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Spring Summer HUGE ASOS Try-On Haul: Boohoo, Willow and Paige, South Beach | Raquel Mendes

November 19, 2019

hey guys we are back and I know I just
gotta get it out of the way I’m always promising that I’m gonna stick to a
schedule but the truth is I haven’t been able to kind of do that so I’m still
figuring it out but today I’m bringing you a spring haul cause I think it was
overdue even though you know in London it’s actually raining right now I think
but you know what I just wanted to get some inspiration honestly I never
thought I’d say this because I used to hate this kind of person but I want the
good weather I just want the good weather so I have
this big box and then another huge one bag let’s get into it I bought all kinds
of stuff so we’ll have like dresses and shirts and shoes is I really needed an
upgrade on my wardrobe because I’m in London it’s also gonna be like a
conservative spring haul so yeah a lot of sweaters kind of like this which is
sort of thin but needed so actually been eyeing for so long it’s so bright and so
fun and I’m so excited because it’s so baby soft too had this little sparkly
it’s totally my style and it’s so fluffy it is a bit like oversized which I love
I love oversized sweaters are the best it’s also like largely knitted so it’s
not going to be too hot so if it’s raining you can put it on you
can put it on like at nighttime if you’re going out with your friends I
don’t go out but you know if you do next thing I have oh this is the cutest this
it’s kind of like a transition piece and I hope it’s fluffy as well and
a sweater dress and it’s white and so cute and so oversized it’s kind of like
it’s kind of like a t-shirt but because it’s oversized it’s like 3/4 and I
really want to try it on but it’s so fluffy and cute it’s spring but it’s
like London spring I love that it’s like cream and not like too white as well
because it usually we don’t really like to wear white it makes me so so pale so
the cream just kind of like complements my skin a little bit better
oh my god I’m absolutely in love it’s even cuter in person than it was on the
website which is usually not a thing but I really like this absolutely beautiful
I cannot even put words to it it’s really really cute so we have our first
pair of shoes I actually have loads of sneakers
like so many sneakers and I’ve not got spring or summer shoes and here’s what
they look like they’re kind of like ballet shoes and they were pointed the
color is named mocha I think and they were really really elegant so you can
wear this daily I hope they fit me well I mean this is their I am usually sized
too I’ll settle for size three they don’t have a size to do sometimes but
yeah two is ideal and I think these would be just the right fit I hope
they’re not like too hard I don’t usually go for pointed shoes for these I
just thought were so adorable so see these weren’t really comfortable also I
think I’m gonna take them back even though they fit they were like really
super uncomfortable so I don’t I don’t think they’re for me okay the next piece
is the only coat I got I think I’m not gonna lie to you this box has
been here for over a week because I haven’t had been in a mood to film so that’s how
long I’ve had to stare at the box so this is the coat again it’s very
oversized coral it isn’t too warm which is good
again honestly last year in London I think I wore coats
throughout the whole year there were a few sunny days here and there I don’t
think there was a single sunny seven-day week so I don’t know how summer’s gonna
be the spring is not looking okay I was kind of worried about the coat and about
how it would fit my body but it’s actually really really cute and the
color is just so springy and so bright and cute this one I think yeah it was
size 3 if they didn’t have size – there was sold out size 2 they had it at
some point but was all that how freaking cute are these I’ve never had a pair of
mules this is my first but look this is this is so bright and pink
I just can’t they do seem a little large I hope they’re not I hope I can like
especially go through they’re mules I hope I can walk without tripping on them
because they are really really awesome I’ve tried to look out and see if the
number two has been in stock but I don’t think so and again they were a little
pointed I don’t know what’s going on with me I think I’m going through like a
change in my life and yeah I don’t know honestly I have no idea what I paired
these with I have no idea what the outfit would be like but I’d be bombing
anyway right cuz I think these are super cute but I’m
super sad that they are a little big so I’ll have to return if the size 2 becomes
available I might order them but the 3 is definitely too big for me especially
since it’s an open shoe I forgot I ordered this this is a watch it’s like
the cutest tiniest little watch and it came with like little box but oh my god
is it cute it is adorable and he was super affordable and it just
seems like really good quality and I love that the black on black thing but
it is so cute I could even wear it with this outfit like it’s adorable and the
only other accessory I think I got was this okay this is like the springiest
thing I’ve bought it’s adorable it’s a clutch like a beach clutch it is so
so cute like a grapefruit and I just thought it was really really adorable
just to hang around like this to keep your things in here it’s not like I’m
gonna walk around the streets with it before like vacation and beach weather
it’s so adorable and I just could not get I like I was going through the asos website looking for spring items to buy and like how can I not get this
one this this should be the thumbnail to be honest okay so we’re done with a huge
box and we’re gonna go ahead and this is so cute
sportswear you summery bra it has the little velvety polka dots and it’s
really really cute I love like these type of triangle bras with no underwire
because I have like really tiny boobs and I love them I love small boobs
usually the asos ones are super comfortable and affordable and at the
same time they’re really fun as well I only got the bra there was a bottom
support but it was a g-string and I don’t do g-string so I didn’t get it but if
they had it like a hipster type thing I would totally get it I absolutely love
this I wish there were panties I’m just gonna wear white panties but I really
