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The Civics Lesson and the Last Chance for a Pan Handler

September 15, 2019

(slow rock music) Omar Volario. Good morning Mr. Volario. You have one expired meter… Good morning your honor. …summons Darrence street. Yes, sir. Is there anything you wanna tell me about this? Yes, the meter was not functioning. I have a picture saying that it was out of order. The meter was not functioning? Correct. Do you have any photographs or videos? Yes I do, your honor. You do? Yes, sir. Could you show it to inspector Quinn. I am a school teacher at the MET High School, and part of my work is I drive students to internships and try to get them opportunities, and coincidentally, that’s my student right over there, I was driving her that day. Wait, wait, wait. You’re a teacher at the MET school. Correct Alright, and who’s this? This is Miss Aireece. Is she here today because of a ticket or is she here today to make sure you pay your money? Why aren’t you in school? Get up here! She also wants to be a lawyer and a judge. You’re at the second mic. Hello. Alright, get close to the mic so I can here you. Okay, what’s your name? So, My name is Aireece Terry. Are you here today to make sure he pays, or are you here today to let him borrow money, or are you here today for something else? I was.. actually I came here because I actually wanted to see you. I had no idea he was actually gonna be here, but, um, yeah… That’s called getting busted bunking school. (laughter) No, no, no, our students are allowed to leave campus to, um, to try to get internship opportunities, and really explore the career. And Aireece is a student that, right now her project work is to try and get Law Day at the MET school. You don’t have a summons here today? No. You just came to observe the court? Yes. Get up here. Come on up. Your honor can I take a picture of this please? You wouldn’t mind if I put my hand around ya, would ya? No. I just asked for permission to put my hand around her, ’cause today you have to be careful. Thank you. Okay, get back over there. You’re not gonna be happy at the end… Alright, we’re gonna start from scratch. Now what is your name? My name is Aireece Terry. And you are a student? At the MET high school in Providence. And you are someday inspired to some day go into the legal profession, is that correct? Yes it is. You’re actually one of my biggest role models, and when I first started watching Caught in Providence, I was like, wow, when I get older I actually wanna be like him, ’cause if we had more judges like you, I think the world would be a much better place. That’s right, that’s right. I think she’s buttering me up for her teacher. She must know that you used to be a teacher, Judge. Do you have any classes here with Mr. Volario? Actually he’s my main advisor so I see him every day. You know, in another life, early on I actually taught school. I taught school at Hope High School days, and I went to law school nights, in Boston so, in those days as the old timers would say, do you know what this means? What does that mean? You don’t know what that means? That means no money. Oh, no money. Yeah, it was like this, you know, no money. So, uh, so the only way to go to school was to work and go so I was able to work days and I taught school. It was one of the more enjoyable things I’ve done in my lifetime. Yes, absolutely. Okay, so I’m gonna make you a judge today. Just a couple of cases, and you have to be fair and honest. Right? No prejudice… No bias, right? Okay, and try to balance the interest of the city and the rights of the individual. That’s what we try to do here right? Okay, Mr. Volario has an expired meter on Darrence St. He indicated that he had photographic evidence that the meter wasn’t working properly, and inspector Quinn had an opportunity to view that. Inspector Quinn? Yes, your honor, based on the photographic evidence the city would move to dismiss, on top of the meter it stated out of order, on the photograph Mr. Volario has on his phone. Okay, so we’re gonna dismiss this ticket, but this is an easy one, alright. Mr. Volario, you’re gonna be free to go. Thank you. Aireece have a nice day. My position as judge affords me the opportunity to try to have a positive influence on young people. I guarantee, that Aireece will never forget her day in court. And I truly hopes it helps inspire her to go on to become a great lawyer and maybe even a judge. She definitely seems to have the knack. (slow rock music) Are you ready Counselor? Good morning your honor. Good morning. Suzanna Cotter for the defendant. Yes, the defendant has been before the court on several occasions, and has had several dispositions, regarding his conduct. In this case he was at the intersection of Darrence and Washington street. Police observed the subject banging on car windows That were stopped at the red light at Darrence and Washington, he was showing his middle finger and then using profanity at two female drivers, so he was charged again with aggressive pan handling. Now, inspector Quinn, the defendant, to my recollection, has been before me several times. Are you familiar with his record? Yes your honor, I would say that Fumie’s probably been in this courtroom probably 9 times within the last 3 and a half months. There was an arrangement made with the defenders office that we were attempting to work with him to get him through some treatment program, but apparently that fell through for lack of insurance. Counselor advised me of that this morning. Your honor we have several times allowed this gentleman time served because of the time of day when he gets apprehended, he spends 15-20 hours in the cell block here, but, lack of the treatment, your honor, the city’s gonna have to start asking for some time served at the ACI. Counselor you wanna be in this? Yeah, uh, I would like to say Well first of all how does he plead? Nolo, but its from a real lack of access on our part. Its always nice to blame the state, I’m not blaming the state. For other peoples conduct. Say, well, ya know, its the states fault. I’m thinking of the motorist who was being threatened, and harassed by him. This is not an isolated incident. As inspector Quinn has indicated, he as been here several times, and we’ve heard the same argument several times. I think we’re gonna have to send him a message. I’m gonna sentence him to the ACI for five days, and if he comes back again its gonna be ten, and then if he comes back again its gonna be 15. In the mean time, we’ll see if we can get him some help. I’d love to get him some help, ya know. Thank you, your honor. Right now, we have an obligation to protect the public interest, public health and welfare Your honor is that five days on both cases? I beg your pardon? Is that five days on both cases? I’m gonna do, I’m gonna serve him concurrently 5 days. Now he’s getting a break ’cause I could sentence him to 30. I know that. Alright, but I think we have to send him a clear message that, the days of him coming in here, we say okay he served a night in jail, we’re gonna give him a break, right, those days are over. Good luck to ya. All rise, and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge! Subscribe now!


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