that not just ship, gets what is that why would they use it
only uses only four great car on the other goods into the sector
onto the roads are far the Max lead as I love of my
children do that Montreal don’t
do that because I’ve nothing I
do is I do research tall dark
blue a accept them think that the news
is trying to find sat for you I
sat and spoke up yet that any any time you’ve ever
any time you’ve ever seen in a
range of ever seen those things
being shot Joni won the one with
th that would be the only thing
that would make you believe that the sir the dates of this or any of the
book that I make sure I make
sure that you have the
opportunity to announce today
that can disse the label of people in here , Nissan the gear was using the
right that does the kids the day I know I heard a couple
of people who wilson’s one was
engaging want to the mechanics of the day for right now that it will buy it for good
reason I buy understands but we
can’t do that you can also tap
like the than if it’s because other day but partly wrong about that
it will partner on about OK what what that, to see those that did the city ordinances the old on Larry than , talked about the Data Systems that’s as a matter and the hale and they are, as you know everything
Montreal that china’s were wrong to say that, and that a lot of
it, says Montreal your everyone
has given either their answer
there saying everyone is wrong
and there are only one that is
right, can you please explain
those were wrong and why they owe them the ones we understand that it’s
not a project I’ll get you are
not they get that is not the same
thing as a warning to begin to
100% now that you know, but yet as high as I
corrected myself, that joins the mound and that none of the day you got me
and Shaun Russ topic ringgit got
your Dr. Back that that everything will lead the move that the lead that I’m looking as if I’m a
scene of some unseen law that might have been a can you say where the show to show weary it
allowed states to one side only the game on not seeing any worse is the the the neck and seal it is like yeast and everyone yourself
there that day the AIDS the lives of Goldman that he be the guest entered the
Chris us can do it either the league will surge of them
are a column that you denied me your
feedback as high as that that if the Montreal Montreal
Montreal on his hands that was
not an uncommon ago as a time
ago, keep it going . I didn’t see it works the
common goal that the white man about town the IBM
now so you got the kids so II see where
Montreal is the street getting
frustrated that the budget wide much of the
Foster death that will work and I said to
represent him that future stuff
that he’s right about but he’s
talking about what’s been used
then the just realized it in a thus they didn’t , and was that is in the whole
same thing the notes: if the end this if I die this guy’s a loss that
mean people everyone stopped
everyone’s sake of its top that
had not stop top everyone
stopped the cutting edge as just long
enough to not been on the LAN
then then not as does not stop stop
the top back and forth the second
happens they all its schools
though that’s when the sap and you hear someone else
talking there was that Miceli on the one
from there they no longer do
when you know you’re doing it is
gonna stop as you know you do it toppings figure it out and go
from there but then the people do it than a
dozen or dislike panel started
in smaller than that the address them up the fifth and that if they they invest as MSN is a quick
one as the site and a red roses
on the home base on the home you’ll the appeal you are the at the
met you, the spell their one
Sean says ghosts of corporations
microphone home run for saving
body the baton in queue for future
reference by the time tomorrow,
he’ll be able to control an
hour’s walk the sale of homes
but I di but I I’m all for this one I’m
on my Fabio mice on the money
you will hear me as a mother
beyond what’s missing in solving
contr that this is the heads up, down
from that of the eye by many
younger and younger still on
hold when I get back to, how you
will then let’s move will say home will sell it works out and
otherwise the citizenship show
in may suddenly shut off because
I did it the fifth to Elia, a Chantilly man on a
wall full blown out of dual
campaign for Siobhan De BU
moderate are everywhere than just the poppy of the relatives I can
still control everything but the undo the two shots I don’t
have to get key buyer defaults
of injured as if the if the fed tough and that the end and the risk is flat and hang back and noble that the woman and the right to that I am happy I came back to the always days could that it can’t depend out of
collarbone the punctured along
with the that thing on your hips that
Clark there is this it basically than
a son, but several broken bones
but that you’ll be right that goes for is pretty bad
moment that the end there and that the state and that means of their as the hand that this is what does that situation
you something: who knows he’s a
slice of them and they said that served
that has moved the than I can show you than budget impasse to sometimes that
can to solidify I show you the
homeless species and the
venerable that changed it’s the home that’s
genetic structure basically that would be evidence and yet with some say they can’t
they can’t they also means they
can breed together and also farther than those in
the same sense as in the same
sense that some micro the crew of my gravitation than the way thus the level of shin the solutions
when when they are body became
known the species it dramatically changes from
what it was doesn’t necessarily
mean that it becomes a something
else sure that it would is no native
is no native. They’ll know no custom micro
would be the same thing as they are below the group (a
house that the job as a work that way they’ll be told and ask not what
evolution even says they have to pull up the scent
of Wichita says the same thing
is when someone says they’ll pay for monkeys such as
much are they to their employee reported a tease you need more than one
citation or was wondering what’s the other the other one then you and the fact that this
wasn’t as much in the I know because no one has this
information I use of racial rarely talk
about losing that so the demand is there to serve the hat that I got that the
surcharge of home so 1971
biologist move five adults
Pearsall the time wall that
surrounds the deplo though the governor the Officer Ed one as well have
pictures and wanted to see the
new hope this isn’t then the toll it’s a it’s all over the
wall of this and called that’s the route to the center for
illustration and why you argue
about all the documents were
found that this is the right
hand that also than this experiment that god is genetics the
estimates and intestines on their
different it’s bone structure
change its head is droll
structure change on the main
thing was a 71 years aforesaid and thus 38 years and I’m using
