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August 22, 2019

Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen its barry here and today we�re tasting some more treats from around the world you
guys have been sending me today it�s the turn of Brazil with the world cup coming up
ole ole and all that stuff beatriz passos has sent me this amazing package full of Brazilian
goodies although this yellow sticker on it does confirm that the English royal mail have
inspected the parcel and if I worked for them I totally would have opened that up and been
like hmmm they don�t need that and pocketed one or two. Anyhow there�s some great stuff
here lets get going. So first up is a tortuguita it�s got like
a brightly coloured tortoise on the front cover shell we get on with it? I think we
shell. Alright cool so they are individually wrapped believe it or not there are sweets
called turtles that most of you should know about but these are slightly different in
that these are actually turtle shaped look can you see that it�s actually like a flat
squished turtle apparently we eat the legs and arms and head first lets do that. Ok I
feel a bit bad I did bite of the legs arms and heads so lets go for the body, ooh what
a cheeky little start it�s got hundreds and thousands in it so it�s a chocolate
turtle surrounding chocolate sprinkles hmmm I�m gonna like this video a lot.
Ok so next up is something called a pacoquita but beatriz has called it a pacoca but both
of those names just make me want to shimmy know what I�m saying but apparently that
name pacoca comes from the tupi language spoken by the native tupi tupeye or tupac people
of brazil so the word posoc means to crumble or shatter so lets crumble this up shall we
� oh wow ok so apparently it is made with peanuts and salt and stuff and it has indeed
crumbled over my floor ok lets taste it oh my goodness it�s like all over my floor
and again that is like peanut butter but velvety edible bars of peanut butter � braziltastic
that�s amazing. Ok so next up is something called a diamante
negro look at the packaging that is sophistication straight away � a diamond, oh yeah! Right
so apparently this is a really popular crunchy chocolate bar with sugar crystals named after
a footballer from 1938 called leaonardas da silva who was known as the dark diamond aka
diamante negro so we�ve learnt some Brazilian today and that was basically his nickname.
So amazing, imagine if you had a chocolate bar named after yourself what would it be
called? Let me know down below mine would probably be called barryinho based on this
video alone but there�s probably many many other nicknames lets just get straight into
this oh boom check that out straight away look at the size of those slabs ooh yeah good
crunch to it can you see those white bits there crunchy sugar crystals hopefully. Oh
wow it tasted like eating diamonds to be fair the texture in the middle of the sugar crystals
was just like popping candy without the popping effect and that chocolate was soothing it
wasn�t firm it wasn�t fair there wasn�t much milk in it it was just ughhh I liked
it, good on you Leonardo da (gets name wrong). So next up is something called pe de moleque
now according to beatriz that translates to boys foot that could be a lie beatriz could
be winding me up and that�s really funny if you have done that but if not I�m just
gonna believe you and it looks like some sort of peanut butter brittle sort of thing and
I�ve made peanut brittle before check that video out if you want to I�ll put it in
the decription box below oh wow yeah big sticky slab hmmm by the teeth of Ronaldo that is
peanut brittle I love peanut brittle it�s Brazilian it�s got that little more ugh
to it you know what I�m saying good times. You can�t have a boys foot without a ladies
foot, there�s so many puns in this video we are just gonna go over them pe de moque
is the ladies version so lets try that apparently the ladies version which is made with condensed
milk instead that is one big sugary slab right there it�s more butch than the mens one
so lets give it a try hopefully it may be a little softer with the condensed milk in
it we�ll have a look yeah� oh I�ve got to say on the foot scale the boys foots there
the ladies foot I�m just swaying to it�s a little softer although effectively it is
just like this huge slab of sugar surrounding some nuts it does feel more butch than the
boys foot I don�t know what else to say it�s good it�s tender too much of this
and you�ll be on a sugar high which is what I�m starting to do I need to calm down.
Right so next up is cocadinha da bahia I probably pronounced that wrong I do apologise but it�s
like a shredded coconut kind of sweet and it�s either soft or it can be very hard
there�s so many different varieties and apparently there�s ladies in traditional
dress that sell these by the hundreds I don�t really have any traditional dress so lets
just go with this look I�ve got the wrapper off lets get into them somehow we�ve got
the wrapper off and they could explode everywhere just give me a minute ah ok ooh little square
slabs of it, lets open it. Alright so what we�ve got is quite a stubborn butch square
again and believe it or not it�s quite slimy and slippery I�m just gonna juggle so yeah
lets have a bite of this not sort of feeling the coconut right now but we�ll see what
happens ooh for a minute there I thought I was a Brazilian angel or perhaps that�s
pronounced an gel but then it turned into butch mode yet again I was In a Brazilian
gym working out and there was an instructor behind me going no you stay butch the coconut
taste was that angelic sense but there was like this real deep dark brown sugar surrounding
it that made me think�. Wow, that�s good. So next up is a bit of an interlude these
are banana chips called nutry chips and I need to have a nice little break from all
this coconut and sugary stuff going on although there�s sugar on these too alright then
guys so banana chip ooh there�s a bit of salt on it I�m probably wrong I said they
