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Suite Life BCN – Las Ramblas Barcelona (Part 2): People who Work in Las Ramblas

September 11, 2019

hey there suitelifers my name is Benny and
welcome to our newest profile on barcelona most famous street las ramblas
where 0over 80 million people per year walk up and down its 1.2 kilometres
the name las ramblas is actually derived from the arabic word rambla
which means river and a little known fact is that
once upon a time this actually was a river flowing through the city
theres so much gong on here so so much that we have actually had to break
up the series into 3 parts and today we are going to be specifically
looking at people who work on las ramblas
where going to be looking at everyone from street performers
carikature artisits petshop owners thieves scammers break dancers tourists and
everything in between so come on lets take a little stroll
and see whats up suitelifers we hope you thoughoughly enjoyed our special
on people who work on las ramblas now if you wanna get down here
we suggest you take the metro your looking for the green line 3
and you can get off at any one of these 3 stops
plaza calalunya liceu
drassanes now a little vocab lesson for you
people who spen all day on las ramblas whether they are working touristing it up
hanging around drunk are called or referred to as ramblistas
so from one wannbe ramblista to another hasta pronto


  • Reply Youssef Salib April 10, 2012 at 3:18 am

    ramla in arabic means sand not river check out google translate

  • Reply karinamdp February 23, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    ramla = sand
    sand = arena or arenal, as they rambla used to be called

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