them for years and for referees
to join the one that’s there’s the SEC they guess they studied and
watched it happen as an that the delegate that would be
the death of the bee of a
genetic the cooperation between your parents
not to that that’s one starts different than
a stripped the premium on islands that investigated the three different islands the though no fifth-fifth and now none of the to the fifth up for fifth , didn’t do drugs under those contacted like that in the fifth 5th year of that though they tore the step the LAN it was for
the steady to a study has taken
a deceased and study evolution
and Joe what they did his attemp there isn’t a this is lots of other than to that’s the reason is that defined yet
on the the Oprah show saying
unnumbered saying on the mound
but yet more than us young that the output the clincher here there’s on some of close up the
system on my nose like they be worked on backs of some the node a woman’s death star
for this one does one would go
on the left is the apparent in
the moderate the falls into eating insects and that’s where the stomach and
intestines of them did get at
all changed now is diet is something gets
its capabilities ’cause member
if you need only vegetables in
the week only god insects your
jaw s that their sisters don’t have the lead me like the week on , for the idea is not dead set the
Yet it’s it has been around as
that the that they know because there still
taking just as they still have
no to the still have to take
supplements in the still getting
the s that out is you if you in your
dns couple generations as a
member of fish oils if you have all you go to the generations will
be quicker than we do the home
sold their their demo billick
U.S. pilot picked me, bill of
each t that so this is my best example
of that if I go to file in San
Diego State for mere five Alaska
on a gap between jack and I get that all my son than he needs
Monday and get their kids may
have thicker blood more care
home darker skin that all is such a proven fact
19 we know the show was over in
the home, vs. the time of the
people live on the mounds Bursa
peo that they have a complete at
Jericho ones blood is a lot
thicker than the other ones and
different at the man to beat of
their none of it, it it does now they don’t assume that that over time it has everything
to do with it everything as Allies said orbit is Allison
and was at how someone would
move the goalpost so far back
they would make a sound that
also on so crazy but realistically
you’re just saying a lot of
words in misinformation that
detours from the actual reality
of what we’r this can see world that we update on the home actually the Chile if
you go to your local sea world
homes that actually you can see
the evolution in mapping when
exhi and look the same forever and
always they have different
characters as for instance the defense are paying ones in
South America the that OK perfect defined at Best
Buy exactly what happened, long
time ago because what they’re
genetically completely different
c they do not live with excel are you telling
me that penguins are paying ones
are paying ones they just told
you the penguins and South Ameri there but that does not impress
the above the normal service
reason for these things find out things I to works those jokes have the fifth and the senate auth in a rage for
dried also could amount of DSL start the fifth the new their walk on water that the kingdom hall on a column of that this fact that we call them
to have that the jobs that that my thoughts than on something that hang on
Travis the home then send them in the process of
trying to trial really well but
not doing a very good job at a aces this all began when species live
in stocks and Sears Michael
optical silence to the
Antarctic, and none of the wild
waves in the that the one where most of the
answer that the Bulls’ locker at that
it’s happy feet the residence inn on a colony of
pay a colony of paying ones can
have about 20 miles and penalties to be a lot bigger it was all so far the notes and
bonds ended in a clock goes
islands to one in order to the will to win awesome that has to zero loser in your
own and you all are body does
not change the way other animals
to that breeds a lot more than you
the law were the fifth and the amount you’re inside and
some almonds and fall from New
Orleans than a few the wild their cells on the list of sit on that area than Amazon the rules are changing colors turns in the revolution this Wednesday were no you you know you want
you want those want to jump into
if we were the species we want
those who knew something about
sco nakasone’s out that I know about those because
a home to guys that do all they
do on stocks living dolls and
they go out there and in
textiles the nice if it doesn’t taste it
didn’t day you can’t survive the
winter the Moon moved to stand up and around for the the idea of a visitor this grow out of the vote sponsor. The wait for their fourth try the chicken nuggets close that the Croats their homes the
signature gray the crowds by far the worst but
if you can’t pay a handful
they’ll make you feel the best gets around to the U.S. that that is that that’s when they start moving
around this memo status means
they’ll stop it just because the
bidding: they’ll stop moving
like f the king is enacted , the parasite bells in South
America told swim up your DB and
I get the glove of the 50 basis to get the whole teller told the jury
should not have brought this up
homes sold as a fish that the
will swim up your pina sold , and that’s that can tender offer yet the grill basket of sleaze is a salmon that those dangerous that carelessness than the six custom that sell parasites in as a
parasite survive so many years that of parasites that will make
the ammo commit suicide as he knows the citric acid crazy issue, as this road this it’s and it’s a really good one that, to keep this in what should the 20 member which one it when
#subscribe us to find it the other half under Yum Yum script is a
fun this could tumble it’ll open it up, Putnam
of that number by opener them, that some though. That’s in the Travis the the yard needed that, their worst the men and they really the strolling the end and this area’s that they’ll field and then they arrived in the business hour this that the Montreal fifth and the tough – as the hell are you talking about that and that if he and the end to lead to a plea before he
continues on continued to a
clear he is he is strolling you
the clear he’s a truck for now
is not be the and the fifth 5th of the end to the more weight to the majors this homeless started, start off slow
with a lot of things can turn
into a lot of things in IE also have no collective
points from coming in and out
fifths the poll but but on Aaron is
Aaron is in full troll mode
right now so for a global that Travis , forgot, no , sorry, no that’s their that you’re in control of the
following is getting a little
extra shrines you should conduct
and for me that there are an elite all of them
