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The Coolest Violin You’ll Ever See!

September 11, 2019

– Good morning from
Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’m back! This is my third year
coming to this thing, I think we vlogged it last
year, I lost my drone. We’re starting our day right. We’ve got one of those
carts that you go on, usually people drink, but it’s
like eight in the morning, we’re going to breakfast, and
this is how we’re doing it. Check this out. They’ve got this giant thing with all these dudes
and girls with cameras, and supposedly we are gonna be
taking this to our breakfast location, so I’m going to
show you a fun day in Belfast. (upbeat electronic music) We’re moving, the music is loud. (upbeat electronic music) Apparently we’ve made it
to breakfast. (laughs) So fun, Power of Video,
every, this is our third time coming here, they always
do the best things. So that’s how we got to
breakfast, now it’s time to eat. That was an adventure. I saw one of those in Austin, Texas once and I’ve always wanted to
do it, and there we go. Off the bucket list. (upbeat groovy music) Breakfast just ended, it was really good. Right where we were just
riding, where I showed you the police where they were
smiling at us, this guy is now cutting open the road,
he’s just destroying it. There he goes, he just grabbed
a big old chunk of the road. And now check this out,
they’re just, like, ripping up the road right where we were. That’s the building that
we were at last year for Power of Video, with that
giant metal spike in it, where Lincoln and I spoke;
really cool building. I like this place. If you’ve never been to Northern Ireland, they always say it’s rainy
all the time, really, we’ve been here three times
and it’s only rained once and it was last night,
it rained a little bit. I think it’s a beautiful place. (upbeat groovy music) I just scared away the birds
and I’m waiting from them to come back, but they all
came and they were just about ready, and I was gonna film
a cool slow motion shot, and then they all just took off at the same time for no reason. They’re just all sitting up there waiting for us to move out of their way. (intense orchestral music) Hey Zack, I dare you to go
in that telephone booth. – Oh my god. – [Dan] Tell me what it smells like. – Wonder how long it’s been there. (light upbeat music) It’s actually not that bad. – [Dan] Not that bad? – No, it’s not. Yeah, it’s like, a relatively
clean telephone booth. It’s not that bad at all. – So I pretty much just
did that so I could take a picture for Twitter to say, “When your Android phone
doesn’t work anymore.” (laughs) – Oh my god. (laughs) – I got some photos. (upbeat hip hop music) The first time that I came
to Belfast we got picked up in DeLoreans and Casey
Neistat did a vlog that was super cool, and the first shot
that he did was a drone shot, and it was down this street
right here going toward that capitol building or
whatever that building is, really cool open shot and then we were just sitting down there. I actually brought the gold
play button and I was holding it just to try to get shots
from around the world. But look at this building,
it looks like it just burned down within the last few days. That’s sad. This old, historical building. You can see even down on
the ground all the ashes and the pieces are all still there. That’s unfortunate. That looks like a really
old, historical building, but I guess they all are around here. This guy. (upbeat violin music) – Thank you very much. – [Dan] Alright, dude. Very cool. What is this called? – This is (mumbles). Violin trumpet. – [Zack] Violin trumpet. – [Dan] Violin trumpet. – Violin trumpet. That is two instrument. Violin and trumpet. It’s out in Romania. – [Dan] From Romania, cool,
I like the sound of it. (upbeat violin music) – Well that’s cool, you
don’t see that every day. Violin trumpet combination from Romania. I mean it gets the noise
out a lot better, it’s like, it just propels the music
through the trumpet. That’s really creative, I like that guy. He’s really nice. And now we’re supposed to go down, this is the pedestrian precinct. It looks like it’s just a wall but supposedly we’re
supposed to go this way. Would you say that’s a very
jerry rigged instrument? – Um, yes, I actually like it
though, it was really cool. – [Dan] Have you ever jerry
rigged an instrument before? – I have not. I’ve played the trumpet in
high school though, fun fact. – [Dan] Hey, okay. (upbeat electronic music) Yeah, I’d say that’s dangerous there. – And they make it so
you can’t grab onto them either to pull yourself up. – [Dan] Oh, I don’t know
how you noticed that. They spin, that’s cool. Oh, look at these ones,
do those ones spin? – Yeah. – [Dan] Tall enough? I can do it with the camera. Oh, kind of, I mean, it’s a little rusted. Something is in there. Something important. Oh my gosh, I found
squishys, even in Belfast. Do not stand and squeeze
these, bags are ripping, okay. Don’t squeeze it, don’t squeeze it. I think London would like this unicorn, I might have to get it. (upbeat electronic music) So it’s the afternoon
of the first day here and kind of interesting development. So Lincoln is in Las Vegas
right now, he is going to fly by himself from Las Vegas to
Atlanta, two hour layover, and then all the way to Dublin. So I’m two hours north of Dublin
right now here in Belfast, tomorrow morning at 9:00
AM I have to get down there and pick him up because we’re speaking tomorrow here and Saturday. Leslie just sent me a
text and said that Lincoln left his suitcase in the
Honda Pilot and they drove the Tesla to Las Vegas,
it’s like a two hour drive, in order to go to the
airport, so he was really sad, so I’m on a little bit of an adventure, I’m gonna go find some clothes
for Lincoln so that when he gets here he has
something to change into and something to wear
for the rest of the trip, ’cause we’re going to
Denmark after this trip to do something really cool with Lego. Anyway, let’s go shopping for Lincoln. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, I think this is the
shoe, the black VaporMax, he’s never had a pair of
