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Styling Sarees with Corset, Bodysuit… | 5 STYLES

November 17, 2019

Hey girls, I’m Prerna. Welcome.. So this was’nt planned video mainly because I’m old now and school farewells are kind of an ancient concept to me now!! But thanks to some of you guys, who requested for this video. I have put together 5 last minute Farewell Party Outfits. They are actually last minute because the sarees are not mine.. they are either of my mum or a neighbour. and I’m pairing these sarees not with the designated blouse but with a corset, a bodysuit, a crop top… and …you’ll see as the video progresses. So… Let’s get started! Music For the first look, I wanted to dress this red bodysuit with this saree If you’ve seen my last video, I did pair this saree with a purple puff sleeves sweater. Now, I’m curious to see how well it turns out with this bodysuit by ZAFUL! Music Okay guys, so this look was about the sleeveless bodysuit with square neckline. Showing a little bit of the shoulder, the collar bone making this look all over graceful with a sexy appeal! But…What if you don’t have a sleeveless bodysuit??? So guys, right now I’m wearing this bodysuit with a nude strapeless bra this for me works when I’m wearing the bodysuit with a Saree. But when I wear this with jeans, trousers or skirts then I like to layer the corset underneath the sheer bodysuit by FOREVER 21. Or what you can do is wear the corset over the bodysuit. I think that also looks really smart! but for now, I’m going to wear the Saree over this!!! Music Okay girls, What next? Next I’m styling a corset by KOOVS with a saree! I’m not sure if corsets are allowed in school.. they were definetly not allowed in my school But… times have changed so why not!! Music Turns out girls, I’m obsessed with this look!!!!! and I too want to go to a farewell part ASAP… Okay so what are we doing next? Next I’m styling a see thru “Mukaish” work saree.. Such sarees are extremely easy to handle and drape! neither they get crushed throughout the dat. I wore a mukaish saree at my college farewell it was an all black look and I think these sarees.. are again a classics! So.. What I’m styling this saree with?? I’m styling this saree with a backless choli that I picked up from the kid’s section of FABINDIA! Yes girls! the choli fit me.. so that’s not my problem. and.. I wanted to style this choli but wasn’t able to find the right saree for it. I asked my neighbour and she was kind enough to lend her saree to me. So that is another tip.. Can’t find a Choli go to the Kid’s section..can’t find a saree with mum so search at your neighbour’s place she should be kind enough to lend you So.. let’s have fun styling this… Music Okay girls, I’m so glad that we are on to the last and the final outfit because I’m freezing to death! So what are we this look? In this look, I’m styling a top by THE LABEL LIFE with a saree. You might have seen this look because I did it for my Teacher’s Day video Where I styled two sarees, and the concept was.. How to Style your saree without showing your Belly? Music That is it girls, I really hope you enjoyed watching the video and found it to be helpful as well! and.. if you are wondering that Prerna I’m sick and tired of watching ethnic outfits enough of Saree and Suits..I need a break! trust me girl, I too an tired of ironing Sarees! So next week a haul is coming along with Styling Tips. I think it should be a good video and you might enjoy watching! So Stay tuned for that. Till then.. Baayee


  • Reply anam ahmed January 27, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Loved loved loved how you tied the last saree. And love how you demostrate on tying the saree from scratch. Always love your videos. And yes haul and styling tips is a great idea di!❤ And that sneeze though😂❤

  • Reply Mayuri Thombare January 27, 2019 at 3:49 pm

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  • Reply Dipanvita Chaudhari January 27, 2019 at 5:03 pm

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  • Reply Sanchita Srivastava January 27, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    That beige saree is giving off such distinct Sonam Kapoor vibes! Absolutely loved that look in particular!

  • Reply Pratima Varma January 27, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    You deserve atleast thousands of views… Best of luck!!!

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