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Street Musicians in London, ep. 4 – Guantanamera, El Mariachi joined by improv violinist

February 25, 2020

During one of my hunts for London’s street
musicians I have met a really extraordinary formation: It was El
Mariachi! When I saw them, I thought ‘what are they doing here, this is
not very common to see an El Mariachi band! They were looking to
came straight from Mexico but they were in the middle of London. So I really
wanted to join them! It wasn’t that easy, because the band was hired by a company
to advertise a certain brand, so I had to go to their manager and ask for her
permission. But she agreed, and we played together, I would like you to have a
look at how we did! Thank you, lovely! Mariachi is a musical style
that dates back to the 18th century Typically you will have guitar, trumpets,
accordions, flutes and even the violin. That means that actually me
performing with them wasn’t that far from the original version! in the past
mariachi bands were often playing their own, originally made music but nowadays
they very often play covers, and so did we- today we played Guantanamera, which
is a song from Cuba.


  • Reply Riccardo Musiu May 3, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    Great Aga! As always you meet great musicians, you always manage to embellish every performance with your incredible violin and you have a fantastic way of playing that suits any genre, congratulations. 👏👏👏😃 You know that of this song, besides the many covers, they were also made here by us in Italy, one in particular by a great Italian artist famous in the world, not if you know it, it's called: Zucchero! He made it a beautiful version, played together with artists from all over South America, fantastic! Congratulations again for the video, Like for you! next time, byee!! 👋👋😉❤🎻🎻🎼🎼

  • Reply Objechane May 3, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    What an amazing episode! It made us smile and imagined we're in sunny London/Mexico/Cuba… Your music fits very well with their style and it's a great mix! Another awesome episode 😊

  • Reply LittleJohnGuelfi November 11, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    Hey Aga! By this video I suddenly understood what has always been wrong in this Tagalong busker project. You should not be dressed randomly, you're a good musician but you should have your own costume, a playing uniform to characterise you! That's specially noticeable along with the mariachis that have their own, but it's true for any episode I'm afraid…not having your costume can make you look like a random tourist. Find a particular outfit you like and stick to it for any public performance, that's my suggestion 😉

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