VaporMax before, I’ve had ’em. These are good shoes, right? – Good shoes, right. Best shoes on the market. – [Dan] Best shoes on the market, sweet. He has the pair of shoes
that he’s wearing but I think he needs a different
pair also, just because, I don’t know why, I just
really wanted an excuse to get him a new pair of shoes. And then this shirt, flight,
his new basketball team is called flight and so I
think he’s gonna fit into this. (upbeat electronic music) I love the streets here, there’s always people playing music. That guy with his guitar,
the guy earlier today with the trumpet that’s a
violin, pretty cool, so. Now off to get some clothes for Lincoln, I’m glad we got some shoes. Not that he didn’t have shoes that he was wearing, but I don’t know. With all that’s going on
with Nike right now and all the controversy it’s also a
good reason to support Nike, so I thought it would
be good to get a pair of VaporMax ’cause he’s
always wanted some, and I feel bad for the
little guy being stressed out about not having his
stuff, so alright, TJMaxx. Fun fact, for those of you
that are from Northern Ireland, TJMaxx is called TKMaxx, you know that. For all those in America, TKMaxx is what they call it here, it’s not TJMaxx. Should work. Some pants, some shirts, a little jacket, some undies. (laughs) TKMaxx is pretty cool, it might be nicer than TJMaxx back in the states, they had some good stuff here. So Lincoln is like, I don’t know, he forgets his stuff and I
reward him with new stuff; maybe that’s not such a good trend. Lincoln, if you’re watching
this, if you forget your stuff again I’m
not buying you new Nikes and new clothes, you’re
just gonna have to wear the same thing all week,
okay buddy? (laughs) But I am excited to get
you some new clothes, you’ve been growing a ton, you need it. So good news, Lincoln
is here, check this out. (upbeat groovy music) Hey. – Hi. – [Dan] Welcome to Belfast. – Hi. – [Dan] How do your clothes fit? – Good. – [Dan] You like your shoes? – Yeah. – [Dan] Very cool. – Yeah. – [Dan] Show me how squeaky they are. (shoes squeaking) (laughs) So Lincoln got
here yesterday, yesterday. Yeah, yesterday. And then he slept pretty
much the whole day. – [Lincoln] Good morning. – This is our room, I haven’t
even shown you our rooms yet. So we’ve got these rooms,
we’re actually staying in a college dorm that is not
gonna be open until next week, and so I think the college
the conference got a really good deal on it or the place hooked us up because there’s all
these influencers here, but yeah, Lincoln gets his
own little college dorm, and then look at this view out the window. That is nice. So we’re gonna head
over to the conference, I spoke yesterday but we are
speaking on a panel today with Zack from Jerry Rig
Everything, and Arron Crascall is speaking in a little
bit, he’s hilarious, he’s this guy on social
media that just does these hilarious things in
London so we’re gonna go check him out right now and show
you our day in Belfast. (upbeat groovy music) First off is breakfast,
look how cool this place is. Welcome to Harlem. I decided to order the
full Irish breakfast. If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay, because I don’t either, but let’s take a look at it together. – [Lincoln] What is that? – It looks good. These are beans, I guess
beans are popular here. – [Lincoln] Beans for breakfast? – [Dan] Yes, beans for breakfast. I know, right? – But that looks like mushrooms. – [Dan] Yeah, so we’ve got this
black bread thing, (laughs) do you guys know what this is? – [Man] It’s a black pudding which is essentially a blood sausage. – Black pudding which is
essentially blood sausage. That sounds very healthy. (laughs) We’re gonna enjoy our food
here, there are some other creators here, Peter McKinnon
is right over here eating, there’s a bunch of others, so. – Who’s over there? – [Dan] Have you met Peter yet? – I haven’t ever. – [Dan] You’ve never met Peter? – No I’ve just seen his videos. – [Dan] Okay, we’re gonna
go meet him after this. Um, okay, so that was
pretty amazing, and we sat next to some really
cool people from Bosnia. We’re gonna go and listen to Arron now. – We’re gonna spend half an hour on stage with Arron Crascall. (crowd cheering) – So I’m gonna take, I’m gonna wait. (crowd laughing) Ladies and gentlemen! (crowd cheering) Yes! Follow your dreams,
guys, follow your dreams. (mumbles) How you doing brother? – Good to see you. (Arron mumbles) (upbeat electronic music) – Alright, so right now
Dan Mace is out there, you’ve probably seen him from 368, he’s just finishing up his talk. Lincoln, Zack and I are
going to be doing a panel, and just a discussion,
on, I think we’re gonna, we gotta choose, oh, gotta
be quiet, he’s out there. – Shh! – [Dan] Sorry. Are you ready, Zack? – I am ready, I was born ready. – [Dan] Lincoln, you ready? – Um, what are we talking about? – [Dan] That’s a good question. So there he is talking
right now so we’re up next. This is the greenroom here and Lincoln decides to play (mumbles). How you doing Lincoln,
how many people are left? – 22, I have three kills. – [Dan] Three kills, wow, killing it. – Peter McKinnon is about
to speak, so of course, we gotta go out and watch Peter. (upbeat electronic music) Okay this is kind of
weird, but we’re leaving, Peter McKinnon just
spoke, it was really good, super inspiring. We’re going through the stage
door which is the back exit. – Press the button. – [Dan] Push the. (laughs) Big label, Zack is about to break it down. Push it and then push the door
Lincoln, push the door, go. Yes, thank you. – [Zack] Thank you. – [Dan] Figured it out, we’re smart. – Why is it freaky rocket
science to get out of a door? – (laughs) Alright, we’re
heading out of here. Belfast has been awesome,
Power of Video is great, this is our third time here, I don’t know if we’ll ever be back, but if you’re ever in Northern Ireland,
come to this conference. They do a great job with
it and it’s just fun, you learn, you’re
inspired whether you plan on making videos or not, it’s inspiring, So learning about all these
careers that people have. (upbeat electronic music)


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