aren’t rolling that NRA that the reason I literally had
been , Monroe, that the that you have taken on
a day they had a question that not
enough in the matrix agents, you
know anything that is certain that they’ve
been using unlicensed they just a major speech at the
time and as does the trick since
your nearest you’re here to look to was that someone is someone
is is the appointed time that if the six to 15 U.S. role in charge of up of them got enough Travis old on to say Arantxa Zito know them
I know I don’t know when it’s the air in a bed and then, the bow ties up and stop that you want Saddam just read
but, in this your energy in the shins know about that error in the
muscle that there to used cars though used in the UR troll and so are you
complaining the solicitor nominee that all rights to talk about that they talk
about turn the command the fifth up fifth the fifth the ad that I get on
the fifth that you go down, but at a
younger yeah is this job now the fifth of a fifth of the top pick up this that this had for a major selector and matrix
majors for the record on Shawn
Smith has controlled also
defeated doctors come down in the release respect and that the absolute bunnies say that the band the end the the end and I I’m I’m learning to use a sex
and as long as the one that the the fifth and the that woody, show the PLO like they on matrix that of a a home that the bubble right to make along with that the multiple deposit, the web
site and it shows you that that
exactly once agreed, play this report the recap here news events and
the home is as different as some of whom
are basically the same thing for
us than the one that will impose at the the posted on all the pit, the spell this out and save the
top of so the night, great, great checker
and I have a big fight this wasn’t the the peace sign
in basically what happens is the use that to tell my level of
my eye over a short distance but this is awesome the keys
that basic tool which is
basically a little bubble uphold
the firm my ideal of a more
precise at a the hundreds of times the homes,
the house on but what II really want to talk
about is it because I look at
that no matter what is on the
mall foot above to have this
thing y the horizon the loan never ever to rise to the sender center
your level your eye level
basically and then got worse
rights as the home a dishonest and I’m I’m
planning to go at the mike, and
the Allied apple my eyes on the bible feet that mold on the ally and I have
not decided on to call on
Friday, make a OM time would hold my peak site
that my as long as it doesn’t
get the wind up so precise and
the home so that I figure that
out but know the three the the-spot and the other the the house that had the – a crash that it is crashing near the rest that Crestlawn to explain you
know calibrating that the
pistons and reading to a few
conflicts those numbers and the the fifth was that I never heard
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yourself who don’t have time to
learn a lot but the fact that an
opportunity to learn how to do
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that’s why he’s here and then as I make it seem like he’s not
helping this helps everyone’s, with some
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for , but again, and Mary song and
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break from the Travis and I’m
gonna take a break in the sub
and as one of the , reassess my of my Lai is the
fifth the home of the including the band’s to write staffers as right the like Travis by Haiti for
bands that is ultimately the
reason that we have defied the
order now I think the teachers
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fifth eight sons who was it a good
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and all of us consider the home
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news item: really weird short
quotes that just made no sense
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things are thus not that ideas
on CD-ROM and yet, but the two
men r yacht than GM john Collier Bundy
and I do appreciate some that have long , rough ride to the the eye of stations I didn’t even
realize I’ve done of 5 hours , yeah the restraint and overrun with
me on this actually enjoyed this one’s
own son home the tie the no one saw today on the
backside and reason why young
jazz and a new route, but we are
that I think the home but more
import the practice in Fontana was a
work the home is is is IE I
honestly think now when Sean Perot’s perfect than
maybe trust this is an
understanding of Stephens and
standards and in that he’s not seeing the things
we’re seeing is understanding
why we’re saying things you’re
on a day now that when you’re in that quote
unquote rebel fighters then
you’re trying to figure things
out is not as clear as in the
guise of that everyone thinks the same
level as saying the home summer
will be more disingenuous and
others but also believe what is this not about cramming in
someone’s brain is about helping
them understand it in the last
lap of the conversation that are
you , the Saint Joe home this was a lot of things to us
on Smith’s that as of may not notice of any
of them really step of a lot of
different towns and I deny I
like it in school added that
novel on his desk leasing the home on one side and general couple
of things owners say all sold as
most of Hawaii Stream of because
it would scream about just post the one 100th of a penny every
time someone crystalline buys
Shipp said prime and sends back
and it’s back again, now works,
so though their school that way the home all but more poorly in
outlining serve them smaller
goals Amazon Security way that
this is a very very important in
on the U.S. and documentaries and
spit out , is the website the that’s still in the works but it
is only something you go to and
check out so I’m going to go out
to the CC sells an easy six Pl dissident this year, a misaligned that the
home yet that go to their own
homes adding that as a source
ginger on the link work for an
inde and on link the works that cigar box as the Moscone right here the semis defense to go there
for this to comment about the
work and see this and and because the it the works that sought to the IE team is
not the DuPont the potential
that leaders of the link and this one and the day so you can check out
USC’s easy to fix this exact see
this as a bright and now it’s
not the best website is literall the observations that people
can’t hear waves are no show me
where I do that I won a place
for and where they have no
rights as told police that is a helpful the lower than for and somebody
Holmes and Moore, and am
building on to learn more about
it’s a celebration of figured
out that the majestic time to read a letter that I see
us and that you’re the lead in the
interest in Interpol for and road and the grin : that’s the end of an end the wind and the there’s one that end, and just one of the need that are


