“Thank you for bringing me into the world, Dad” [The Return of Superman/2019.03.10]

September 8, 2019

Which family came out in the cold? It’s Bongyeon’s family. – This is really nice. / – It feels cool. – Aren’t you cold? / – No. What is this? What is this? It’s cool. Should we go see it? – No, no. / – It’s a hot place. What do you think about it? It’s cool. Is it cool? Do you want to go up? No, no. You don’t want to go up? (I have something to do.) Give me the camera. – Here, Bongyeon. / – A camera? You like cameras, don’t you? – I do. / – Yes. Does he take pictures already? I want to take off my gloves. – Do you want them off? / – Yes. It’s too slippery, right? – With the gloves. / – Gosh. Yes. – Here. / – It’s not a toy. It looks real. (Nice.) “V.” What is this? This is not it. Should we go somewhere else? – Here. “V.” / – Where? – Do you want me to pose? / – Yes. He’s asking his dad to pose. – “V.” / – “V.” “V.” He’s really taking the pictures. Let’s see if they turned out nice. It looks good. He’s really good at this. Gosh, but Bongyeon is only four years old. (He’s starting to warm up.) (Photographer Jo Bongyeon) My goodness. Did he already find his career? Look at his pose. His dad is helping him find his path. I took it. – Good job. / – It’s so heavy. – You’re an artist. / – It’s so heavy. You’re willing to throw yourself. – He feels like an expert. / – He does. (He’s also confident in front of the camera.) (He doesn’t hesitate.) (It’s beautiful.) His hands must be so cold. Look at how red his ears are. Okay, then let’s go here… (Plummeting) My goodness. It’s okay. This is okay. (Things suddenly got quiet.) The lens. (Whimpering) It’s okay. It’s okay. – It’s okay. / – I’m sorry. He apologized. Gosh, look at his fingers. It fell. It’s hard to keep a straight face. What can you do in such a situation? This is a problem. Do I have a lens at home? – Did it get hurt? / – Yes. I think there’s a problem with the lens. (Sighing) (This is a problem.) It worked! It’s okay. It worked. Thank goodness. Show me, show me. (The camera is all better now.) Let’s go. (As soon as they fixed the camera,) (they hurried off to somewhere.) (A little later) Let’s go. Hello. It looks like a hospital. Hello. Have some snacks. Is he sick? He must be visiting someone. – Be quiet. / – I think so. Two, three… (Sneaking) Grandpa! There he is. (Grandpa, I’m here.) Gosh, it’s his grandpa. How cute. Grandpa. One, two, three. (It’s a forehead kiss.) Is he like an octopus? – Grandpa. / – My gosh. My father… (His dad has been at the hospital for five years.) He has been hospitalized for over five years. He was there before Bongyeon was born. He suffered his fourth stroke before he was hospitalized. He went to the emergency room and ICU a lot. We were even told to prepare for the worst. This happened eight to nine times a year. Repeatedly. With an urgent heart, I try to see him and visit him a lot. Right. Bongyeon, you have a gift for Grandpa. (Rummaging) Bongyeon prepared a gift for you. A gift. – He brought you a gift. / – Gosh. It’s a treasure. (Gosh, thank you.) – What is it? / – Treasure. He says it’s a treasure. Bongyeon says it’s a treasure. He picked it up saying he has to give it to you. – What is it? / – A rock. (Rock!) What did you think it was? It’s a rock. He says it’s a treasure. To kids, it is. Give him energy. Power. (I picked it up while thinking of you.) Bongyeon, you have another gift for Grandpa. – Please eat it. / – Thank you. Bongyeon made it himself. (Bongyeon made it with his own hands.) He made it for his grandpa. (Hurry up and freeze.) Who are you going to give this to? Grandpa. Grandpa. He made it for you. Did you make this? – It’s precious. / – Bongyeon’s ice cream. (I’ll feed it to you.) He should get better for Bongyeon – and get back up. / – Is it good? – It’s good. / – Is it good? Bongyeon, what flavor is