were gonna be sweet like the ones you get here in the uk that�s really very savoury
and salty wow that was actually a surprise looking at beatriz�s notes she said they
are the savoury version so yeah these are salted savoury banana snack crisps and the
ones we get here in the uk are different but there�s some sweet ones you can get in brazil
too that have some rosemary and cinnamon on there. These are good and a nice welcome interval
from all of this sugar. Ok so next up are passatempo biscuits it�s
got a crazy monkey on the front with headphones and a brazil shirt on he is living the dream
effectively biting and swinging on a biscuit at the same time. Oh my goodness these look
amazing the monkey is on the cover doing that hand signal that people over the hill do when
they�re trying to be cool here we go oooh ummm I�m swinging around the kitchen with
a monkey not that monkey but that biscuity Brazilian monkey the taste in there is sensational
my mind is telling me no R Kelly moment straight away but everything so far is r Kelly moment
a tender milky biscuit with a lovely chocolate centre so good.
So next up is something called a bananinha which to me sounds like a Brazilian footballer
pass me the football bananinha gooooaaaaal sorry lets try this oh my goodness you Brazilians
love sugary slabs of things check that out wow again it doesn�t really smell of banana
it�s got a sugary layer around it it smells of deep dark brown sugar baby I was trying
to say then did you see my teeth they were slowly going down kind of like the texture
like a chocolate brownie but the taste is amazing like a bruised banana and it�s overly
banana tasting then that is what this tastes of it is incredible bananinho the footballer
I can�t get the wig on my head lets just got with it like that is gonna be eating one
of them and scoring a goal in the world cup final.
Ok so next up is tapioca we have that here in the uk but that is something completely
different in a tin that maybe I�ll show you on some british treats on another video
but this appears to be a crunchy almost like breakfast snack kind of thing that you can
almost eat on it�s own or with some yoghurt so lets do both oh my goodness straight away
they look like crystalised cornflakes with chunks of actual coconut in it here we go
I�m not gonna lie that was really delicious and crunchy but maybe a little dry so the
yoghurt will help with that but I can see why people go for that as a snack rather than
eating some of those other things right here. Alright so I�ve got some on a spoon granola
yep that was superb definitely that whole granola vibe going on and to be honest with
the amount of international packages I�ve been eating recently a very welcome break
from all this sugar, lets eat some more sugar. This my friends is a chokito chocolate , flakes
and caramel fudge whooo oh my goodness is that supposed to be like that has it got damaged
in transit it�s kind of like faded I don�t even know what the Brazilian sell by date
is on this one I know it�s an international sell by date on these things, but lets just
try it. That is absolutely amazing although part of my mindset was half worried about
the chocolate it�s got a delicious cored fudge middle and an arch with those crispy
bits in it and of course our mysterious chocolate coating I like it so much it�s the sort
of thing Romario the old school player from the 90�s if I was his butler I�d be happy
to serve these them to him every morning take it, one a day, yeah.
Right so next up is something called a sensacao now here in my hometown I�m in a field I
can�t see the cows but I can sense a cow sometimes , sorry this is a delicious strawberry
chocolate bar apparently there�s only one way to find out, oop I�m struggling with
the packaging here these are some delightful square slabs the smell of strawberries has
hit me straight away oh my goodness. Just gonna bite straight into it then, oooh you
mysterious thing I was expecting a load of strawberry to ooze out of it but it�s not
it�s stayed there oh my goodness I�m trying to grab onto things I don�t know what because
I�m falling into a pool of strawberry taste sensation that second bite I had was sensational
sensacao that should be the new goal celebration instead of gooooaaaaal it should be sensacaooooooo
not gonna take off is it these are amazing just like everything I�ve had so far my
mind is telling me know to all of this but my body is telling me yes.
Right I need something savoury so next up is something called biscoito de polvilho can
you see that there they are kind of like weird shaped things you know when you order something
online it comes in big packaging and you get those foamy polystyrene shape things these
are shaped just like that it�s got a thing on the front that is trying to replicate the
marshmallow man from the ghostbusters movies but we�re not gonna give you credit for
that no these are apparently cheese flavoured biscuit things so I�m gonna open them the
polite way and I�ve got to tell you I�m not a huge fan of cheese I love it melted
mozzarella cheddar anything on a pizza or a lasagne I love it melted but on it�s own
not a huge fan so cheese crisps I would never eat. Beatriz referred to these as biscuits
and I think they are gonna be more like crisps which is what americans call potato chips
so there�s like a whole load of confusion already I�m getting it all over my hands
lets have a go. Gotta be honest that was really hard to do because the cheese my mouth is
watering a little bit we will get over that there seems to be a little bit more startch
in it it�s a little bit more crunchier than a crisp or potato chip I take it back so maybe
just to me this is known as a cheesy Brazilian biscuit If it didn�t have that flavouring
on it I�d probably want to put some paprika on there and go to town on it.
So next up is giobada da bahia and the packaging is very similar to the shredded coconut so
In opening it up you can see the parcels are very similar except this time rather than