  • Reply Ben d'Lyte October 31, 2019 at 3:39 am

    Just want to point out that motion is not presupposed. It is evident when observing the sky. There is most certainly motion, with 100% certainty.

  • Reply Marty Moose October 31, 2019 at 3:43 am

    Montreal said the rail gun can shoot 25 miles. In WW2 the Yamato Class Battleship 18" gun could shoot a projectile the size of a small car 25 miles. Rail guns can shoot much further.

  • Reply Chris Berry October 31, 2019 at 5:19 am

    Are you saying the atmosphere is not real? If not your headstone is misleading.

  • Reply Not Flat October 31, 2019 at 11:19 am

    General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group
    – Precision indirect fire with low collateral damage

    – Direct fire horizon in 6 seconds
    – Hypervelocity impact (Mach 5) indirect fire (200+ nautical miles in 6 minutes)

    Projectile Motion

  • Reply MaVe 64 October 31, 2019 at 11:40 am

    Note to Matrix: Yes the experiment will prove something! It proves all the flat earth YouTubers are LYING to you, because the horizon DOESN'T rise to eye level. Isn't that worth anything?

  • Reply Not Flat October 31, 2019 at 11:56 am

    @Chris Berry
    Gyrocompass, navigational instrument which makes use of a continuously driven gyroscope to accurately seek the direction of true (geographic) north. It operates by seeking an equilibrium direction under the combined effects of the force of gravity and the daily rotation of Earth. As such, it is immune to magnetic interferences such as those caused by ore deposits, steel structures, or electric circuits.

  • Reply Not Flat October 31, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    @Se Montreal
    The salt flat with curious curves

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