this? – Orange. / – Orange. It’s orange. (My goodness.) I’ll make it for you again. He must be so happy to see Bongyeon. – He’s getting so big. / – Yes. Dad, Bongyeon and I went out earlier. We took some pictures to show you. Did he take pictures to show his grandpa? (They’re precious sceneries Bongyeon took.) – Grandpa, we love you. / – We love you. (They even shot a sweet video.) (He’s proud after checking Grandpa’s reaction.) (I’m so proud of you.) Dad, look at this too. We rode a bicycle. With Bongyeon. We rode a bicycle. Do you remember, Dad? You used to… drop me off at school on your bicycle every day. – I don’t know. / – Don’t you remember? You had that bicycle people use for luggage. I was embarrassed by it, so I’d jump off near school and run away. Do you remember it now? My father packed my lunch for me. They were roughly made, but he packed it for me every day. He used to do that every day. He’d have my lunch in one hand as he dropped me off at school. Dad, do you remember how you received the Grand Award for me? Do you remember? – No. / – Is it hard to remember? Yes. I was in Ulsan for a concert. (In place of Sungmo who was in Ulsan…) Thank you. (His father received the award in his place.) In place of his son who couldn’t be there, Sungmo’s father received a huge award. It’s a memory one can’t forget. Sungmo. Is it Sungmo? Yes. You won. Thank you. Good job. – Thank you. / – Thank you. My goodness. You got the Grand Award in my place. Wasn’t it amazing? They had such fond memories. (His eyes are getting red thinking of the past.) – Hello. / – Hello. You have to go down. – Okay. Thank you. / – Yes. – Hold me. Clasp them. / – I’m sorry. Clasp your hands. One, two. (He’s getting the help of his son.) Try to flex your legs. There you go. – I’ll push him. / – What? – I’ll do it. / – I have to do it. – I’ll do it. / – Do you want to do it? – My goodness. / – My goodness. What a good boy. – He wants to help. / – How sweet. (Heave-ho) – I have nothing to do. / – Gosh. It’s very hard. Are you tired now? I’ll take over. He acted like he was wiping off sweat. (He’s letting his dad take over.) (Grandpa is getting physical therapy.) Grandpa is exercising. Grandpa is exercising. Is he exercising? We should do it too. Hands up. (If his grandpa raises his hands,) Hands up. (he’ll copy.) Twinkle, twinkle. (Bongyeon is also making his hands twinkle.) They’re exercising together. Grandpa, we’ll try to get up now. Do you not want to do it? You have to do it even if it’s hard. Let’s just do a little bit even if it’s hard. – No? / – Can you walk with me? Shall we walk while holding hands? Grandpa. Bongyeon, you can do this too. – Hold hands. / – I want to do it too. – One, two, / – One, two, – three, four, / – three, four, – five, six, / – five, six, – Bongyeon joined. / – seven, – eight, nine, ten. / – eight, nine, ten. – Cheer up, Grandpa. / – Yes. I bet he’ll work harder for Bongyeon. – Of course. / – Hang in there. – You’re doing well. / – This is cool. This is a plane. (Bongyeon is wandering around the room.) It’s cool. (Sungmo is reminded of something.) When I was a toddler, you held my hand to help me walk, right? (Sungmo’s dad taught him how to walk.) Isn’t it nice to have Bongyeon hold your hands? Don’t you feel good? You’ll walk again. Right, Dad? (Let’s walk again, Dad.) You can walk again, right? Don’t lean back. Move forward. (The son is becoming the support) There. You can’t lean back. (to help his father walk again.) Good. You’re in good shape. I’m really… glad that you’re… healthy. – Me? / – Yes. You’re healthy. That’s because you made sure I was born healthy. You made sure I was born healthy, and you raised me healthy. That’s why I’m healthy. Don’t you think so? I… Yes. (He ended up bursting into tears.) It’s okay, Dad. It’s okay. Don’t cry. I’m healthy because you made sure of it. You brought me out into the world