coconut flavoured it�s guava and believe it or not I�ve never had guava if you have
let me know what it�s like down below maybe I�ll invest in a guava plantation in my
garden. Straight up it�s similar to the coconut one except maybe a little softer it�s
got a squidgy texture oh my goodness that is sweet oh wow I�m sitting on a Brazilian
beach drinking a caipirinha I think I understand the guava taste it�s very tropical kind
of like a pineapple right, that is good! Now the thing I�ve been dreading about this
one is when it�s paired with cheese it�s known as romeo and Juliet so I�m not sure
if this is romeo or Juliet I�m gonna call you Juliet because I love you I love you Juliet
so we�re gonna need to bring some cheese in and try it together. Ok so I have got my
romeo and my Juliet so lets combine the big block of cheese and the guava sweet together
here we go. It�s still in my mouth now oh my goodness I did my best to do that I was
sort of turning into like a cheese churner and the guava was working it�s way oh I
hate cheese why is that? Are you like that too can you only have cheese if it�s melted?
It was like urghhh I need to have a glass of water a minute!
I can�t get rid of the taste of the cheese in my mouth anyhow the best way to get rid
of it is have something else this is talento � chocolate in nuts, but they�re brazil
nuts so it�s gonna be the most amazing brazil nuts ever right. So I�ve opened it up and
it�s like a chocolate slab so I�ll show you the reverse so you can see all the nuts
scattered in there I�m gonna break off a block and try to get rid of this cheesy flavour
oh yeah. Lets have a block
the crunch!! Mwah I�m kissing the badge of brazil sensacao that was delicious proper
brazil nuts from brazil so I can actually say I�ve had brazil nuts from brazil how
amazing was that the crunch was so good just simple chocolate covered in nuts that is all
you need in life to get you through guys just a little bit then have lots of fruit.
Next up from Hersheys is something called pacoca �sings copa cobana� so yeah according
to beatriz it is pacoca covered in chocolate which is great if you know what that is I�m
sure it�s gonna be fine here we go ooh It�s got a little bit damaged in transit and snapped
in half so we can see what pacoca is oh it does smell peanut buttery actually hmm just
gonna have a little piece oh my goodness hmm I was doing like a Brazilian taste shimmy
then just to try and work those flavours down that is just like a *mumbles words* reeses
peanut butter cup in a bar so maybe that�s what pacoca is it was very similar to something
we had earlier on *sings r Kelly* again so good.
Ok so last up is something called sonho de valsa which translates to waltz dream and
if you look very carefully on the front cover there are a couple doing a waltz or they could
be doing a dirty dancing dance *sing hungry eyes from dirty dancing* I have got hungry
eyes for these sweets they appear to be quite upper class because it tells you on the back
how to open the wrapper to get it out which can�t be that tricky can it by the thighs
of Claudio taffarell those are some massive honking sweets right there but how do you
get the wrapper off let me just check the instructions only joking guys it literally
is just a pull away the wrapper job can you imagine if that was on the packaging for everything
like on a box of cornflakes right you open the seal, then the bag etc packaging would
just go off the scale lets try this thing. It does kind of resemble a football I used
to play with when I was younger when it went flat you would still play with it it�d go
up in the air loads of times and listen can you hear that there�s something inside of
it can you hear that? Hopefully it�s not an animal. Oh my goodness what are you? It�s
kind of like a Brazilian upper class Ferrero rocher it�s chocolate surrounding wafer
surrounding some sort of cream in the middle beatriz says it�s praline ok so it�s kind
of nutty again like a Ferrero rocher with a coconut but I am loving you I just want
to lick you I want to bite ya, I want to dance with you I want to waltz with ya maybe that�s
where the name comes from. So good guys let me stop the music beatriz thanks so much for
sending me this package there is no clear cut r Kelly moment they are all as good even
the guava the romeo and Juliet thing we�ll take romeo to one side they are divorced the
guava on it�s own was amazing. So I�m loving the Brazilian sweets who do you think
is gonna win the world cup guys I think brazil might do it based on taste alone so far but
we�ve got some amazing ones to come if you want to send me stuff get in touch via the
myvirginkitchen website and I�ll get in touch with you and stuff so if you enjoyed
this video don�t forget to give it a thumbs up share subscribe and comment I�m gonna
be eating fruit for the rest of the week � yeah!


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    Bananhinas are sooooo goooood. I was on Brazil for my bastions two years ago and I brought home with me 4 bags of those candies because I loved them so much

  • Reply Mark Andrew Ward December 11, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    Are you sure it was sugar in all them products and not another white 👃🏻powder ? 😂 you got more and more hyper as the video went on 🤪

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  • Reply Aisha Mukri February 18, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    I think your ment to have a smaller piece of cheese

  • Reply Vinicios Santos April 5, 2019 at 8:55 am

    you did the "ritual da tortuguita" (tortuguita ritual). omg <3

  • Reply Packy May 1, 2019 at 2:44 am

    Women be very careful outside there’s these men that follow women in the shops and into the parking lots then grabb them
    I found out my info on Messenger . Be careful check it out. Don’t park in corners. By the way so far it’s three men and they have a van.
    Thank you …. by Joanne Kieff. Stay safe.🌹

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