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Spanish Romance – Guitar Tutorial with TAB!

October 12, 2019

hey guys it’s Darryl here welcome back to the channel today we’re gonna look at Spanish romance so after I did the comparison video between the nylon string guitar and the steel string guitar I have a lot of requests to do a video on Spanish romance which was one of the pieces featured in that comparison so I’ll pop up a card to the comparison in case you haven’t seen it if you’re new subscriber or if you just sort of found your way to the channel you can watch that so what we’re going to do today is play through Spanish romance I’m going to put the tab on the screen so you guys can follow along and learn the piece as I play it and if you want to buy the piece with my extended arrangement with the harmonics and stuff like that I’ll put a link up to it right now and for a couple bucks you can support the channel by the tab learn some great music alright let’s get started so before we launch into playing the piece what we need to do is look at the right hand pattern so if you’ve never played finger style guitar before this is a great piece to start off with because of the relatively simple right hand pattern so your ring finger is going to get anchored to first string so it’s only ever going to play first your middle finger is going to get anchored to second string and your index finger is going to get anchored to third string and the pattern is simply going to go ring middle index like that so if you need to practice that a few times you can go ahead and do that but when you look at the two bar pattern on the screen here you’ll notice we also add the thumb so the full pattern sounds like this and that’s it let’s take a look at the piece we’ll start by listening to the extended introduction and then once the main song starts you’ll see the tab pop up on the screen and you guys can play along all right enjoy Oh you thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video be sure to LIKE and subscribe so you can stay up to date with all the latest videos and if you’ve missed any of the previous ones you can see some of them listed here have yourself a great week we’ll see you next Monday take care


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  • Reply The Great Smile January 10, 2018 at 5:44 am

    The title of the song is Jeux Interdits (Forbidden Game). This was one of the first song I learned and the one who taught me was my mother. The one featured here is only the first part (sad part). There is a second part which sounds a bit happy and longing.

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