and raised me. It’s okay. You’ll be able to get back up. You’ll walk. – I’m sorry. / – You’ll walk again. (He feels thankful and sorry to his son.) (Sungmo’s father can’t stop crying either.) What is it? You’re happy that your son grew up healthy, right? Yes. You and Bongyeon are healthy. I don’t have… (I have no regrets if you two are healthy.) any other wish. (I have no regrets if you two are healthy.) Thank you, Dad. Dad. Thank you for staying alive. (Thank you for bringing me out into the world, Dad.) (They’re sharing their feelings through tears.) (Would Bongyeon understand this too?) Just stay alive. You’ll become healthy again. You’ll go home and travel too. You’ll get to eat good food too. Okay? That’s all I need. – Why are you crying? / – You can go now. Okay, okay. He thanked me… (It was hard for his dad to say these words.) for being healthy. Everything he wanted to say were in those words. It had everything he wanted to say to me. “The son whom I taught” “how to walk,” “thank you for growing up healthy.” “Thank you for living well.” (Thank you for living well.) “Thank you for having Bongyeon,” “and thank you for starting” “such a beautiful family.” It also means, “I love you.” – Thank you. / – No problem. I’ll help you! – Will you do it again? / – Me. Bongyeon, are you going to help? – One, two. One, two. / – One, two. One, two. One, two. Good job. Good job. Grandpa, I love you. – You’re so good. / – One, two. One, two. One, two. One, two. Why are you crying? Why? Why are you crying? Why are you crying? Don’t cry. (Don’t cry, Grandpa.) This isn’t working, Bongyeon. You’d better give him a headbutt. Let’s give him a headbutt. One, two, three. Grandpa, get this. There he is. Come. Give him a hug. Bongyeon is comforting his grandpa. It must be such a huge driving force to watch his grandson grow up. – Don’t cry. / – He said, “Don’t cry.” What a gem. – Let’s go now. / – What a huge gift. – Yes. / – I’ll open it. The three generations should take a proper picture for the first time. Hold on. You have to run over after pressing it. You have to run after pressing it. – Bongyeon, get ready. / – Bongyeon’s taking it. Hurry up. Come here, Bongyeon. Hurry up. The memories he had with his father will continue with Bongyeon. (Always be healthy, Grandpa.) (Did spring come) (to The Return of Superman?) (Crying) (Just with a guitar tune,) (he’s able to calm a crying baby.) (It’s the miracle of spring.) (With a soft echo,) (he sings live to raise his kids.) (Who is this sweet Superman?) It’s going to be hard work. (The man who sings of spring, Jang Beomjune) (Didn’t you sleep?) (No, I got some sleep.) Why are you up so early? (Beomjune’s wife has a warm heart) (just like spring.) Thinking… (Worried) that you won’t be here… (I told you, you’ll be able to do well.) I believed so until yesterday evening. (He’s cute and romantic in front of her.) (Honey, stay with me a little longer.) (The word “spring” suits this couple well.) Hello. (He’s the father to Jang Joa and Jang Hada.) (I’m Jang Beomjune’s wife, Song Seungah.) (Should you be calling my name formally?) (Am I wrong?) (Their relationship started with a guitar.) (We held hands too.) (We didn’t hold hands.) (Didn’t we?) He said he’d take me home, then he asked me out. (This romantic man confessed very fast.) (It seems like his memory is blurry.) (There was never a dad like him before!) (He’ll show his raw self instead of tuning.) (He’ll be entertaining like no other.) (Sniffing) (Jang Beomjune, a natural entertainer) (What do I do?) (I’m still unskilled) (My heart is leaking) I must be crazy. This box is dirty. (It’s hard to face child raising.) (Please edit this out.) (Dear beautiful children) (I tried to hang in there…) (Sighing) (It’s not alcohol.) (I miss you, honey.) (Look forward to seeing this natural man.)

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