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Street Musician in NY That Started Busking When “CATS” Were Still Kittens

August 30, 2019

I did come to New York to pursue my dream. I
came to New York many years ago to break into show business because I
wanted to be…Louise, I wanted to be on Broadway. Right now I sing in the subway
stations throughout New York City under Broadway and I’ve been doing it for so
many years I’ve just recently become the longest-running show under Broadway.
I kid you not, I started when CATS, well they were kittens when I started. That’s how long I’ve been doing this. My name is Billy Eric. I play bass, guitar, piano.
I’m a jazz composer as well, also a painter, watercolor paintings. I’m a writer and
an actor. Wow what else do you do? That’s about it. What don’t you do! Where do you find inspiration for your compositions? Everywhere. My wife is a huge
inspiration for many years and still is. I get a lot of inspiration from Europe. I
have a lot of pieces that are titled after European cities and after travels. So
that’s been a very big source of inspiration. My name is George Morales.
And what instrument do you play? Well, I’m a drummer, mostly.
I play harmonica.I play Latin percussion. We’ve been here, we’ve
performed at this very station when it was 10 degrees, like it was minus
10 degrees outside because that’s the back open and you know your body wants to
do it but your fingers are frozen. We’re wearing our jackets, we’re wearing
these cut-off gloves, you know, it’s the opposite. I grew up playing Latin. I grew up
as a Latin percussionist. By the time I was a teenager I want to be a rocker. Rock ‘n’ roll! I grew my hair long. I had my hair
as long as you one time. That was long ago. It would have
been a lot hotter with the hair. What are you looking forward to next?
Do you have your eyes on a different stage? Or is this the best venue
for you and your band? We get to play here in front of quite
a few people, hundreds of people, thousands of people actually. I’d like an agent, a manager, and
I’d like some well-paid bookings really that’s what I pray for. You’re watching Offstage Tunes live here
from Times Square subway station on 42nd Street. I’m here with Louise,
the Oprah of the subway.

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  • Reply hanged man August 16, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    He was busking when Moby Dick was a sardine.

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