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Strumming Techniques For Acoustic Guitar – Strumming Tutorial #3

November 17, 2019

Strumming fundamentally is a forearm motion you want to move from you elbow, your elbow should be on top of the guitar sat in close at the inside of the elbow on the top of the guitar holding it nice and close into your body Making sure that it doesn’t slip down your guitar like this at all and you want to make sure you are keeping your wrist as close to the guitar as possible while trying to holding it still, so if I do one strum with this motion you can see there I just drag the pick down each string catching each string as equally as possible while keeping my wrist and the rest of my hand still I’m holding my pick between my thumb and the side of my first finger and I’ve got my hand as if I’m holding an icecream cone just sat the pick just here you can hold it if you keep dropping it and if that gets too frustrating for you you can hold it between 2 fingers and your thumb like this but I really recommend trying to persevere and getting it with just the first finger but holding it in place with the other three fingers and tryna keep it nice and secure you’re holding your wrist still but try not to tense any part of your body and shoulders and neck when you are strumming think about it like standing up straight you want to not really tense while you are doing it but you just have to stand straight to have that good posture and strumming is no different again i’m just using an E major chord as my example and when we are strumming four down strums just the once you can see the motion remains the same for every strum and thats the important thing, thats what we are trying to get by going for this super simple strumming pattern we’re tryna get the correct hand motion to be able to take you foward and nail the tricky ones that are really gonna showcase your skills this strumming course is the foundation of rhythm guitar so there is rhythm guitar which is chords and strumming which a singer could sing over or someone would play lead guitar over lead guitar, being a single note melody or something else a little more delicate it goes over rhythm guitar so is the rhythm thats all important, if the rhythm isnt even at this stage there is no foundation to build upon, if your hand motion is uneven and your sometimes hitting the thicker ones and sometimes the thinner ones and its not consistant or not helping the even sound we are trying to achieve then everything will fall apart going foward for the more trickier ones even tempo and catching all the strings evenly is the best thing I recommend Jim Dunlop picks a .73 or thinner to make sure your pick is working in your favour to be able to catch the things as even as possible but its the hand motion and swinging from the elbow in this sort of fashion and keeping this hand close so not doing this is whats gonna really help you if you are strumming with your wrist out like this then your natural tendency is to do this and that isn’t what we want to do Subtitles by the community


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