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Test Drive by Alan Enileev. BMW M6 Competition Package 575 HP (dyno-test)

September 9, 2019

Copyright by Alan Enileev
Translaton by W140 If you see how this car perceived in traffic, you would understand how much people dream of this car. And let’s take a closer look on this dream called BMW M6 Competition Package. Can’t say much about exterior. It’s simply perfect. Faceted shapes, athletic and muscle in every cm of body. Beautiful bumpers, strongly marked exaust pipes, modern lights. It’s just at reference of 2-door car. Reference of bold design. By the way, white color fits it, no doubt, but it looks strognly fascinating in two factory colors, deep blue and orange, M6 looks bomb-cool in these colors. No sense to talk about interior as well, the car isn’t new and you already saw it. In this specific M6 I like combination of snow-white and black leather, and, of course, carbon-fiber elements looks good here. Quality of assembling, of course, is very high. All materials are good. Well done. I’d like to compliment BMW multimedia. From all manufacturers of the world, BMW cars have the most clear and intuitive multimedia control. An example to follow. No questions about ergonomics. It’s BMW. Everything is near at hand. This M-steering wheel… You don’t want to let it go. Seats are good too, you can easily adjust for yourself. Ok, let’s start and go! You know, this is kind of a quite rare car, that I would advice not to tune. It seems so balanced to me, where additional power could ruin this balance. I don’t know, maybe after a week or month driving this bolide you might feel not enough power, and you’ll want some Stage 1… In my opinion, very well-balanced car. It doesn’t need more power. Thing that you really need to upgrade is exaust. It feels very jammed, not as it should sound, with given potential for great sound. V8 4.4, two turbos, but sounds deficiency. I felt like in real sportscar even when I just left dealership and drove in civil maner. Stiff suspension, smooth-heavy steering wheel, and in M-mode it’s just a demon. Sure, we got 575 hp on rear axle, and it pushes car very strong. It reaches 100 km/h after around 4 seconds and has top speed of 300 km/h. Dynamics feels at any speed. And biting sound pats at gear switching sound very cool. They are better to listen from outside, but sometimes you can hear them ok from inside. In general, you’ll never get fed of this attraction. But the most I liked balance, despite given power. It handles very good, if started to spin, you may control it easy by usual actions. A real sportsman that allow to control it’s body. There are sacred buttons on the steering wheel. M1 and M2. Each of them could be programmed on unique settings. For example, ESP system could be turn off completely of partically. Also there are settings for steering wheel, suspension and gearbox. I recommend not to turn off ESP system on BMW M-cars. It’s better to turn on MDM mode, that allows car to spin, but it stays under control, and then restore the car back, which is safe for everyone. Driving with ESP completely turned off is for race track. Suspension is still. It’s awesome in corners. Feedback is very pleasant as well. You feel every cm of the roadl. On the one hand it may be boring, our roads are not perfect. On the other hand, it’s necessary for sportscar. Gearbox is robotised, 7-speed. Works hard and strict. You can adjust speed of it’s working. Throttle response is very quick, as expected from M. It’s so fun to drive it manual, using paddle shifts. You never want drive it in auto-mode. Only manual. Display projection on modern M-cars are the best from all manufacturers. I’ve done 689 kilometers testing it. It required 252 L of 98 (Super Plus) gasoline. So, average fuel consumption on this beauty in active drive is 36,5 L/100 km. By the way, the same fuel consumption, around 36 L, I’ve got on new M3 tested past year. This is Competition Package version. V8 4.4 biturbo, 575 hp and 700 Nm. Let’s check claimed numbers in dyno test in S-Perfomance and measure acceleration by S-Logic. – Sergey, we have claimed 560 hp and 680 Nm
(car without CP), what we’ve got? – As we get used on modern cars, especially M-series, AMG-series, the claimed numbers are not real. And here we’ve got 620 hp and 740 Nm of torque. – What can you tell about available tuning for this engine? – The engine is very perspective with high potential, our company offer different solutions for it. Starting with Stage 1 and correcting software, depending on your needs, from everyday car, to track-car, weekend car. To Stage 2+ with straight-flow exaust, downpipes, removed ecology systems, software updating, removed speed limiter, and preparing the car for any wishes of the owner. It could be tuned to much more than 800 hp. – What about Stage 1? You’ve said about Stage 2 and 800+ hp and 1000 Nm. – With Stage 1 we may tweak according to car usage, from 720 to 790 hp. – Isn’t it just software without changing any physical elements? – Yes, it’s all just software and using good fuel. Claimed: 575 hp and 700 Nm.
Dyno-test shown: 621 hp and 729,7 Nm. Because it’s cold, reach 100 km/h in factory 4,4 s is impossible. The car spinning with launch-control to the end of 3rd gear. But from 100 to 200 lead us to very good result, 7,7 s. Price tag starts at 7,6 million rubles. For these money you get real premium, completely elaborate sportcar. That will get you fun everywhere and that show all market participants how real sport coupe should be like. See you!

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