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That’s Why I Gave Up On Music -Acoustic- (English Cover)【Will Stetson】「だから僕は音楽を辞めた」

December 9, 2019

Thought out but logic isn’t clicking
That sky when I longed to have you with me Tired breezes singing sweetly, as my mind
it comes alive and flies freely Hey, going forward oh, where will it take
me? Everything it just leaves me helplessly
Looking at me, smiling As I turned away and didn’t say a thing Thought out but logic isn’t clicking
Our youth is dull amount to nothing Giving up on the piano, but the sickening
beat, had taken over me Hey, and on oh where oh will it take me?
Far from all of the music you’re making? Go on living happily Pizzicato strings that sing I pluck a heart-made
melody Long without me they never lose beat, when
they’re out of reach ever fondly Oh I, carry their light And I’ll never know, I don’t care to know
Just go on and let go All of this “love” for your life, for
the world and the sky, they cry, while never knowing why
They want to know, be told down where to go But that’s just how life flows
It’s your fault that, I couldn’t say so Thought out but logic isn’t clicking
Forced now to face the future I’m resisting “I’ll fade on to nothing,” and the stinging
in my chest it burns right on to the ending “Where am I headed in the future?”
Growing up I can’t speak up a single word Stuck in frozen terms How do I explain the hate I feel watching
that happy face? What do they have that’s missing?
Stuck there on the side I’m watching–a ghost
I follow every step but still don’t know I’m not wrong to live! And in spite of this
We still all are human Lacking “love” for your life, for the
world and the sky, you cry, while never knowing why
That painful sting when you’re listening Is just proof you’re living
Not that I care though, all just your whim Thought out but logic isn’t clicking
Why does it hurt to keep on breathing on and living?
Why can’t you make a living writing music? It’s fine if all the words I write are useless Not like I care though
Yeah I’m sure I wasn’t wrong Yeah I’m sure I wasn’t wrong…
And I swear I wasn’t wrong… Yeah the fault was mine, all through my life
I couldn’t read the signs All of this “love” for your life, for
the world and the sky, they cry, I couldn’t tell you why
They want to know, be told down where to go But that’s just how life flows
It’s all your fault that, I couldn’t say so There was once a time I dreamed too
Now the feelings have all broke through misuse So long that I had written for you
I don’t really care about the fame, you know my love was true
I felt it, more than I knew That’s how I had felt then too
That’s why I’m done with it That’s why I’m done with it
All my notes Died with you


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    ive been waiting for an english cover of this forever. you are making my whole day

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    I panicked for a second, ngl
    Was real happy when I realized wat it was

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    I'm taking this opportunity to say; Fix the grammar in your channel description

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    100 likes before it premiered, PogChamp

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    I seem to love this song no matter who sings it. Nothing can ruin this song (don't try pls)

  • Reply Weirdo The Ghost December 8, 2019 at 10:09 pm

    I've been waiting so long but def worth the wait🤗 thx will for this awesome cover 🙂😌 thank you so much for making my day. I needed this ; )

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    Im from Japan but your English covers are amazing:) your the best Will ngl

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  • Reply MDATripleStar December 8, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Me: oh my god this is so emotional
    Will: sounds like he is going to cry in each beautiful words
    Me: MYGOD dont cry!!!

  • Reply Strink Family December 8, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Will could make Pane Dhiria sound good
    Is that a challenge?

    Actually it totally is

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    Listening to a song for the first time is understanding everything and nothing because every five seconds the message of the song in your eyes changes.

    Am I alone in feeling like this whenever I listen to something? Am I having medical problems? Obligatory comment about how this cover slaps that I couldn't fit in previously in my joke? Chuck Norris delivered a kick that could shatter bones into my crotch? What's the deal!

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    Music Video:
    Their Channel:
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    (P.S. I love your voice you are way too underrated I can't <3)

  • Reply IntenseSchadenfreude December 8, 2019 at 11:33 pm

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    This gave me goosebumps, I love it!

  • Reply Annie Song December 9, 2019 at 1:05 am

    n-buna songs are really hard to translate into english but you did it pretty smoothly
    I'm used to the background piano music but the guitar is refreshing 😀

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    Amazing things about this:
    1. The way he managed to harmonize "piano" in the same way as the og.
    2. The emotion in that last "I swear I wasn't wrong"
    3. How every single time he manages to keep the translations so close to the original and without it losing a single thing about the meaning of the song.
    4. Literally everything else. I will fight whoever dislikes this beautiful piece of art.
    I adore every single one of these Yorushika covers with all my heart. Please keep up the amazing work.

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    OH! This is my favorite song! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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    Oh my goodness, this song has always been in my heart and you, one of my favourite artists, has covered it in English..!! I cried again (in a good way, I promise) ♡

    Bless you Will, and keep up the lovely work ^-^

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    i loved this song already but after hearing your cover i think i love it even more

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    What's with the whisper "what" in the first second of the video? Was there something like that in the original?
    Besides that, amazing cover. You are so talented and I can't wait for more! <3

  • Reply Arkeus Rykon December 9, 2019 at 2:26 am

    Slowly, but surely,

    Will is becoming addicted (hopefully) to Yorushika. 😍

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    I always wait for your covers, and this is just as amazing as I expected 😭 thank you for covering one of my favorite songs!!

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    P.s. If Will sees this ily

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    Such an amazing voice sending out these awesome songs each and every few weeks. It would be sad to see you go if you actually did.

    If Will sees this ILY

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  • Reply Tomato Empress December 9, 2019 at 6:17 am

    I absolutely love your covers of yorushika songs (the rest of your covers are also amazing, but yorushika is one of my favourite bands). I've honestly been trying to learn a lot of yorushika songs on guitar, but I can never find very good sheet music for it, and I'm not the greatest at picking up by ear. But hearing your covers always makes my day, keep up the great work. 🙂

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