really like this it’s see-through so I’m not gonna show it here otherwise YouTube
would take down the video they already de monetize all the videos where I show
like my belly and stuff so yeah I’ll wear this on top of my top
moving on first dress it’s this oversized who’s shocked sort of like muted
mint it feels like linen so it’s super breathable super summery because it’s
gonna let the wind flow through your body and also be really beautiful like
under a cardigan or something yeah like that what else we got oh now I remember
this isn’t actually like a playsuit like a short jump suit oh my god this is
so cute it’s so fresh I thought it would be a little bit more heavy but it’s
really fresh this might it might actually be a little transparent so it’s
probably summer summer and not not as much spring but it’s really really
adorable I’ve had it on my wish list for like ages and the sleeves are like I
don’t know what these are called but like fishy
you know like fish this one the dress has another layer I know what it’s
called in Portuguese but not in English I had like an inner layer which prevents
it from being transparent from the waist down but this one doesn’t so this is
like probably gonna be very very summery I like then it goes right up to here I
really love this type of style even in the summer I think it’s really cute yeah
this is totally totally see-through so it’s gonna be completely a summer thing
but I really like it it’s very comfortable on and it’s gonna be really
really good for the hot Portuguese summer oh this is I was really excited
about this is from the asos white range I don’t know if you know this but
asos has the range of like minimalistic more sophisticated pieces that are a
little bit more expensive but usually amazing sometimes they’re a little like
overpriced but this one is not too expensive and it was actually 20% off I
think at the time I got it and eats it I don’t know if you can see it but it’s a
shirt it’s only gonna make sense when I try it on
but it’s really cute shirt that has some cutouts here and then a really big
frill at the front the fabric is really soft and it isn’t too thin so you could
probably wear this now depending on the weather with something on top but it’s
so flamboyant here that it would make no sense to like cover in it so it would
probably be more of a springy thing because you can see the cutouts on the
side specially as well I don’t think this can double as a dress but it’s
definitely very like swingy it’s not like super fitted to my body even though
this is a size six you guys my love shirts and it’s just a really really
modern take on a deconstructed shirt and I know my mom’s gonna love this she’s
gonna want to copy the model and everything but is really really adorable
I never thought I’d say this but I think this would really look cute with heels
even if you don’t like I don’t own a single pair of heels I went through a
heals phase in college and then I just had to have my surgery when I had my
pneumothorax so I couldn’t wear heels for like a month or so and then I just
went back to sneakers and I never went back because oh my god heels hard but I
knit them sometimes in like fancy occasions where they’re you know a
little bit more sophisticated okay this is the last clothing piece I have also
another pair shoes but this is another item that has been on my wish list for a
few of you while ever since its launch so aces have actually also launched a
new range of clothing which is sportswear ASOS 4505 they have amazing
pieces I wanted to get them all to be honest the leggings are gorgeous but
they’re a bit expensive and this was a bit expensive as well for what it is but
I just could not resist it’s kind of like a sports jacket it’s super thin and
have that material that as breathable so you can use it to run or to start out
your workout because I’ve actually been going to the gym now and then I need
cute workout clothing I love activewear and sportswear and when I’m in really
super cute I’m ten times more motivated to do my workout I don’t know
if you guys feel that way but I do and this is just really cute I love that
it’s belted and very high quality so now I understand like the pricing it matches sort of Nikes adidas pricing I think it’s justifiable am in love with
this absolutely in love I’m gonna wait I can’t wait to try more of these those
4505 range it looks amazing I especially want to
try the leggings as I said but yeah some of the tops as well it really looks good
I have one of the vests on my wish list so hopefully soon the last item is a
pair of shoes I don’t know what got over me but I have been crazy over these I
don’t know if I’ll keep them I have to like try to wear them and try to make
outfits with them because I have no idea what that would look like and they were
so not me but oh my god these are I need like the cutest like
raunchiest boots you’ve ever seen again this is a size 3 I don’t actually think
they had a size 2 in this one but I’m not sure I’ll link it down below anyway
but they are so cute they are so heavy and chunky and so unlike me and again
their heels so I have nothing like this they were so like detailed but I can’t
wait to try them out I hope they’re comfortable and I don’t know I have to
see when I wear them with but I’m really excited it’s like a challenge I’m really
excited to see if I can keep them even if they’re my style because when I saw
that I was like oh my god that’s such like a statement piece they’re like
statement boots I know if that’s a thing but that’s what these are they were you
see me chunky Tom Tom oh my god yes and that’s pretty much it I hope you like
this haul I have so much cleaning up to do and I’m probably not for a while even
though I love shopping so you know you know maybe I’ll be the summer haul let
me know if you’d like to see more fashion related videos as well I’d love
to do a like spring summer look book outside actually
something I’ve never done but I think it would be really fun let me know if
that’s something you’d want to see if you liked this video give it a thumbs up
thumbs up subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to click the little button
so you know every single time I’ve uploaded and yeah so I don’t know when
I’ll be back I don’t know if I’m gonna stick to a schedule hopefully yes but if
I don’t you’ll see me in the next one


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